iPhone vs. Android For Mobile Gaming Experience: Which One would You Bet for?

In the mobile market, there are 2 biggest smartphone platforms including Android and iOS. Both of them compete each other in different ways.

This article only focuses on the gaming experience offered in both Android and iOS.

Mobile gaming is a continuously growing market that comes with new and more advanced games, with just a blink of an eye.

If you are an avid game player and are searching for something more every time in your handsets. Android and iPhone are always been a debating concept, both claiming to provide the best gaming experience. We help you highlight the pros and cons of both the smartphone platforms, so that you get less confused in choosing the right one.

The iPhone and Android Rage

Android VS iPhone

The fight between the Android and iPhone is a never ending battle that is taking place since several decades. Among, Android and Windows devices, the iPhone is the best and most preferred device that promises an excellent hardware, software that is controlled and optimized by Apple.

iPhone comprises of a curated app and game store with lesser possibilities of malwares. Not to forget a user friendly user interface that is simple and easy to use. It also carries some serious drawbacks like no expandable storage, limited customization which is the strong point for Android devices.

Android is the most widely used device being the most popular platform for a huge mass. It is an open source and is easily customizable with n expandable storage on most of the Android devices. The user has wide options of Android phones to choose from. Android devices have higher chances of virus, malware hitting the smartphones. A user interface that is not same on all Android phones.

Necessary Requirements for a Best Gaming Experience

Android VS iPhone

Let’s not get in a hurry and forget some really genuine and simple points. Firstly, it is important to answer the question what is required for mobile gaming? A large HD screen display, great audio for a realistic feeling which is basic in both the phones. Along with these basic requirements, long battery life, storage space is a must required for mobile gamers.

1. Longer Battery Life

Android VS iPhone

You are at the peak of winning a level and suddenly your phone beeps indicating battery going down. The battery seriously decreases and your phone shuts. It is obvious to get angry and blame the developers for poor battery. It is important to match up the levels of today’s fast paced games. Both the Android and iPhone are badly struggling in this scenario.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy 8 has a battery capacity of 3000mAh, if Internet is used for last 14 hours that may vary for 3G and 4G. The iPhone 7 inherits a battery capacity of 1960mAh, which is expected to stay for 12 hours. Thus, it can be understood that the Android is comparatively lesser than the iPhone.

2. Storage

Android VS iPhone

The smartphone is used for multiple purposes like clicking selfies, using apps, social networking, gaming and more. Every device has a limited phone storage that may slow down your phone as it gets full gradually. Mobile gamers need to have sufficient storage to play games smoothly and efficiently. Many high end games consume around 1 GB or more , may require 128 or 256 GB of storage reducing chances of your phone malfunctioning.

3. Hear from the Developers

Android VS iPhone

iPhone is at its seventh generation, it comes with an advanced and improved hardware and software with every newer versions. iOS comprises of a huge market in the US with 50% followed by Android. Shifting your focus on Android, it runs in over 80% on all smartphones and is leading in Asian countries. Android runs on a huge range of devices from version 2.2 to recent Lollipop, thus it becomes harder to develop a game or app that runs on all Android versions.

Android VS iPhone: Who is the better of the both?

1. Availability of Games

If you have a closer look at the platform’s catalog of games in Google Play Store and App store, you observe a huge store of games that renders both quantity and quality. According to the statistics, both Android and iOS have more than 1 million active apps present in their catalogs. Around 25% comprises of games that result to 250,000 titles for each platforms.

There are many games which are not available on Google play store or on the Apple app store. It can be frustrating to download unavailable games from other third party sources. Many exclusive games like Plant vs. Zombies, Cut the Rope 2 were released on iPhone than on Android’s Google Play Store. Apple has a proactive approach to seal deals for exclusivity. The Android phone lacks here that makes it less preferable.

Popular gaming companies like Nintendo have clubbed with Apple to release their games on iOS devices. These games take time to come on Android devices but with a price tag. Thus, it can be concluded that iOS offers a wide range of gaming options to its users are compared to Android devices.

2. Find games for free

In iPhone, many users complain of finding games that asks for a minimal fee but the same game in Android is obtained free. Some of these paid games are charged because it is downloaded from App Store. Sounds insane! Here, the Android overcomes iOS and provides free versions.

For example games like Angry Bird, Cut the rope, Pou are found free on Google Play Store but would be chargeable on the iPhone. Thus, in comparison to both, Android is a far better option when it comes to download games for free.

3. Exclusive Games

Android offers loads of games in its catalog, while Apple store has very less exclusive games to offer its users. iPhone has created various deals so that anticipated titles are released on iOS earlier. Gaming apps like Plants vs. Zombie and Cut the Rope 2 was released on the iOS before arriving on the Android. The exclusive games available on the App store offer great graphics that provides an exciting gameplay.

