How Do Top Mobile App Development Companies Optimize Conversions For Mobile Apps?

What is the conversion rate? The conversion rate is the percentage of users making a purchase (or any other conversion action such as a download or registration). It is obtained as a result of dividing the number of orders among the unique users who visit the web.

It is vital for a website to discover the most desired subjects of the audience and to work on it to promote the best experience possible. Effort should be directed towards offering the audience what they have interest in, and it should be easy for them. Top app development companies will integrate features that will enable sites to offer the best experience to the audience.

Conversion is not necessarily an online purchase, although it often is. A conversion can also be to subscribe to a newsletter, create an account, fill out a contact form or download a PDF catalogue. The conversion optimization or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a digital marketing technique that helps optimize the website to sell more, get more contacts, followers, loyalty. It is, therefore, a very important factor in any digital business to obtain the maximum performance of the website or ecommerce. The optimal efficiency of a website will achieve by taking advantage of the latest technologies created by top app development companies.

Whatever the main purpose of a website is, a conversion is to complete a certain action successfully. The conversion ratio is the percentage of traffic that is completing that specific action.

Small and large companies seek the same: increase the conversion rate which can be accomplished by contacting the top app development companies. It is true that the concept itself is very broad, ranging from getting users to subscribe to a newsletter until they make a purchase, but they are necessary actions that contribute to the growth of the business.

Achieving conversion

A great method to achieve conversions is to direct users to a landing page, that is, a separate page that serves to direct the traffic of a marketing campaign.

Unlike a home page, in which generic information is found, on the landing pages, visitors are guided to a single objective aligned with the action intended to occur.

Directing the traffic of a marketing campaign to the home page of a website is not the most convenient because there is too many information available there. Visitors will find lots of information on the homepage.

A landing page looks a lot like a dark room in which there is only a small box that radiates light. Upon entering, the attention of visitors will be placed in that box. The box would represent a call to action (CTA), which is perceived thanks to the contrast that is generated.

Conversion through Inbound Marketing

The conversion process has different stages:

  • A stranger is captured through blogs, social media, SEO, SEM, webinars, videos, etc. and visits a website, then, through landing pages, forms and CTA, becomes a lead.
  • Through tools such as email marketing or chatbox that encourages the person to take the last step and make a purchase.

Consider the cost per lead. Everything has a monetary cost but also a time invested, for that reason, each time there is a decision to implement a certain action, it must be accompanied with consideration of its worth. Top app development companies will include this tools when developing an app for a company to entice traffic to the business.

Types of conversions:

  • Micro conversions: These are sets of actions that take place once there is traffic on a website. For example, generation of leads, registration to a webinar, subscription to a newsletter, downloads of eBook, a specification of an interview or appointment, etc.
  • Macro conversions: They are economic conversions, which involve money. It is about the direct sales that take place.

The optimization work is based on comparative tests:

Knowing where conversions come from and the reasons why they occur is a basic fact that often is not known with the accuracy that should be.

In fact, in elements such as a landing page, the rate of optimization of conversions is the one that marks the way forward. The optimization does not consist so much in obtaining many users as in showing the necessary content at the right time to some specific visitors. Only in this way can we become customers and, at the same time, know the reasons why they have done what will allow future to continue caring for that relationship.

The work of optimizing any online marketing strategy is based on continuous comparative analysis that will allow you to relate two versions of the same element and observe which of them works best with your list of records.

There is no one valid method for any digital marketing strategy when it comes to optimizing the conversion rate, but it is important to understand that it is a continuous process of evaluating all the elements in play.

Performing tests very frequently, concerning the conversion rate, offers many other advantages. They also provide a better user experience. By removing barriers, simplifying forms, making navigation easier and clearer, it is possible to improve the journey of the customers and therefore the website.

The purpose of the CRO is not to manipulate users. It is to facilitate the journey of potential customers through the website, until they are convinced that the site is the ideal place, to make a purchase.

CRO for Businesses.

Small and big firms using CRO will experience an upward trend in the success of the business. With time, business will understand the best techniques to use and gain valuable insight into CRO path. CRO is important to the entire digital marketing strategy and has benefits such as improving website’s effectiveness. It is essential for a business to have CRO features included in their app as this will make it easy for clients to make purchases which will increase the success matrix of the business.

