7 Hacks to Get Hired By Top Tech Companies

Are you searching for a job in the tech industry? Well, you are not alone. You see, everyone wants to work for big tech firms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and IBM among others.

The motivation is not only the good pay but also available opportunities for growth. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) biennial update, employment in the computer world is expected to grow by 22% through to 2020.

With all spheres of life going digital, the demand for systems and applications means demand for these skills throughout the world is expected to keep rising. If you are targeting computer and information technology occupations to grow your career, this is the right time to get out there. But there’s a catch; with the demand for workers in tech companies going up, the competition is bound to get even stiffer. Question is; are you fully equipped to beat the competition in the tech job market?

Advantages of working in the Tech Industry

Advantages of working in the Tech Industry

Best Jobs in the U.S

A recent Fortune Survey detailed the top best global companies to work for. The findings were compiled after thorough research. According to the researchers, the methodology used to determine the ranking involved surveying over 3.9 million employees, in 51 countries at more than 6,600 companies. Among the top 25 companies were IT giants such as Google which was ranked first, SAS, NetApp, Genentech, Microsoft, EMC and Autodesk. This is reason enough to want to work in the tech industry.

Positive Industry Outlook

The CompTIA’s report shows a very positive outlook for the IT industry and for this reason; you should start angling for an entry position. Tech has dominated the best jobs in the U.S for years and this is not going to change any time soon. As more companies go digital, the demand for software personnel and other IT people will keep growing.

Great Remuneration

The pay is good in the tech industry and this is also motivation enough to attract you to the industry. According to Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections, the outlook for professionals in the industry looks great; median pay for a software engineer for instance starts at $98,074, while that of a data scientists starts at $121,657. Solutions architects, Mobile developers, IT project managers, QA engineer, support technicians, database administrators among other IT specialists enjoy salaries above the national average.

Opportunities at Entry Levels

Another reason to consider working for a tech company is the diverse range of opportunities that exist. This is still an evolving industry and as more technologies emerge, new personnel will be required to drive such innovations forward. This is where you will fit in whether you are a mobile app developer, sales expert, information security expert and web or software developer.

In fact, new job descriptions keep emerging and if you have prerequisite skills, there are opportunities galore. The best thing about working in an evolving industry is the fact that opportunities available are not only for the senior staff. Most companies including Google like nurturing their own talent and if you prove capable, there is no limit.

Tech companies attract junior employees and nurture them by introducing them into their corporate culture. This is what distinguishes the tech industry from the rest.

Opportunities at Entry Levels

Tips To Get Hired By Tech Companies

It is important to understand the difference between getting a job as an entry employee with minimal experience and as an IT specialist with experience in the industry. Most graduates suffer setbacks as they seek jobs are best suited for experts. If you haven’t built a successful web app for instance, you will not find any companies willing to risk employing you as their applications developer.

However, there are still opportunities in the industry as most people in tech companies started small but with big dreams. From Steve Jobs of Apple to Bill Gates, these professionals started with virtually nothing but ideas. This should motivate you to keep pushing.

Jan Koum the CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp once lived on food stamps as an immigrant but today, he is worth over $6.8 billion (according to Forbes). Same for Larry Ellison Oracle’s founder who survived on odd jobs for years before he eventually started the software company. While these are investors in the industry, their grit and determination is what even job seeker in the industry needs.

Tips To Get Hired By Tech Companies

If you are looking for a job in the tech industry, the following tips will get you going but remember your resolution to succeed in this highly competitive industry matters the most.

For Junior IT Entry Jobs

1. Get Ready for the Long Haul

A job search in this industry is not a one-off step but a long process. Unlike most industries, you have to start preparing for your dream job even before college. You must have an idea about what you want in the industry in order to attain the right skills.

Make sure you enroll for the right course in college. The program you enroll for must reflect what you want to become in the industry. It is important to get ready right from the start for the long process that is a job search in this industry. With the right mentality, you are better prepared for any disappointments along the way.

