Web Design and Web Development Trends That Will Dominate Upcoming Years

The technological dependence of the people and their desire to have everything in the palm of their hands is the reason that each day a new invention is heard of.

Businesses are continuously gearing up new strategies in order to survive in this competitive environment.

I think by now everyone will agree with the idea that online presence is extremely crucial in forming a lucrative business. The website is the most powerful marketing tool in the world right now. It often happens to be the first impression of your business. It raises awareness regarding the business you operate and gives it the exposure required for building an effective customer base. It provides the information of your offered services or product to your customers. It establishes a strong business credibility directing the potential customers to your business. It focuses on various marketing strategies in order to boost your online presence.

While having a website is fundamental, keeping it update is the cornerstone of your business. Web designing and Web development are the components that could help with it. Being aware of the changes happening gives an edge to the business by providing an updated website for the customer. The upcoming trends in designing and development set to dominate the years to come are detailed down below to help your business grow.

Trends in Web Development

Trends in Web Development

Web development is a term that is used to describe the process of forming a website. It involves the coding and writing markups that are used to make the website function. It encompasses various tools, frameworks and programming languages essential developing a fully-functional website. Every single programming language is being used by the programmer to form a website in the present world. Businesses are further significantly in web development because it builds and maintains a website. Emphasize is on forming a website that is engaging and fun for the users. The trends that are observed in the web development are listed down below to help you step up your game in the coming years.

Progressive Web Application

The web development trend that is rising is the adaptation of Progressive Web Applications (PWA). The PWA ability to work offline serves as the major advantage to the user providing a better experience. It allows the user to add a shortcut on the home screen which makes the work more efficient. The information of the app is stored as cache (updates every time when the device is connected to the network) which makes it load instantly. The progressive web apps deliver an app-like user experience which improves user engagement and increases the conversion rate. It is easy to deploy and maintain data which further makes the work reliable.

Single Page Website

The pages play a significant role in determining the efficiency of the website. There is a paradigm shift happening because the website is shifting from multiple pages to a single page. It lists down all call to actions on a single page that compels the user to take the action desired. It provides an experience in which user doesn’t have to search for a link because all the information is contracted on a single page instead of being scattered between various pages, sidebars etc. It reduces the bulkiness the forced visitors which reduces the bounce rate.

Enhance Online Support

The development in web development is also observed in terms of advanced online support. It allows business to be connected with the users 24/7 through the use of chatbots. Chatbots are basically a computer program that can converse with user 24-hour in any situation using text or auditory method. It is smart enough for answering the common questions of users, directing people to pages and further assisting them in transactions to choose the right payment method when e-commerce is concerned. It guides the potential customers, saves their time and optimizes the work operation.


The block-chain is the new hype in the developing world which is influencing the whole industry. Block-chain allows storing data collectively, basically a shared database that is constantly reconciled. The data stored is scattered on thousands of computer and not concentrated in a single place. Further, there is no intermediary in between transactions. These transactions are verified using a set of the complex algorithm which provides a high level of protection while using it. The main areas of business where blockchain is commonly used include trading, security, and exchange operations.

Push Notifications

The websites have adopted a similar strategy to mobile apps that the use of notifications. This feature enables the user to be aware of every update that takes place on the internet such as a post for new deals, discounts or perhaps a new blog post. The user’s engagement it offers without much effort as compared to social media and emails is what makes it a preferred choice for business to adapt and stay ahead in the upcoming years.

Shift from Flash to HTML

The use of flash in websites for running videos and games is being reduced and the use of HTML is being increased. The new website trends that are emerging are more compatible when we use HTML5 on our website making them efficient. The HTML5 based videos and games allow business to reach a wider audience. In the coming year, the use of flash is expected to be eliminated completely.

Materialized CSS Framework

Web development is adopting materializes CSS framework which is available in two forms, one is Materialized and the other is Sass. The framework is based on Google’s material design language which has Parallax and Toast as its component. It offers a better user experience because of its compatibility with all modern browsers. The Materialize framework is very comprehensive which infuses CSS, JavaScript, icons, and fonts in it.

Motion UI

The Motion UI is the most popular library which allows the developers to animate the UI of the website easily even if he is not strongly geared up on libraries of JavaScript and jQuery. The CSS file in it has readymade effects along with Sass which allow the developer to create his own custom animation. We can create a single as well as whole series of CSS animation using it. The key component that makes it an ultimate choice for the developers is its simplicity, flexibility and universal character. The Motion UI transitions and animations can be added to any element of the website that provides an edge over other libraries.

These are some of the web development trends which are set to further develop. These are aimed at making the website accessible to the user and target their specific need in order to provide a dynamic customer experience.

Trends in Web Designing

Trends in Web Designing

The design of the website is extremely crucial in determining the success of the website. It is like an ornament or perhaps a face for your website; the more presentable it is the more chance it has of attracting people. It assists business in making the desired impact on the people. With the increasing competition online, the users are becoming less tolerant towards a design that lacks the usability and ease of accessibility. To keep your website up-to-date and your user happy look out on the following trends discussed below:

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is regarded as a design that runs smoothly irrespective of the devices used. The increase in the mobile usage in one of the reasons that businesses are investing in creating a design that formats to the device user are using. The trend of mobile-first approach has become an industry standard, therefore the site should be responsive on mobile. The web design pages should be unified and remain navigable with all content and pages flexible enough to fit all screen sizes whether laptop, tablet or mobile. It further increases the loading speed, increasing its ranking and providing an optimal experience for users. A responsive web design increases the web conversion rate while the bounce rate decreases improving the website overall ranking.


The use of animation on the website is no longer an option but a necessity. It has become a useful web tool for interacting with the users on the website. The idea of having stagnant images on the website has become as old as Mickey. It effectively conveys the information better than text or static pictures. As the internet connection has become faster, the use of transition animation has advanced proving a good user experience. The animations ability to seamlessly incorporate into any design makes them all more attractive choice. Companies can choose the animation style such as hover effect, scroll trigger, gesture control etc depending on the type of business it is being designed for.

Using Video in the Background

The video background is replacing the former static background to engage the user and make the website more interactive. The trend of conveying the business stories in using short videos are also been followed which is set to further develop in the coming years. The 3D format of videos compatible with the website is being infused in order to catch the user’s attention.

Pattern of Split Screen

It is one of the rising trends in web designing. It provides various options for the user to view as they can reach out for more information. This layout design allows designers to augment a stack of a lot of things in one design as compared to the previous designed used. The designers are required to adjust the proportions to the web page to make it more accessible on the website.

Use of Innovative Typographic

It is a powerful tool that is used for emphasizing. The businesses are using bold, simple and easy to read the text which makes navigation easy and provides a dynamic user experience. The companies can custom design it for proving the anesthetic effect. This trend is expected to develop more in the upcoming years.

Emphasize on Landing Pages

Formerly, the attention was given to the home page to make it all more attractive, engaging for the user but now emphasize is on the landing pages of the website. This is because of the spread of content marketing, which aims at directing the user to the relevant landing page to better target their needs. This provides them with the relevant information, increasing their awareness and the web conversion rate.


There are constantly new designs, a new framework, and a new development taking place that is changing the website world. The main focus is on creating a website that ensures to meet the high user expectation and the development and design trends. There are many businesses that are adopting these strategies to boost their business and gain a large customer base. There are many website developing companies that have altered their website according to the latest trend. Think carefully which one of these trends can help to propel your businesses and take it to new heights in the upcoming years.

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