It is important for companies to own mobile apps that will help them grow their business because most people now use internet platform for transactions. Most businesses are going digital and are using the latest technologies. Apps developed by top app development companies having these technologies and will give businesses edge in this digital world. Contact the top app development companies today to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

What Top app development companies Do To Optimize Conversions

1. They Define Your Audience

The first step to optimizing conversions is defining your audience. Have you ever considered the fact that you may not be getting the conversions you need because you are not targeting the right market? What these top app development companies do is that they define your target market and channel their marketing efforts toward it. When they do this, they will be able to focus on prospective clients and not just anybody.

For example, if your mobile app is an app for tracking ovulation and periods, your target market will be women in their fertile age. You can target your efforts by advertising your app to women within this age group. Most platforms use algorithms to determine who to display ads. You can take advantage of this by optimizing your ads to appeal to women who are most likely going to download and not just the public. When you define your audience, you will increase your conversions.

2. User Interface And Design

How is your user interface? Is it suitable for your target market? Is it impressive? Your user should be impressed and not disappointed at the first glimpse of your app. Your app icon needs to be attractive. Remember that there are millions of apps in your genre. You need to convince your users to download your app instead of your competitor’s app. The screenshots should be clear and should depict what is in the app and not something else. Make sure your design is unique and related to your app content. This will not just increase conversions but will improve retention rate.

Excellent user interface and design work hand in hand to increase app engagement. You don’t need to make it too complex. It should simple and straightforward with clear functions and parameters.

3. They Encourage The Users To Download

It’s one thing to build an app, and it’s another thing to urge people to download your app. You need to encourage them to download your app by advertising to them. Your ads should be meaningful. The goal should be to show your target audience how the app can be useful to them.

For example, if your app is a photo editor, your ads should be made up of before and after pictures of people who used the app. When the prospect comes across a motion ad of how effective your photo editor app is, they will be more likely to download it than when they see an ad of your phone editor app that is made up of just text. The truth is that visuals are more effective for advertising mobile apps than text. Also, remember to add a call to action at the bottom that directs interested viewers to download. Remember that you have with meet up to the expectations. When a user downloads your app and sees that it doesn’t meet up to the ad that user might delete the app or leave it closed indefinitely.

4. Top app development companies Follow Trends

The mobile technology industry isn’t stagnant. It is ever moving and ever growing. If you want to excel, you need to be willing to follow the latest trends in the industry. Top app development companies research on the latest and most advanced ways to make apps, market apps and keep users loyal. If you want to improve your conversions, you need to stay up to date with industry trends. If you don’t meet up, you’ll be lagging behind until you eventually become irrelevant.

5. They Avoid Overusing Ads

You Want to make money off your app. This is understandable. However, when you use too many ads on a page, you will irritate your users. Filling your app with lots of ads isn’t the way to go. You’ll end up having as many uninstalls as installs if you fill your app with too many ads. Let the ads be arranged in such a way that the user can easily dismiss them and still enjoy the content. In addition to this, try as much as possible to send messages at the right time. Timing is everything. You can send a right message at the wrong time and miss out on a customer. Research has shown that sending messages at the right time will improve your call to action response rate by 57%.

6. Top app development companies Take Advantage Of Personalization

A user will be happier to use your app if it has features that make them feel that it’s theirs and completely under their control. This will not just help you get conversions. It will help you retain customers. Just make sure the registration process is simple, so you don’t discourage your users from using the app.

7. They Use Push Notifications

Push notifications can reach users at any time of the day whether or not they open your app. They pop up on the notification bar of their phone screen. Push notifications can remind users to use your app even when they forget. For example, if your app is an app for setting goals, push notifications can be used effectively to get your users to revisit the app. Eventually, they may get interested in doing more with your company.


The mobile technology industry is being revolutionized. If you have just started, do not feel intimidated. With the right techniques, your new app can overtake apps that have been on the market for years started to tap into the world of mobile technology and all its benefits, then you’re already on track. Any business establishment or organization that ignores the mobile platform is missing out. Shortly, mobile technology will take over everything from information generation and dispersing.

No business will benefit from mobile app conversions more than an e-commerce business. With the speed at which the use of mobile devices is increasing along with the time users spend on their devices, it’s important that every business owner looks for ways to optimize conversions on mobile apps.

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