Web Professionals Are Overcoming Expectations Using These Tools

There are major differences between web professionals and the level of quality that they deliver. It depends on their talent and knowledge but also on the tools that they are using every day. Having absolutely the best tools on their side will help them overcome client’s expectations.

For example, iGenApps will help you build a phone app and Kohezion an online database, both without needing coding skills. Imagine how much you can do with such a tool for tens of millions of people that have their phones in their hands every moment. Extent the website functionalities with a phone app or add the support of your WordPress theme directly in the app.

Read the reviews of these solutions and carefully check how it can help you achieve better results and faster.

1. Tailor Brands – Automated Logo Maker and Brand Builder

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is incredibly useful for developers and web designers who need to create fully branded projects quickly and without going over budget. The service offers a highly useful logo maker and a full suite of branding tools.

The logo designer uses a blend of DIY design and premade templates to create unique and effective logos based on your preferences. More importantly, it uses the logo you choose to create a full brand image that you can easily apply across channels and media. Tailor Brands also stands out for its ease of use and flexibility in creating exactly what you need.

Once you have created a logo, you can use several excellent features to finish branding your project and deliver high-quality visuals and design at affordable rates. Branding tools include a weekly social planner for social media posts that comes pre-made and includes several template designs. More importantly, the platform includes a social post creator that lets you create excellent ads on Facebook, Instagram, and more in just a few clicks. If you need a quick landing page, you can also make one to introduce potential users to your project.

With your branding ready, you can also create customized business materials including business cards, letterheads, presentation templates, and even full business decks that only require filling in the blanks. For web designers who need professional quality design but can’t afford to hire costly graphics pros, Tailor Brands offers a useful solution that can shorten project times and keep you under budget.

The company’s monthly subscriptions start at $2.99 for the basic and $10.99 for the full branding kit.

2. iGenApps – Build Your Phone App Without Any Coding Skills


iGenApps is the world’s first do-it-yourself mobile app development tool that requires no programming skills and that is completely done through any mobile device. Their patented technology makes it easy for anyone to create and publish the mobile app and be a part of the mobile revolution. The solution is budget friendly and the patented wizard building process with a guide you step by step to design your own fully customized app in minutes.

iGenApps has already over 2 million downloads with 2,500 new downloads every day and 1,5M registered users, with representation from every corner in the world (248 countries).

Services and platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace changed the game for website creation. There are hundred million websites created with these solutions because are extremely easy to use and professional results can be achieved fast. People can have their gorgeous websites while spending a fraction of the traditionally cost. This is exactly iGenApps is doing, being the best platform for creating mobile apps. Get in touch with your customers, fans, and followers directly on their phones.

iGenApps is the future, every business will have a mobile app built on it. Their premium services include helping you publish the apps into Apple and Android stores.

3. Kohezion Online Database Software

Kohezion Online Database Software

With more than 50,000 users worldwide and quickly growing, Kohezion is a great online database software for small and medium businesses.

You can easily create your online database using the tools provided by this platform without needing any programming skills. Forget about spending lots of money when needing your own web app or waiting for your IT department to deliver the product. Kohezion will help you achieve this for a reasonable price (pricing starts from $50/User/YEAR); all you need is an idea.

At Kohezion, security is a top priority. You won’t have any lost data or security breach. The platform is accessible at all time, backed-up by powerful servers.

They are offering a Free Forever plan and the pricing starts from $50/User/YEAR. If you need a custom solution or app, get in touch with them; they can do pretty much everything for you.

4. Visme


In running today’s businesses, captivating visuals, social media, and cloud computing are the necessary elements for sustained success. Using the right tools for the job can be taxing, but what if you can find a platform that can leverage all three aspects? The answer is a resounding yes, and Visme can be your multimedia and visual content solution.

Part presentation and part visual design software, Visme allow design and non-design professionals to create static and interactive graphics without the need for any advanced training, within minutes.

This handy program allows you to design original content such as interactive presentations, infographics, social media images, charts, and reports, with options that are easy to use and master.

Select from an extensive collection of professionally designed templates and add-ons, all sub-grouped into content blocks for easy access. Visme can cover any and all of your visual content needs. To add even more flair to your content, you can also add interactive elements such as videos, audio, maps, polls, surveys, and quizzes.

Publish and share your content to the web seamlessly, and download them as an image, PDF or HTML5 when you’re offline. Security is always an issue, so you can make your work private through password protection.

Try out Visme for free for as long as you would like. But if you would like to access all the added features of the platform, you may avail of the paid plans, starting at $10 a month. This gives you full control of your branding, including adding your own fonts and using special templates and assets.

5. Ultra Theme

Ultra Theme

Themify built Ultra Theme, one of the best WordPress templates on the market. It contains their powerful drag-and-drop builder that will help you create unlimited websites from scratch or starting from the demos that can be installed with 1 click. Start using this great theme, it covers any need you may have.

6. Codester.com


Codester is a fast-growing marketplace for web designers and developers, on which the WordPress community is keeping their eyes on. There you can buy and sell all kind of websites themes, plugins, apps or PHP scripts. On their page, you will find a flash sale section where products are being sold with 50% discount for limited periods.

7. GrapeCity – JavaScript Solutions

GrapeCity - JavaScript Solutions

GrapeCity JavaScript solutions provide all you’ll need for a full web app. It is divided into SpreadJS (JavaScript) and Wijmo. The first one is a Lightweight, dependency-free JavaScript spreadsheet and data presentation components for web applications. Wijmo is a complete collection of high-speed JavaScript UI controls, including FlexGrid and the industry’s best Angular data grid. Check their website for all of the features and pricing.

