25+ Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips to Make You A Better Designer

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

It is the duty of a designer to illustrate beautiful art and present it amongst his or her audience. By using different colours, pictures, and various digital techniques, they create a masterpiece to tell their stories to the world. Just like that of writers, designers too are always on the lookout for tips and tricks.

And so as to make your work more fun, simple, and beautiful we are presenting top 30 Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips to make you a better designer.

Limit Your Typeface

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

There are so many beautiful fonts present on the internet, and it indeed is hard to choose just one or two when time comes. However, when you design something awesome the bigger part of it depends on the consistency in your work.

One of the most efficient ways to show consistency in your project is to limit the artistic motifs a.k.a themes in your designs.

The first element that needs to be restricted is the fonts that you are going to choose. The best way to do so is to typically pick up 2 fonts per design. This will make your work stand out without using many fonts at the same time.

Give Us Some Space

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

You should use letter spacing carefully; it can either create or destroy your design. Analyze the need for your design and provide proper spacing to your fonts. Use it to your advantage and illustrate your words gracefully.

While reducing or increasing the spacing in your fonts be careful, as too much or too little of it will definitely ruin your design. As you can see in the picture above, the word “Space” looks much better when you provide just the right amount of space on either side.

Dance with Colours

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Colours are an essential part of any graphic design; they define your work. Most designers use 1-3 primary colours and some additional 1-3 secondary colours for all their designs. These colours should have contrast and should complement each other and overall design as well.

Using various tones of the same colour with adjustments in shade, contrast and brightness will eventually help you get consistency in your designs.

For example, in the picture above Magenta in the Purple background allows readability and it is eye catching at the same time.

The Three C’s

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

You might be wondering what are these 3 C’s! The three C’s stand for Clean, Crisp and Clear.

As seen in the above picture, your design becomes meaningless if the readers can’t read what you have written, so keep your background clean, the overlay text crisp and the overall design clear.

Feel the Fonts

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Fonts are very powerful; they control our emotions. It is evident from the above picture how the same words can stir different emotions when written in different fonts. This is one of the primary reasons as to why you should always choose the best and most appropriate font for your designs.

The typeface with round edges is generally considered to be a friendly font, e.g., Quicksand.

A hard-edged font usually depicts a strong and confident message; you can consider Sans-Serif as one of such kind.

For elegance, Serif is the best one to go.

Now, since you know how important the font style is, it will be easier for you to choose one.

Alignment is the Key

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Aligning creates a sense of discipline which is necessary for any kind of work, be it graphic designing or any other creative work. Using a line to align your texts is an excellent way to create this sense and will make your design look bold.

In the picture above, the line to the right of text works as an anchor which is blocking the text and hence aligning them.

Simplicity is the Best

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

By making your designs simple, you’re making a bold move indeed. But again, there are many times when simplicity beats complex models. However, never ever forget the basics.

You must make sure that each element that is present in your graphic design is there for a reason and they have their own roles in the design. In most cases the best way to offer top notch quality is to use a minimum of fonts, shapes and colours.

Frames and contrasting colours will make your designs stand out all the while keeping them simple.

Magic of Multi-Page

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

One of the best ways to maintain aesthetic utility is to duplicate pages and then to edit the then present texts and to replace the images as well.

Fly with Your Creativity and Be Original

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Always learn new techniques and practice them, try different styles, create new designs. Nothing can beat originality, and it won’t come overnight, so the only one way to be original is to get yourself out and think freely and out of the box.

We won’t recommend you follow this trend just to gain attention since attention doesn’t last long, but impression does. Therefore, create your own pattern, and you will definitely shine.

Be the Boss of Your Designs

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

The best way to give importance to the central part of your message is to use hierarchy. This will not only make your designs stand out but also improve the looks of your design.

Use different colours, scale and check out how it affects the hierarchy and which of them is able to grab the attention of your audience.

The Game of Symmetry

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Symmetry is amazing. When you use vertical and horizontal lines in a way that they correspond to your design element you’ll notice the drastic changes it brings.

Ensure the width and length of elements and work on them so that these small but important details will compliment your work.

It’s Break Time!

