What Can Be Expected From Mobile Apps in 2018?

Nowadays it has become very popular to promote services and products with the use of mobile apps. However, it is not so easy to do it because your app should have an attractive visual appeal that is quite a difficult task for every app developer to fulfill.

First of all, you should be aware of all mobile app tricks of this year to meet users` everyday needs. But why are these app design trends important?

In the recent years, the number of small businesses that have mobile apps in their arsenal has increased. The secret is that if designed properly, applications can boost your profits immediately. A trendy mobile app design is very important for e-commerce conversions because it can help you gain a lot of users and give your brand a boost.

You should do everything possible to make your app appealing and easy to use because its marketing power is unbelievable. With the use of a well-designed app that provides enhances the user experience, usability, and simple navigation you will be able to gain customer loyalty and break your sales.

The main mobile app design tricks in 2018

Simplicity of User Interface

Nowadays app designers strive to make a user interface as simple as possible to make your user experience more comfortable. They are convinced that understandable, attractive, and convenient interface gives the opportunity to accomplish certain tasks in a more efficient way. The key principle of a good interface is that it should be almost invisible to the user. It should contain only necessary elements to make the app`s functionality better. Everything should be easy to find and the most important features should be well highlighted. So, if you have decided to design an app you have to make sure that users will be able to use it without the necessity of reading a long list of instructions.

New Navigational Opportunities

In 2018, app designers try to reconsider their approaches to deciding some of the navigational problems. Creative and easy navigational buttons, which enable users to get to all necessary screen areas with a thumb, is the first thing that should be applied while creating a successful app design. Horizontal, modular, vertical, and hidden navigational options along with the modular, infinite, and parallax scrolling are the most characteristic features of a new trend. However, some more navigation improvements are being developed now.

A Significant Shift towards Personalization

Personalized content has become one of the most critical components to creating an excellent user experience inside the app. App pros are 100% sure that mobile app personalization is the main thing that users expect from the apps. App personalization is about meeting expectations and needs of the users and providing them with the state-of-the-art UX. It can be achieved through such features as individual push notifications, search recommendations by preferences and location, dialogue boxes, pop-ups, special offers, and discounts. Users should have the opportunity to choose in which way the information should be displayed and organized. So, personalization has become a must for mobile apps because it can help emphasize particular information, simplify some transactions or restrict access to certain tools.

Applying Fresh Colors

Choosing an appropriate color scheme is an ever-evolving aspect of mobile app design. It is quite complicated to achieve balance while deciding which colors will be the most appropriate. Recently, there has been a move towards using fresh color palettes alongside the dark or light backgrounds. App developers draw their inspiration mainly from architecture and athletic courts to impress users with a breathtaking app design.

Branding and Storytelling

Well thought-out branding and storytelling are among the main requirements to mobile app designers this year. It is important to convey an app`s story if you want your app to differ from its competitors. A good story should convince users that the application can be useful for them. There shouldn`t be any gaps between your app`s design and your typical branding. Apps should help their developers build brand loyalty. Logo, messages, and values are the key elements of branding. App designers should clearly understand what customers expect and need from their brand if they want to achieve success.

Functional Animations

Dynamic and functional animation has become one of the most popular app design trends in 2018. More and more app designers are incorporating animation as a functional element that makes the user experience better. Animation should always serve a clear and logical purpose otherwise it will have no use for people. Functional animations enhance user experience fulfilling such functions as visual hints, onboarding, navigation, visual feedback, visibility of system status, softening state changes, and structuring information. So, when used reasonably, functional animations will help you meet the trends in mobile app design.

Bigger Screens Design

Designing of mobile apps for bigger screens is quite challenging because some navigation and user interface changes should be made. The recent iPhone models have wider screens to give users the chance to use the more visual content. However, most of such screen is not easily accessible to the user`s thumb. That is why it is so important for designers to adapt their apps to these new screen standards.

In-app Gesticulation

This year app designers should pay a lot of attention towards gestures and use their creativity to invent something new since simple tapping won`t impress users anymore. Gestures will make everything a little bit faster. What is more, in-app gesticulation will erase borders which existed between users and their smartphones before. Astonish your app users with such exciting gestures as double tapping, zooming, swiping, spreading, pinching, and dragging.

