Why WordPress is First Choice in Order of Consumer List

Do you want to express our thoughts, Share the life experiences, and tell people!! As an individual your expected to do this all. But, as a Business owner you want to sell you’re product to attract more customer through various write ups.

What you think of when we talk about online content, the answer is clear Blogging. Blogging is the economical way to reach to people’s mindset and provide information in detail. Now, you want to start blogging for your business or as an individual! But how will you start? It’s Simple with WordPress.

WordPress is the most common and reliable way to share your content. WordPress is also most popular CMS (Content Management System) used for creating websites.

But, before we dig into know more about the WordPress, you need to understand why you should have a Website for your business?

Reasons why your business need a website?

  • Because you need more customers for your business! It’s obvious that six out of ten customers expect that the brand or company content has to be online. Your online presence is your digital property. It provides straight information about the product or stories you want to share. You can target the global community with your Web site.
  • Online presence is proof that you own actual business. You heard it right! Whenever we heard about any business or product, Google is the first thing comes in our minds. Website search allows you to access all the details of testimonies and product or services. Your potential buyer will want that if business or data is online, then it must be something to rely on. You gain more credibility by having an online presence in the market.
  • Google has your name in search results. Believe it or not we all want to search our names in Google. We all want to have our presence in Google. Guess what! through online website presence, it’s possible to have your name in Google. create a website on WordPress it supports the Google SEO. Now search your name and you will find the results you want.
  • Showcase Your Product and services Online with Links Viral marketing and trolls are the best way. Business websites need to have links connected to other websites. This allows you to connect with a global audience. If you have good content, quality products or services, people are more likely connect with your online presence. So, it leads you to get potential customers for your business and increase the profit.
  • Technology demand to be in competition Every business wants to ahead in the race. In this 21st century people are becoming tech savvy. Everyone is online through this medium, you can reach to your potential clients. It will not take huge time an effort to be online. With internet connection and some basic surfing skills will give you the results. When you stand out in the market with easy communication platform. It was easy for customers to reach you.

Did you know WordPress makes the 26% of the world’s websites . This platform is for the beginners who wanted to excel in content marketing. It remains the most powerful and versatile tool for online users.

Do you know the keyword “WordPress” gets googled around 2.8 million times every month, and it also runs 30% of the internet?
WordPress Provide services like DIY website building services to content management, and so, it helps to maintain its popularity for so far among creator. So, what are the reasons you should go for WordPress?

Reasons you should go for WordPress:

1. It’s Free and easy to use:

Even you want to start blogging or a business website, you don’t need any expert to launch all your content. You can use the free WordPress create your profile and start writing. It’s that easy. You don’t need to dig in complex process or pay huge amount to experts, WordPress help creators to use their creativity.

2. User Management:

As a user you can maintain and manage your websites. The user is allowed to manage their profile, develop different themes, and able to change the design of the blog. All these edits and up-gradation without any technical knowledge. You can launch your idea as per your need.

3. Security Plugin is no more concern:

Your data need secured with the Plugins. WordPress provide the various free ways to upgrade security. All the security plugins are free to use for users. If your password is not strong, or any other glitch in the project, WordPress inform you about Notify about that.

4. Easy SEO Optimization:

WordPress provides easy navigation, optimized content and Responsive websites. When user will create any website on WordPress the motto is to increase your site traffic. Increasing use of mobile and other devices, your website performance. WordPress themes are design to be responsive. High responsive website gets more attract the more readers.

5. Share it and spread It:

Your content doesn’t have any readers if you through it online. WordPress supports the social media strategies. It provides the Integration between various social media accounts and content. Also, it also helps your site’s visibility and simplify your social media process. Sharing your Website or content help to increase your future buyers.

6. Easy Content Management:

You can anytime make changes in your content. You need Internet access for your site. Without any extra software or firewall, you can make changes in your existing content. Because, content is a more reliable way to understand the details about the product or service. It sometimes needs to upgrade with time. Easy content management will help you to analyze your data whenever you want.

7. Accessible to all Media:

When you write your content on WordPress it will support the images and videos and post on pages. For CMS also, all kinds of media are supported in website. For any product and services, videos help customer to see how to use products. Images help to drive more visitors to your Web sites.

8. Design Flexibility:

WordPress provide number of themes to choose from. User can design the templates, change the colour, fonts, the size of the image, and upload your own image and logo. WordPress can give you access to all the design flexibility. It’s up to you how you can use your creativity and idea execution for your business.

9. Updates:

You will say this would not be the reason to have WordPress! yet, with every website we can communicate with your audience. WordPress allows your customer to see timely updates in your websites and designs. Your customer will have real-time updates on your site. It increases your communication with readers or visitors.

10. Time management:

You can schedule content and then posts to publish on your site on whatever day and time you want. You could write an article for an entire week e-course. You can schedule it for a few weeks and content as per weeks content will post on your site. Isn’t it helpful for people to owning it as a good tool for business. The hassle-free way to market your content.


Now, you know WordPress has lots of benefits to your business. but, now Let’s turn the table, we will compare other Websites v/s WordPress.

Let’s Start with:

1. WordPress v/s HTML:

If you develop HTML website, you have to pay on monthly retainers and developers to add or subtract. With WordPress you can do this by your own.

WordPress help to earn more money and grow business faster. Also, you can create the better-quality website through WordPress other than HTML.

2. WordPress v/s Weebly.com:

The Main difference between these two is Weebly is Host platform and WordPress is self-hosted platform.

Even if we talk about plugins Weebly has existing plugins. If you want extra features you could not hire the developer and do that for you. But, WordPress has all the features, this feature is not pre-installed, you have to add them with plugins.

Even for Data migration WordPress allows you to take control of your site. Weebly does not allow to do that. for an example id you have blogged on Weebly it will not allow you to move a site away from Weebly.

3. WordPress V/S Wix.com:

WordPress is more SEO friendly than Wix.com. A WordPress premium plan has hosting feature as per your need. But, in the case of Wix you have to use their hosting (which is not fast as you want).

In the case of extensions WordPress provides more than 50,000 plugins for your websites. Wix only have 250+ apps to allow you to do business.

4. WordPress V/S Square space:

Square space is paid hosted solution site for users. It is hosted solutions for websites.

Square spaces support limited choices for creating the websites Compare to the WordPress. On the long run for business website hosting You can be more creative with the WordPress sites. In square space it would not possible to do that because here you need to go with ready to use template.

Wrap Up:

WordPress understand the business like no other sites. With WordPress you can start personal blogging, eCommerce store, create Job Boards, Business Dictionary, Nonprofit- religious websites, online communication, auction websites and what not.

WordPress allows you to with your creativity. Also, you can connect to people in every corner with website. Because, WordPress allows you to create multilingual websites.

We know now if you think about starting your business, WordPress will be your first choice.

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