The Psychology Of Landing Page Optimization

Our emotions play a vital role in all the choices that we make. If you have damage in the part of your brain that controls emotions, you might have trouble in making the best decisions.

The reason for this is that emotions have a fundamental role in how you make choices. They’re not just a volatile reaction.

Most humans think that when they make some purchases, they’re using logic and reason. But the truth is that our emotions influence what we buy and the brands we choose. That’s because our brains can be affected by several psychological principles.

How can you apply that to marketing your business online? Simple. Marketers know that having an excellent landing page that influences potential buyers’ emotions can take their campaign to the next level.

Your customers will trust you if they see their peers are also using your brand.

Have you heard of a bandwagon effect? It goes like this. When you see that other people in your peer group are using or buying a certain brand, you’re more likely to trust it. That’s a bandwagon effect.

As a marketer, your customers would trust your products or brand when they know that their peers have decided to buy from you. To apply it to your landing page, use photos that can display the bandwagon effect.

One way to do it is to use images that contain your real customers. But these clients must fit your target audience.

These images should display that your real customers are using your products and they’re experiencing a great outcome. When your potential clients see them, they perceive you as a reliable brand.

Another way to use the bandwagon effect is to use testimonials and reviews that you got from other review sites. Should you decide to include them, make sure that you use the exact words of your customers. Don’t fake your reviews as your potential buyers could sense them.

You can also use social proof by presenting the number of subscribers you have. It can be challenging. But it’s worth a try.

If you include numbers as social proof, make sure that you test it first. In this way, you’ll know how you can present the information on your landing page.

Your buyers don’t want a loss.

Humans don’t like losing someone or something. We’re more likely to avoid loss than to find a benefit.

You can use this effect when offering your potential customers a guaranteed offer.

A study of college students revealed that they are more likely to avoid paying late fees than to take advantage of the discount offered. In this experiment, selected students received emails about how they could be given a discount when they register early, and another email stated that late registration would incur a penalty fee.

This kind of framing can be used for your landing page optimization. Design this page by phrasing your content in a way that it offers your potential buyers that can help them avoid a disappointing loss. This loss can be in the form of an expiring offer or a late registration fee.

Your buyers avoid costs.

Most of us don’t like spending. If we could only get everything for free, then that would be better. But, of course, it’s not possible.

Human brains are always finding ways to avoid costs but want to receive maximum benefits. These costs don’t have to be about high prices.

Before, our ancestors hunted with their bows and arrows because they wanted to avoid those wild animals. Our modern world, however, no longer allows us to do so. Then again, our brain hasn’t changed.

It means that we’re still looking for ways to maximize our gain and minimize our cost. That said, when you try to implement this principle to your landing page, you need to ensure that you’re offering value to your audience.

You may offer a free item. But you’ll be asking details about that person. Your potential buyers would consider it as a cost.

In a study, it found that decreasing one field of your form could significantly increase conversion.

To implement it to your landing page optimization, make sure that the page is simple. The cost has to be in sync with the offer you’re making. Now, if your product costs money, make it clear to your audience why your offer is worth it.

On the other hand, if you’re asking your buyers to register, make sure that the fields they need to fill out are at a minimum. As you build your relationship with them, you can easily get additional information from them later.

Your audience remembers the beginning or end of your list.

We tend to remember those ideas that are at the beginning or the end of a list. But we rarely remember those things in the middle. It’s known as the serial position effect.

This effect has been tested for several times. During the tests, researchers found that most participants could remember the first things on the list. Others, however, could remember those items at the end.

When you make a landing page, you need to present the value of your offer to your users. You may you a list format to present your ideas. This format lets you present your thoughts in a numbered or bulleted list.

As you create your list, place the strongest points at the start. The reason for this is that your audience would likely to remember them. The weakest parts must be placed in the middle.

Your buyers desire to be happy.

We always want to be happy, so we do things that make us happy. Our brains are always searching for pleasure to take us away from our issues and problems.

Studies about lasting happiness showed that some factors affect our overall happiness. But the intentional activity is a main contributor to happiness.

When your audience visits your site, they believe that their voluntary actions would make them happy. These measures would be clicking on your links and reading your content. That said, you need to ensure that your landing page would have something that would make it enjoyable for them to read.

It’s one of the reasons ads include cute animals and beautiful people. These images could get a lot of attention. They aren’t just attractive to see, but they also create peace and tranquility.

When you incorporate it to your ads, make sure that you include images of people smiling. Doing so will help your audience associate your brand with happiness.

Your visitors always consider their self-interest first.

Humans are selfish. By nature, we’re all egocentric. We’re generous, sometimes. We tend to sacrifice our lives so we can help others. It’s true.

But we have to remember that we always think about our self-interest first. It’s beneficial to help us survive.

You can apply it to your landing page by talking to your audience directly by referring to them as “you.” Then, highlight those things that would be an advantage to them.

It’s also ideal to create an exclusive offer to make them feel special. Make sure that they know that you’ve launched your products or services because of them.

In a landing page, you may add a video. To capture your audience in a video, use the eye contact strategy. That is, you’re talking to them like you were giving them a helping hand.

Your audience loves to solve problems.

Humans are born to solve issues or problems. Without you knowing it, you create problems on purpose so you can solve them.

When you were still a kid, you might have tried disassembling your toys. Why? So you can put them back together again.

As a child, we disassemble things as a part of learning valuable skills to survive.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle made us face a lot of tasks in one day. That said, when your potential buyers visit your page, they don’t want to try to understand what it’s about. Rather, they want the information on the page to be easy to consume.

Thus, make sure that when they come to your site, you’re making their decision-making process a lot easier. That is, if they need to purchase your product, they can do so with little effort.

Tell your audience that you’re the solution that they’ve been looking for. Your page has to be the problem-solving system.

You can do so by highlighting every benefit of your product.

Your buyers are motivated by the need to survive.

All of us want to survive in this world. With that in mind, a particular urgency or scarcity can easily trigger a reaction. Even if you know that you don’t have to be despair, you’d feel that you’re compelled to purchase it after you’ve read that the product or service won’t be available for a longer period.

Marketers are using this principle. For example, companies would tell us that there are only two tickets left for their VIP sections. Clocks will try to push us. As a result, we decide without even thinking its worth. We believe that if we don’t take that offer, we will miss a lot of things.

You can use this sense of urgency on your landing page. But do it wisely.

Although it’s effective to give your clients a deadline, it’s never good to lie about it. For example, if your offer encourages users to purchase today because the price of the product will triple tomorrow, then you need to triple the price tomorrow no matter what the sales results are.

If you don’t, then you’re at risk of losing your credibility. Furthermore, those people who purchased your products for full price would hate you. Plus, it would just ruin your reputation.

Your audience is looking for a leader who is smart and strong.

It’s vital that your company will sound like it’s the authority in your industry.

To do so, you can add a few resources to your landing page. They can be a link to your site that talks about your ideas in the form of eBook, video tutorial and podcast.

These resources could also be images and videos that can show your product’s quality. You must also put a link to your About Us page or any page that talks about your qualifications and experience.

If you have received awards or certifications, you should put those details on your landing page. Furthermore, you have to add your guarantees, like warranties and money-back guarantees.


Knowing the psychology of landing page optimization is useful. Your landing page must evoke happiness, and it must resolve the problems of your audience. It has some sense of urgency and authority. To further engage them, make sure to use visual resources.

To fully optimize your landing page, start implementing those ideas above. However, if you have an existing landing page, you can check it and determine if it needs improvement. Change it based on the ideas mentioned above.

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