The Difference Between UX and UI Web Design

These two words may seem like an alien language to some but upon reading them may spark an interest in others.

This article will go through the differences between UX and UI web design and can give you some necessary information and insight on how to start a career as a web designer. If you are already on that path, it can help you improve your skills in these two components.

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This quick and brief guide can help you learn the difference between these two issues in a fast manner, especially if you have less than 24 hours before your last minute test on web design. Either way, here are the basics.

UX Design

This is an abbreviation for user experience design, which is the process of raising the satisfaction of your viewers and customers and increasing their loyalty just by making your website more user-friendly. Those who are responsible for user experience design are also equally responsible for the research beforehand, the development of the software and design, testing them after they are invented, the content that you upload on the website, and designing the ultimate prototype to pass through to the test.

UI Design

This is an abbreviation for user interface design, which is the complement for the UX Design. This design focuses on the presentation and interactivity of a product. This focuses solely on graphic design and branding design, which is at the front end of development. It is founded on creating an attractive, responsive, and guiding experience for all users. It gives the users a guide and a storyline and focuses its design research on customer and consumer analysis. By developing UI prototyping and working directly with interactivity and animation, and concentrating on making the website adaptable for all device screen sizes, this is also an outstanding job for the process of web design.


Now that you know the difference between the two types of website designers, you can narrow down which type you want to focus on being or to better hone your skills to help make your path easier to become one of them. Instead of devoting all your time to your research paper, you can efficiently spend your time to figuring out which type of designer you want to become. Also, you may read a useful article to know better how to write an essay fast.

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