2. Learn About the Industry

As you settle down to life in college, start exploring the industry outside the class because this is where you will get the much needed exposure. Michael Deng put it best in his insightful article on FreeCodeCamp; classes barely scratch the surface of modern technology. Much of what you need to learn is out there and you have to be proactive in searching for the same. GPA does matter but it is more of the practical skills which you will have gained on your own that will help you out. If you are a budding mobile app developer, class can only give you so much; you need to get down to work by developing a workable concept.

Whether you are searching for an internship or full time employment, your GPA might not help much but you can bet a concept for a mobile app or a working mobile app will earn the interest of the interviewer.

You need to learn what is happening in the industry and this entails online reading from credible sources such as TechCrunch, Hacker News, Mashable, Techmeme, Product Hunt. Subscribe for email newsletters in order to have all details at your fingertips.

For Juniors and Specialists

3. Create your own Project

Well, it goes without saying that tech companies revolve around concepts and projects. Some of these projects start with much fanfare but fizzle out along the way. However, some succeed and revolutionize the industry. Digital assistants for instance started as futuristic concepts but today, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant, Siriand Bixby are major successes and are revolutionizing how people interact with their devices.

If you are angling for a job in a tech company, you need to come up with a good project which will serve as an ice breaker in your job search. It doesn’t have to be anything big because even a personal website can serve as a personal statement of your capability. IT companies want to see what you have done especially if you are coming in from school. It is all good to have good grades but if you haven’t started translating these grades into something tangible, you will have a hard time winning over the interview panel.

Create your own Project

For Junior Employees

4. Set a Goal

Everyone wants to work at Google and Apple but how realistic is this? If you are in college and you are looking for an internship, consider the number of graduates who are also angling for the same positions. Now, there is nothing wrong with aiming high but if you want to succeed in the tech industry, you have to start small and allow yourself to grow. Most importantly, you need to set a timeline for this to happen and you can hire online writer to craft a professional resume.

If you are in your final year of college or already out of school set a number of months to prepare yourself for the task at hand. It is doable as Ross Williamson a software engineer who has gone through the Google hiring process says. Don’t limit yourself to just one tech company but instead, cast your net wider in order to boost your chances of success.

While working with Google and Facebook is the dream of every tech student, you will be limiting your chances if you just focus on these big companies. In your plan, make sure you assign time for research in order to understand what your target companies want form their employees. Look at their interview process and questions they have previously asked. The more information you have, the better your preparation for the eventual interview.

5. Get Yourself Out There

George “Geohot” Hotz, Peter Hajas, Johnny Chung Lee, Jeff Moss, Chris Putnam and Ashley Towns; what do these names have in common? These are some of the biggest hackers in the world who eventually got hired by the same companies and organizations they had tormented earlier. From Apple, Facebook, U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council to Microsoft, these IT whizz kids eventually got employed because their work impressed.

You don’t have to be a hacker to get a job in the tech world but you can use a similar strategy to get yourself known in the industry. Many developers and IT specialists are now ending up being employed by large tech companies after their skills are recognized.

If you are an aspiring app developer, you need to let everyone know and in this age of information, this is simple. You can create videos of your concept or even create more hype through a crowd sourcing campaign. People will notice and this will help your case during interviews.

6. Learn Outside Your Skill set

The Muse is one of the most successful startups in the world and Kathryn Minshew, CEO and co-founder says they are in constant search for IT personnel. However, the CEO in an interview published by Mashable says they are not just looking for people with IT skills but for candidates who can demonstrate cross disciplinary skill sets. If you are a software engineer for instance, soft skills or knowhow of business marketing will come in handy at your job.

7. Be Ready To Hit The Ground Running

Tech companies are dynamic and when they need new skills, the search is always done fast in order to fill the gap. If you are going for an interview, you have to prove that you are a results-driven person. It doesn’t matter the position you are applying for according to Kristy Sundjaja, chief of staff and global head of People Group at LivePerson. The most important thing is to prove to the interviewer that indeed you are ready for the job and you are confident enough to implement the ideas you are proposing.

Final Thoughts

Working for a tech company is the dream of every graduate. In fact, many people already in employment would like to switch to the tech industries to enjoy better working conditions, opportunities for growth and better remuneration. However, all this has to start with your motivation.

These tips will help you get that dream job whether you are straight out of college or already experienced. Remember this is an ever evolving industry and you have to stay abreast of all that’s happening.

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