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

After working for so many hours, everyone deserves a break. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours can create a strain in your eyes and that is very harmful to your health. Therefore, it is better to take a break occasionally and go for a short walk or take a nap, or even better grab some snacks to eat.

This will not only recharge your creative batteries but also make your more productive.

So, refresh your mind and revitalize your visions.

The Family Union

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Make your work uniform; choose a font family and use different elements of the same family throughout your entire design. The font or the typeface should have a selection of variants; this means it should have bold, italics and condensed forms so that you will have a wide range of options.

The White Space

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Sometimes it is best to let your words breathe a little. When you use white space, it represents calmness and hence lets the words speak for themselves.

If it happens that you need to give a certain important message without having much distraction, then it is best to use a white background and just let the eyes of your readers settle on the words. Let them have the attention.

Research, Research, and Research

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

The most important element in your work is whether the information you are including is right or not. It doesn’t matter how well you present your project if the work isn’t even based on facts.

Your clients might get mad at you or even break the deal with you if the content you are providing is not accurate. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for you to do good research in your field before proceeding further.

Have a Mood board

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Try to have a collection of pictures, Palettes, and Swatches along with other visual elements in one place. This will let you find any colour pattern or necessary elements without breaking a sweat.

Know What is Going Around

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Always be updated with current trends so that they can inspire and influence your work. Follow social media for the latest news and events, get all the vital information and analyze them for your benefits.

Draw Out of the Lines

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

The best way to put forward that you are creative is to always think outside the box. Don’t just copy ideas and paste them. Brainstorm and get ideas, look around the corners and observe the details. The most brilliant ideas come from the most unexpected places.

Let your thoughts fly.

Why is Contrast So Important?

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

The most crucial part in graphic designing is contrast. It determines mood, legibility and it makes elements stand out of the crowd. Always try to use contrasting colour swatches in background, graphics and fonts.

For better results, you can use photo filters to enhance the spaces be it positive or negative in images. You can also apply black and white for creating excellent contrast in comparison to the background images.

One of the unsaid rules of graphic designing is to use light coloured text in a dark background and vice versa.

Brighten Your Graphics

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

The best thing to do is to express drama and emotion using your designs. Blend your work and create stunning pictures by using brightness and contrasts against each other.

Overlay Images for Unique Results

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

You don’t have to always use a single picture to form beautiful graphics; you can use strips of different images for an amazing effect. You will be shocked to see how twists and turns change the bigger picture.

Use Shapes to Shape Your Future

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Isn’t it wonderful how small details add so much value? You can use shapes to have your typeface offset. What can be an easier way to do so?

Use Different Angles in Texts

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

You can make your designs look different by just tilting it a bit. All the math lover out there, now is the time to use your knowledge of angles to make your designs incredible!

Use Grids to Make Gorgeous Collages

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Using grids in your designs, you have the freedom to use different images and colours in a single design which is an essential element for creating the WOW factor. Choose different images wisely and make sure they are different but their brightness and contrast are almost similar so as they blend easily.

Use Symbols for Uniqueness

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

You can always use symbols and letters to make something new and unique. It will be creative and unseen. Just think how you can take advantage of each and every letter we know.

Sometimes symbols are stronger than words itself.

Let the Background Decide

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

Now you don’t need to be the boss at everything, alignment of the text should be decided based on the image, don’t just put it wherever you feel like. Take time, see the image, find the best place to put your text and do it.

When you choose the right place for right words, it will work the right way.

Keep A Journal

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

We all have moments when we stumble on a brilliant idea. Now it is indeed hard to get new and unique ideas every time, and in case your schedule is hectic you will lose track of it until and unless you write it down.

It is a general rule among any artist that they should have a notebook/diary/journal to jot down ideas as and when they come. As an artist, you will get many ideas, and it is not necessary that all of them are good and that you remember each of them.

So, take our tip and start carrying a notebook with yourself wherever you go.

Mistakes Happen When You Do Something

Beautifully Illustrated Graphics with Tips

You cannot dodge errors, well, maybe sometimes but you will eventually make a mistake. It’s a part of life; no one aces everything at one go. You are a human, like every one of us and hence you are allowed to make a mistake. Just remember not to repeat them because that is carelessness.

With all of the tips above we hope you’ll be a better graphic designer.

Keep on Designing!

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