4. Retro Games and Emulators

Love old school gaming consoles like Super Mario, Contra etc? Play it right in smartphones with the help of emulators. Android supports various emulators while Apple doesn’t allow downloading emulators due to strict policies. Downloading an emulator from third party sources for your iOS devices can also bring virus or malwares.

5. Mobile Sports Betting

With the increase in the usage of mobile phones, there is a substantial rise in online sports betting. There are several bookmakers that are releasing mobile apps and games to attract more punters. Along with it, exciting bonus offers, deals are offered to mobile versions of their respective bookmaker sites.

These bookmakers have released many such mobile apps and games found on the App store which are absent on the Google Play Store. This can be annoying for Android user who feels his phone is of no use. It is time to prevent these bookmakers who make gaming sites solely for their earning.

6. Online Casino Gaming

Online Casinos are gathering the limelight by earning revenues by selling mobile related products. This is a growing market that is constantly growing with new mobile version releases each day. Casino games like Jackpot City, bet365 Casino, Party Casino comes up with some really exciting mobile offering that may/ may not be available on Android’s Google Play Store.

Many such online casino games is released on the Apple store, this proves out to be a bad luck for the keen casino players searching for casino games on the Google Play Store.

7. Bonus Offers and Promotions

Both, Android and iOS provides with bonus offers and promotions to lure their audiences. But, to find more obvious options, many rely on the Google Play Store. Find discounted apps or games available on a selected section available for Android users. The iPhone lacks behind in this which tends to be disappointing for many iPhone users.

8. Better Connectivity

The iPhone has better connectivity with other devices as compared to Android. If you have downloaded a game or app from the Apple store, it also provides with other related products. Also, connect the iPhone with iMac, iPod, iWatch and use it your way.

Android also provides connectivity but with more flexible. Find your desired games like Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin Creed 4, Battlefield offers related mobile apps that can be played in both the platforms at top quality connectivity. Select yours! Better Connectivity or flexibility?

Thus, from the above it has been proved that the Apple is a better phone than the Android. To be at par with Apple, Android needs to walk a quite long distance. Moving your attention to the functionality of the two, iPhone beats Android in this battle too. Move down to know how:

  • Top apps and games come first to iPhone as compared to Android: The reasons may be many but it is a great advantage for iOS users. The apps available in Apple comprises of better design. Several AR supported apps have been already designed in Apple and it is also expected that the newly launched iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X comprises of AR support.
  • Instant iPhone updates: It is fortunate for the iPhone users to enjoy fast and regular updates irrespective of the carrier used in its device. While Android consumes much time to arrive on all devices.
  • Connectivity between all devices: The Apple allows to easy and smooth flow of information to all other devices. Talking about Android devices, it hugely depends on third party sources and services. Share files, folders, sync photos easily on Apple while this is not the same with Android.
  • Get rid of carrier bundled apps: The Android comprises of several carrier branded apps. These apps get piled up consuming much space. It can be only disabled and not uninstalled. The Apple is free from such issues.
  • Easy sharing options available: Sharing your location, photo, message, link, file is quite instant and easy on the iPhone, Apple is great at this but not in comparison of Apple. Android users need to download several apps to maintain the level of sharing options available in Apple.
  • Using lightning cable rather than Micro USB: Apple has designed a lightning cable to charge and sync the iPhone while the Android uses Micro USB. The lightning cable is considered to be superior to Micro USB as it doesn’t require plugging the cord multiple times in order to find the right direction and angle as in Micro USB.
  • Improved Headphones: The headphones offered by iPhone is capable of controlling many aspects of playback including increasing or decreasing volume, skip, forward or back a track etc. the headphone control options possessed by Android is quite basic with play or pause options.
  • Better Communicating options: Apple provides services like iMessage, FaceTime, FaceTime Audio for easy and effective communication. The iMessage allows sending long messages in one go and can go to all iOS device possessed. FaceTime provides with inbuilt video chat app, the FaceTime Audio allows making audio call even in poor network, while the Android is devoid of such features.
  • Excellent Management of Notifications: As you enter your iPhone, you observe summary of all activities occurred or occurring date wise. Find a systematic list of all of widgets, messages that can be tracked easily and simply. While the Android simply bundles all your notifications arranged vaguely.
Over to you!

It can be easily understood that both the smartphone platforms are efficient but the iPhone is proven to be slightly better than Android devices. The iPhone is a worthy device that provides the variety of games or apps, exclusivity and is user friendly which makes it noteworthy of the amount paid for an iPhone. The Android offers many such features that make the Android, outstanding in its own way. The Android and iOS is quite extensive and offers varied catalog of games and apps. Make your choice!

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