Why One Must Use WordPress Framework Genesis in Place of a Theme?

Designing a new WordPress website is not a rocket science for experienced WordPress developers. Even a novice WordPress website designer can easily do it by following the installations of a theme.

Generally, WordPress developers have to deal with a wide range of themes on a regular basis. So, a time comes when you fed up with using individual themes.

During such situations, WordPress developers love to use popular frameworks to create professional and eye-catching websites easily and effortlessly. Amid the availability of different options, the selection of the WordPress framework Genesis seems to be an emphatic move. When you use this framework, only less effort is required while making a website. So, we will have a look at the Genesis framework and discuss why you should use it on your website in place of a theme.

Genesis Framework: A Brief Introduction

As a matter of fact, a theme is a library which determines what would be the theme structure. When a theme is updated, most of the WordPress users lose all custom formatting. In other, WordPress has not been able to offer a stable theme update feature so far. Even when you use premium WordPress themes to create professional and stylish websites, you have to reconfigure the layout template several times as a part of conversion optimization. If you come across a WordPress theme which is not framework based, its customization and management take a lot of time.

Genesis Framework

In order to eliminate this problem, Parent and Child themes were introduced. Parent themes are those theme frameworks that have all functionalities of a theme. Child themes inherit the features and functionalities of the parent theme. If you come across a theme update, only the parent theme is affected. All features remain unchanged in the child theme.

As far as the Genesis Framework is concerned, it is a parent theme. It is highly beneficial for website builders because it offers great features, such as increased security, SEO benefits, the facility to add extra features and functionalities to your website. You can make use of Genesis alone or with its child themes to build stunning and fully-functional WordPress websites.

Why you must use Genesis framework?

1. SEO Friendly

We all know that the ranking of websites depends on how well they are optimized for search engines and people. If a website is well-optimized as per the Google’s guidelines, it may appear prominently in its SERP with all important keywords.

A digital marketing professional optimizes several websites/blogs/web pages a day. It is unnatural to expect that he/she will implement different SEO tricks rightly at all the times. This is where one needs SEO friendly tools and plugins.

Genesis is optimized for search engines. It offers smart design templates, helping you to make appealing websites. It supports Schema.org code which gives a boost to your SEO expertise. It is a lightweight plugin which helps your websites to load quickly on all devices. So, your website is displayed in Google’s top results even with a little optimization, helping you to get more business opportunities.

2. Cleanly Coded and Supported

Cleanly Coded and Supported

Genesis is developed and supported by the highly qualified and well-trained WordPress developers from StudioPress. They toil a lot to make sure that the framework’s architecture follows the latest trends of web development.

A great heed of Theme security and updates are given by their WordPress developers. Apart from this, you can also get responsive design totally different from other options. Whenever you encounter any issue with the theme, the WordPress developers from StudioPress are ready to assist you with your questions and try to sort out the problem as soon as possible. So, most of the WordPress developers love to use this feature-rich and up-to-date Theme framework.

3. Lots of Customization Options

Website optimization becomes an unavoidable task when your loyal customers start relinquishing your website due to its outdated appearance. You must note that Genesis has only a few bells and whistles. But, when you buy this framework, you obtain several code snippets. You can use them to customize your website easily and make it look the way you want. Depending on your specific needs, you can add images, modify layouts, change background colors, etc.

The best thing about this framework is that even normal WordPress users can easily modify it. This is because it offers several adjustable settings, such as Adjustable background color and image, Customizable header, Optional breadcrumbs navigation, Six different page layouts, etc. Furthermore, the framework contains custom widgets for User profile, Featured page, Featured posts, etc. You can use them to control the design and structure of your site’s frame. The availability of a wide range of plugins enriches the website customization options.

4. Protects Your Website

Protects Your Website

It takes a plenty of time to create, optimize, make a website popular on the web, and generate revenues through it. Expert hackers can easily hack your WordPress website within a few minutes and cause a great damage to your brand’s reputation, site’s ranking, revenues, customers, etc. Online security threats are so rampant that it gives sleepless nights to website owners.

Don’t let your WordPress site vulnerable to online security vulnerabilities. Just use the Genesis framework. It is a very good theme when it comes to the site security. It prevents your website from getting hacked. The outdated theme is one of the main reasons why your site is compromised by cybercriminals and hackers. Genesis is updated frequently. So, your website remains safe from the attack of cybercriminals and other online security issues.

5. Availability of Child Themes

In today’s fast world, every website owners look for ways or tools to complete the website development, customization, optimization, and maintenance work easily and quickly. The availability of several Genesis child themes has been just like a boon for them. You can use them to customize your website look without editing a single line of code. Moreover, if you are familiar with different programming languages, you can easily create the child theme from scratch and use it on your website to make it look different from others.

