Record Live Cloud Webinar Videos from Online Websites with Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

Are you a dynamic IT professional who is always on the spree to learn about new technologies? Well, that’s great and live webinars by IT experts are a great source to update oneself in the advancing tech field.

For example, say webinars on hybrid cloud, one of the latest trends in the cloud space. Now, what if you have a hybrid cloud webinar coming up and your schedule clashes with the live streaming time of the webinar? Does that mean, you can’t watch that webinar? Certainly not as you have Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac to help you here.

Movavi has come up with a state of the art video recorder for Mac which will allow you to record the live webinar videos from online websites so that you can watch them later in your free time.

Video recorder for Mac

Aren’t you curious to know more about Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac? Much to your convenience, here is a brief about the edgy Movavi program.

To start with, Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac allows users to record and save any kind of live video from any website online on the Mac system. As you can save the videos here, you can watch them on your free time and also when you are offline. One of the best parts of the Movavi recorder is that it allows you to record videos at up till 60 fps. You can adjust the frame rate easily and record even at 5fps.

Then, Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac enables you to add sound from multiple audio sources while recording the webinar videos. Thus, you will be able to add sound from headphones, system audio, microphones and MIDI devices. You will even be able to check & customize the audio volume as per your specific demands.

One of the key reasons behind the high end popularity of the Movavi recorder is its ability to record in just minutes. The capture process can be paused or cancelled if you wish so through capture frame panel or hot keys.

Moreover, Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac is compatible with a wide range of video formats and mobile operating systems. Thus, if you want to convert the recorded video into some format other than the default format, you can do that easily with the Movavi program.

Useful Tips for Users

It’s not possible for you to sit till the entire recording duration. Movavi understands it’s a busy life today and hence offers a great automatic recording facility. The program comes with an in-built timer. All you have to do is to set the timer as per your preferred duration. The Movavi software will then start recording on its own and will stop the moment the timer reaches the climax.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac:

  • Able to record live streaming videos online, gaming videos from Mac system and even Skype calls
  • Records video with audio from multiple sources
  • Users can even add their own voiceovers during recording
  • Able to record automatically thanks to in-built timer
  • Compatible with all key video formats and mobile presets

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