Best Tricks To Use Guest Blogging For Successful Link Building

Link building is a quite storming and useful way to grab the new inbound links to the favorite pages of your website. These links are the crucial ranking factors for Google to rank your competitive keywords.

The sole purpose of a link is to support the content and this is the reason links are acceptable in a guest post to provide some additional information, to cite a reference such as any statistics, and even a link to a related topic or someone else’s post on the same topic.

Technically, the more sites your content and name appear on, the more authoritative you seems from Google’s perspective.

Why Guest Blogging Is a Beneficial Approach

There are plethora of ideas one can follow for his young website to gain immense links. For this, guest blogs are a perfect method to get productive results. In guest blogging, you can visit a particular blog post and then ask for Webmaster’s permission to contribute articles. Here, one can add a link from his post pointing to their website.

Every website is in demand of original and quality content for which they invite outside guest bloggers who can register with their site and can contribute to the content. In return, these websites allow the site owners to link to your website where your website contains only the quality content with a topic directly related to what your website is all about.

Sensing the attached benefits, guest blogging can be considered as one of the best link-building tactics.

It gives you-

  • Targeted traffic
  • Lead capturing
  • Name recognition
  • Quality backlinks from authority domains
  • A way to reach new audiences
  • Public relations
  • Inbound links

Now, it is clear that guest blogging is a powerful asset for link building, it is the high time to move ahead with a foolproof plan comprising few basic steps.

It primarily demands to fill your website with unique quality content and then work on listing your targeted keywords. This is because keywords are the asset of link building and hence need to be carefully assessed for growth-oriented results.

Keyword selection must be made considering various factors like length of anchor text, number of words to be taken in a keywords alternative and making multiple set of keyword options. At the end, you can pick websites that accept guest blogging and start finding different ways for the post submission.

Move Ahead With Below Steps

Here is the stepwise process with which once can follow to capture backlinks from guest blogging-

1. Follow Right Approach for Blogging

Before you start a guest blog, the initial step is to follow correct approach. Its first rule states not to use guest blogging solely for the backlinks. Instead, your ultimate motto is to build an authority and earn a readership with your blog.

Practically, if you focus merely to earn a link, you will definitely end up targeting low-quality websites with content quality kept secondary. In a nutshell, you should appear to be real business personnel instead of an SEO spammer.

Create Your Brand

Every aspect of your website means a lot in deciding whether your guest post will be published or not, ranging from its design, content and focus to the domain and authority signals.

It might happen that editors disapprove an awesome guest post because the native website appears to have a low-quality content.

To be an elite brand, you must add below characteristics in your brand-

  • Relevant and high-quality content
  • Intrusion in authority publications and testimonials
  • Neat and classy design and logo
  • Following social signals such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Develop a Portfolio

If you want your guest blogging to appear on the top publications, you should start creating one quality guest post published on a leading website. This will urge editors to give an eye on your writing style.

If it is your first post, try writing the best language and get it published on a trustworthy site of your niche.

Alternatively, you can also think of writing a stellar post and get it posted on your own blog to show the editors a good example while pitching them.

2. Get Started With a Guest Post With an Intent of Link Building

A) Do Extensive Research

As you have decided now to start guest blogging for successful link building, it is the high time to conduct a thorough research to get a list of the potential blogs for which you can write in the future.

Next step is to grab a handful of keywords for which you can rank well and then dig more for the related data, like the relevant blogs or the websites with a blog section inside.

B) Brainstorm an Idea for Blog

Sort a list of few fresh ideas to get an idea and proceed with the writing process. It will be quite helpful to prepare yourself on the pitch for the blogs you will approach.

You will get a suggestion box of the topics for which you will be going to write. This will help you move a step forward with better understanding of your goals. As an example, you can write a more compelling email while getting started with guest blogging.

C) Outreach Blog Owners

Moving forward, succeed phase is to find the blog admin or visit the “Contact Us” page of the website to reach out to the blogs you are genuinely interested in.

Introduce yourself honestly among them that you want your guest post to be part of their blog and in return they will get an inbound link.