6. Affordable Pricing

Budget restrictions forced many website owners to use free themes to build their websites. Using free WordPress themes is like a double-edged sword. Not all, but most of the free WordPress themes have viruses, which ruins your website sooner or later if you don’t fix them. They also provide a backdoor to hackers, making it easier for them to hack your website only with a little effort.

Are you a website owner looking for a feature-rich and appealing WordPress framework on an affordable price tag? If yes, then just pay $59.95 and purchase the Genesis framework. In exchange for this, you receive limitless updates, support, and access to all tutorials of StudioPress for good. You can use the framework for as many websites as you want.

7. Responsible to Mobile Devices

Responsible to Mobile Devices

All website owners resort to a responsive website design to help visitors find their sites on different mobile devices and grab the huge amount of business coming from small screens. You will be pleased to know that there are several Genesis child themes that are fully responsive. So, if you use the WordPress framework Genesis on your website, visitors can easily access your site on different mobile devices and give you numerous business opportunities.

8. Several WordPress plugins

The availability of lots of WordPress plugins is one of the main reasons of the huge popularity of the WordPress CMS. They enable both coders and non-coders to create, operate, and manage WordPress sites without writing any code. You can use them to add a wide variety of features and functionalities to WordPress websites and acquire the ultimate goals of your business.

So, when you switch to the WordPress framework Genesis, it offers several plugins to make your blogging life easier. You can use them to manage your website easily and have some respite while operating websites or blogs.

9. Lots of Hooks

Experienced WordPress developers get several assignments of WordPress website customization. So, they must know all possible tricks that could help them to customize WordPress websites and offer the clients what they are looking for.

When you choose the WordPress framework Genesis, you will see that the content of ordinary templates seems totally different that your expectation.

For example- have a look at the Genesis page.php file:

* Genesis Framework.

* @package Genesis\Templates
* @author StudioPress
* @license GPL-2.0+
* @link http://my.studiopress.com/themes/genesis/

//* It takes care of website pages, but it only for child theme forward compatibility genesis();

So, there is no need of get_header(). No loop. A genesis() function is sufficient.

Just see what one function hooks into:

function genesis() {


do_action( ‘genesis_before_content_sidebar_wrap’ );
genesis_markup( array(
‘html5’ => ‘<div %s>’,
‘xhtml’ => ‘<div id="content-sidebar-wrap">’,
‘context’ => ‘content-sidebar-wrap’,
) );

do_action( ‘genesis_before_content’ );
genesis_markup( array(
‘html5’ => ‘<main %s>’,
‘xhtml’ => ‘<div id="content" class="hfeed">’,
‘context’ => ‘content’,
) );
do_action( ‘genesis_before_loop’ );
do_action( ‘genesis_loop’ );
do_action( ‘genesis_after_loop’ );
genesis_markup( array(
‘html5’ => ‘</main>’, //* end .content
‘xhtml’ => ‘</div>’, //* end #content
) );
do_action( ‘genesis_after_content’ );

echo ‘</div>’; //* end .content-sidebar-wrap or #content-sidebar-wrap
do_action( ‘genesis_after_content_sidebar_wrap’ );



As shown here above, it makes a call to other functions. Apart from this, the availability of hooks is a plus point for developers. All these help them to modify themes and easily make the desired changes in websites. functions.php is the place where you can find the majority of the modification options.

10. Availability of Lots of Online Tutorials

As the WordPress Framework Genesis is used by millions of WordPress users around the world, so there is no dearth of useful blogs, articles, and online tutorials about it. Apart from this, even StudioPress has lots of code snippets, videos, documentation, and tutorials that help beginners to learn A to Z of this framework. Using these materials, even a novice WordPress website designer can create professional looking WordPress sites with Genesis framework.

11. Adaptable to HTML5

All website owners want scalability features to be added to their sites so that they can meet the increasing demands of their existing and potential customers and expand their web-based business further. You must know that WordPress Framework Genesis is created with the HTML5 markup language. So, your website will be cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly. You can easily expand it in the future if needed.

Concluding Remarks

If you don’t want to use general WordPress themes to create your website, Genesis framework is the right alternative. It makes your website SEO ready, responsive, safe and up-to-date. With lots of features, it is the darling of millions of WordPress users around the world.

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  1. Hi Brandon,

    No doubt that the Genesis Framework is the best theme for WordPress. I have been using the Metro Pro Genesis theme for my niche blog, it helps my blog load blazing fast.

    I totally agree with the favorable points that you have mentioned in this post, we don’t need to bother about the security as well.

    BTW, do you have any good Genesis theme recommendation? I’m looking to buy one for my tech blog, mymagicfundas.com.

    Thanks for the great write-up!

  2. very nice and informative article you share.I also followed this
    steps for my blog and now i grow my buisness.Thanks to you for your great
    support and thanks for sharing this great knowlege to us.

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