UK Ecommerce Growth Trends 2018 [Infographic]

Last year was really good for the Ecommerce industry in UK. In 2018, all the online marketers are so excited and must be ready to increase their online business more rapidly.

We have collected some stats released by renowned data distributes in the UK and created a definitive guide on ‘ecommerce trends to follow in 2018’. Hope this will help you to increase your online business.

We divided our study in 6 blocks according to their different nature and their uses to grow ecommerce business.

Buying Behaviour Trends

Knowing your buyer’s behaviour is not so easy, but we can create some patterns by analysing the previously recorded data/history. With the researched data we can create some user behaviour rules, for example: which day more sales happen, where your user mostly left, how many users wants free delivery and so on. Using all these data you can increase your ecommerce sales in 2018.

Which Platform is best to sell

From the last 4 years, mobiles/Smartphones are continuously changing the ecommerce business game. In 2018, mobile should be the first focus to increase your sales. So make your business ready for mobile. You can keep an eye on these factors – mobile responsive design, mobile load speed and mobile user behaviour.

Abandoned Basket Trends

This is the most horrifying part of any ecommerce business. But there is a chance to deal with abandoned cart problems by making some changes in your website as well as your marketing strategies. Grab your buyer’s attention at cart page by giving them some instant offers, easy delivery options, simple registration process and trust of privacy &security. For marketing, you may create some powerful strategies in order to convert your audience by offering them some special discounts/offers through different platforms like: email marketing, social media etc.

Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics that directly connects your business to your targeted audience. For me, this is the cheapest way with the highest conversion rate for an ecommerce business, if used properly. So in 2018, build some great email marketing campaigns to grab your potential buyer’s attention and convert them into sales. Keep them updated about the latest offerings and news & updates of your business. Remarketing emails will be the smartest way to reduce abandoned carts.

Ecommerce personalization Trends

Everyone seek for personal attention and if you give your buyers a personal preference then they will keep attached to your business for longer time. You can give them a personalized offer on their birthday or give them website experience based on their likes.

Customers Lifetime value trends

A study says it takes 7 times more efforts to get new buyers over retaining the existing ones. So, it’s simple for you to create a strategy to keep your existing buyers engaged with your business. Keep in touch with them by sending timely offers and news related to their interest. Always remember – “A happy buyer will be a free promoter for your business”.

Enjoy this infographic from Kollimited for all stats and trend for 2018 and keep growing!

UK Ecommerce Growth Trends 2018

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  1. Right, Post! this is very informative
    Thanks for sharing..!

  2. Our expert commentators have already given their thoughts on 2017, so let’s take a look at what they think will get us all talking in 2018.
    — Better delivery & distribution
    — Reliance on smart tech
    — Investment in smarter exit intent
    — Bigger mobile spend
    — Luxury retail will continue to gain ground
    — All-round user experience

    In my opinion, the ecommerce industry doesn’t need any new trends – if I had one wish for 2018, it will be for retailers to focus on getting the basics of delivering a fantastic user experience right – through listening to customers, being experimental, and planning for long-term sustainable success.

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