Almost every blog author will be interested in this mutual deal to get rich content in bulk and link back to you in turn.

When you reach out, also keep a spreadsheet stating each blog you reached out and its current status to keep track of who needs the posts to be published early, those who need follow up and also those who do not accept your writing.

D) Optimize Your Writing

Only writing does not make you free. It should be captivating enough from the perspective of blog owners, like to use the exact format they demand or to attach the relevant images with the email mentioning the image sources. These small efforts make it easy for the blog owners to add your post into their blog.

Another scenario to get business productive results is to insert 1 or 2 links to the web pages where you want to drive traffic. These links must be included as anchor text to act as a gateway for the desired inbound links.

3. Use different tools to explore guest blogging opportunities

I. Google Search Method

Most of the blogs maintain the pages where they ask the people for the guest posts. This is because they are easy targets for better guest blogging opportunities and enthusiasts get with the respective guidelines of the website.

You can search these pages by using the below criteria-

“your keyword” + “write for us”

“your keyword” + “blogging guidelines”

Google Search Method

This easy method will work in any niche to give tremendous results, but you might have restriction that only few websites come under this list.

Most probable reason is that top authority sites are already getting bulk of crowd who are desperate to write for them. So, they do not need explicitly solicit posts.

To find those filtered websites that don’t maintain public, you can perform search in below manner-

“your keyword” + “ this is a guest post by”

“your keyword” + “ guest column”

This search criteria will produce the search results showing at least one writing of a guest author.

II. Competitor Backlinks Method

It is the simplest method to dig out the competitor’s backlinks and explore the websites they use from the guest posts.

Just look the given example where is searched in and below results are found:

Competitor Backlinks Method

III. Buzzsumo Method

This search method is a nice option to catch brainstorming ideas for a fresh content along with imparting vast guest blogging opportunities.

You only need to login to the Buzzsumo account and check for ‘Guests posts’ option in the ‘Content-type’ section.

Then, look out for the target head keywords and you will get leading guest posts in the list.

Guest Blogging – A Strong Marketing Strategy

The other side of the coin is to look for guest blogs as a robust marketing tool. An informative post on a reputed website not only gives you quality links but also promotes you across the web.

Let’s see how it happens:

  • >Wide Social Media Exposure: Each shopper thinks to spend a good portion of money only after it seems legitimate to him. The more public comments you will get, the more genuine you will be treated. Through guest posts, customers can check your website and leave their genuine reviews. For this, a guest post should include interviews, testimonials and reviews that altogether do not seem like you sell yourself. Rather, make it a story that everyone will be interested in.
  • Improved Brand Visibility: For better brand visibility among your target audience, it is necessary to shot those blogs which contain the most views. Websites like Buzzsumo helps you get a sorted list of the most shared blogs of your niche. To check how authentic a website is, you can check its domain authority. A competent blog can drive you great traffic but you also need to focus beyond site metrics.
  • Brand’s narrative: The ‘About Us’ page of your website is not enough to describe yourself across the world as a business. You need to reflect the same in your each activity including guest blogging. The high profile websites that allow outside posts demands for personal stories and insights where you can narrate your experiences in the said industry.
  • High-end success sharing: If you have some new product and service offerings, it is important to promote it on social media. You can find social media influencers to share your link with them, where they can repost it if find it interesting and relevant enough. Moreover, the permalink of the post can be mailed to all of your contacts so that they can like and share your writing across their niche.
  • Easy goal accomplishment: Guest blogging is not restricted to writing something technical to your topic. It must inspire the readers to indulge within your content and entice them to check your blog. You can also attract fresh followers to click the homepage of your blog. The basic motto is to indulge the readers so that they can trust you in the first instance.
Over to You

Guest blogging is not an easy reach for all as it requires precise skills plus intelligent speech more than the subject knowledge. A flawless blog can contribute beyond good traffic if it is published at the right place. Top-tier blogs can be used as a good source of marketing strategy to give an obvious uplift of rankings and ROI.

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