The Rise of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps

The implementation of virtual and augmented reality technologies into mobile apps requires creativity and more skills. Nowadays, such technologies go beyond the entertainment and become important for business and industry sectors. This growing trend has a lot of benefits. Virtual reality provides a 3D vision of products, makes the promotion of products more interactive, and allows the producers to showcase their goods and services in virtual rooms. The use of augmented reality products and services can be presented in detail and their relevance can be showed in real-time. So, 2018 will bring us plenty of exciting and useful AR and VR apps.

High Level of Emotional Intelligence

App designers tend to integrate more emotional intelligence into mobile app experience. It will definitely change the way we interact with applications and will make our user experience more delightful and engaging. For example, instead of taping on the icon or button when we like a certain content, we can just draw a heart on the screen and make our interactions with an app more natural.

How To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions?

Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions

The process of developing and designing a mobile app, especially for ecommerce business has its own secrets. App designers should always remember that users won`t buy anything if they do not like what they see. So, it is just impossible to increase the conversion rate of your app without catchy designs and intuitive interfaces. Let`s consider the ways to boost your e-commerce conversions and increase your sales.

Make Your App`s Interface Simpler

It is said that with every additional option more time is required for making a decision. This rule is relevant when it comes to designing an app`s interface. It means that your users shouldn`t be overwhelmed with a great number of options on your interface, otherwise, it will influence your conversion rates in a bad way. Be predictable and consistent while choosing the interface elements. They shouldn`t lead your users astray, and on the contrary, should help them complete certain tasks.

Provide Your Users with Better Navigation Experience

Give your users the opportunity to choose among different alternatives for moving through the application. They should concentrate more on the fulfillment of actual tasks, not on the way to get there. Your e-commerce conversions will drop immediately if users get confused and lost with your app`s navigation. So, creative navigation is one of the keys to your success. You can take advantage of hidden navigation, modular scrolling, infinite scrolling, or parallax scrolling, which stay among the top mobile app design trends this year.

Personalize Experiences on Your Mobile App

App personalization is essential if you want to meet the needs of your chosen audience. Doing so, you will definitely increase your conversion rate because users will use your app more regularly. The first thing you should do in order to create personalized experiences and make your app stand out from the crowd is to collect behavioral, contextual, and demographic data about your users. It is important to do it if you want to give users the best mobile app experience possible. Then your app will be able to monitor user engagement, behavior, and preferences and offer individualized recommendations.

Choose The Most Appropriate Color Palette

Don`t underestimate the power of colors in mobile apps. The perfectly selected color scheme will help users interact with certain elements of your app and feel its mood. Your main challenge is to choose the colors, which are trendy enough and which can support mobile app usability and achieve a certain effect at the same time.

Let Users to Discover Your Brand

Consider your app as a wonderful method of growing your brand. It should help you establish your brand identity and enhance engagement and interest in your product. You should take into account that a great app design tells customers a good story without any sales pitch. A good storytelling is about convincing people that your app will be useful for them.

Bring User Interface to Life by Using Animation

Use the functional animation in order to reinforce element hierarchy, explain changes in the arrangement of elements on the career, and transport users between navigational contexts. Remember that a successful motion design should be responsive, associative, natural, intentional, quick, and clear.

Make Your App Adaptable to Bigger Screen Sizes

Make your users believe that your app is designed especially for their devices. Work on the app`s user interface in consideration with particular screen densities and sizes. Ideally, your application should be created to the largest screen that it has to be able to run on.

Implement Gestures into Your Mobile App Design

Make your app more user-friendly by implementing touchscreen gestures. It will enable speed in users` actions and will help them interact with your app better. Intuitive gestures will allow guessing which movement you should make to run a certain command. Due to the screen gestures your app will be more appealing to users that will lead to higher e-commerce conversions.

Use VR and AR

Provide your customers with breathtaking possibilities by using virtual and augmented reality while designing your app. It will definitely lead to the conversion rate optimization because users will be able to preview everything in real time and in three dimensions.

Use emotional design to engage your users

Implement emotional design in your app in order to make it effective, memorable, appealing, and pleasurable to use. Imitate human emotions, use music, inject humor where it is possible, and impress your users with something new and unexpected.


New mobile app design trends and tricks will definitely provide new opportunities for both app developer and app user. Thanks to these improvements and innovations apps will not only bring higher e-commerce conversions but will help people in their everyday activities.

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