8. ThemeFuse.com


ThemeFuse is a well-respected WordPress theme developer with a huge collection that is covering all kind of niches and needs. If needed, they can even be contacted for a custom website. For $99 paid every year, you can have access to more than 45 themes. Check their offer. Use this code BLKFRY2017 and get 70% discount.

9. Blaskan WordPress Theme

Blaskan WordPress Theme

Made by Colorlib, a fast-growing and respected WordPress theme developer, Blaskan is a super-simple yet gorgeous template that can suit almost any kind of project: corporate, business, blog, food, personal or fashion. It can be used for free and they are on their website you will find easy to follow videos that will help you install the theme and fully customized it.

10. VectorStock.com


With almost 8 million images, VectorStock is one of the best marketplaces for web designers. Every day there are 10,000 images added and 160,000 are totally free to use. Keep in mind that you will find images that can be resized without any loss of quality. Get your desired pictures.

11. WordPress Website – Hosting, Plugins, Customization

WordPress Website – Hosting, Plugins, Customization

Wpkube is well known for being a top-notch WordPress resource website which also has its own themes. They invest massively to launch their products and guides to help people better use WordPress. Their last guide is about launching a WP website and includes all the details like themes, hosting, plugins and coupons that will help you have better deals.

12. Host-Tracker.com


Host-Tracker is among the best website monitoring solutions on the market, which will send you instantly notifications regarding your website failures. There are already more than 320,000 successfully monitored websites. The pricing starts from $5/month, covering more than the basic needs of an average user.

13. LogoAI.com


Whenever needing a good looking yet budget-friendly logo design, go directly to LogoAI. It is a logo design platform using artificial intelligence that will help you build a gorgeous logo with only $49. The results are outstanding and the price versus what you get is excellent. Give it a try.

14. Sentree Managed Hosting with WordPress Maintenance

Sentree Managed Hosting with WordPress Maintenance

Sentree is recommended as a top service for hosting websites. It uses the most advanced technology, which makes it a really fast and secure solution. The pricing starts at $35/month (including Automated WordPress Updates & Security, Clustered Servers for Security & Performance, 5GB Storage Space).

15. MedZone Lite: Free Medical WordPress Theme

MedZone Lite

Medzone is great looking Medical WordPress theme which is easy to install and get started right away. It is flexible and easy to customize so you can cover all types of medical practices including dentists, doctors, surgeons, hospitals, clinics, and more. And because MedZone ships with helpful elements like appointment forms, opening hours, team member listings, and more, it’s also perfectly suited for other types of service businesses. Download and use it for free.

16. SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com


SuperbWebsiteBuilders is a professional blog, which makes it possible for experienced web designers and newbies to find answers to all the questions associated with web design via using website builders. The service reveals the secrets of website building and allows users to choose those website builders that come up with their web building needs most of all. There is plenty of useful niche-related information available here.

17. Landing Pages by Lander

Landing Pages by Lander

Landing pages are one of the most important things in the last years. Great ones can boost your conversions, getting you lots of customers and saving money for other marketing efforts. Lander can be easily used to create and customize gorgeous landing pages starting from their templates. Their powerful built-in editor can do the magic for you without learning any coding skills. Lander has a 14 day trial with no credit card required. The pricing starts from $16/month – billed annually.

18. WordPress Themes by wpkube

WordPress Themes by wpkube

Wpkube is a new WordPress theme developer that already has 5 beautiful templates. All of them are mobile friendly, fully responsive, and are easy to install and fully customize for any kind of project. On their website, you will also find interesting coupons and hosting solution for WordPress. The price per theme is $49.

19. MailMunch Landing Pages

MailMunch Landing Pages

MailMunch is the perfect solution for internet marketers, blogs, developers, eCommerce websites, and any other business which has a presence on the internet (web or mobile). Basically, it can be used to quickly create landing pages with their excellent built-in editor. They offer a free forever plan and the premium packages start from $15/month.

20. Pixelo.net


Pixelo is among the best places for web designers, developers, and all web professionals. Lots of awesome deals can be found on their website, saving you lots of money and time. Every month they have a special design bundle. The November design bundle consists of over 3000 design resources for one small price. From textures, patterns, illustrations, and objects, this bundle has it all.

21. Userlytics.com


Nothing beats user testing to achieve the best user experience. And nothing beats Userlytics at user testing. A leading edge user testing platform for user experience testing, website usability testing and user testing of apps, websites and prototypes, features include picture-in-picture task based videos, and usability testing branching logic. System Usability Scale (SUS), Time on Task, & other quant UX test metrics complement the qualitative recordings. Pricing starts at $49/participant.

22. Uncode WordPress Theme

Uncode WordPress Theme

Uncode is a highly appreciated WordPress theme with almost 30,000 sales only on Themeforest. It was designed with terrific attention to details and performance and it can cover any need. The price is $59 and it includes 6 months support. The support team is excellent, eager to quickly help you.

23. GoodieWebsite – Web Development service


Goodie Website is a great web development service that from start is doing everything differently. They are focusing on small businesses, having a fixed fee of $999/website. They design websites while having terrific attention to details, you will be amazed of the results. Contact them for your future websites.

24. InvoiceBerry.com


InvoiceBerry will help you create, customize and send invoices in less than 60 seconds. You can use multiple languages if needed, send reports, track expenses and much more. They are offering a free forever plan with basic needs included and the complete package starts from $15/month. There is also a 30 day free trial period if needed.

25. EmailMonster.io – Email Editor


Email Monster is a great email editor that will help you quickly build beautiful, responsive emails. There are literally hundreds of free, gorgeous templates that can be customized to your needs with their powerful email editor.

EmailMonster launched a free Black Friday email template.


There are tens of thousands of tools on the market but some are better than other. In this showcase, we did our best to include only the best ones, the ones that can really help you deliver a better quality and respect deadlines. Share your ideas with us via comments and messages.

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