13 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Web Design Blog

Web designing is a million dollar industry and populated by people across the globe. A person or a company who aims to offer web designing services would like to create the necessary product or services pages, but ignore the addition of a blog.

A business website is expected to host an official blog to publish news and articles relevant to its industry. it is not only useful for the users to explore the thought-provoking tips and techniques shared by designing professional, but the search engines also love the websites that contribute to educate a community.

Following are the top reasons that may compel you to have a publishing corner in the form of a blog on your website to keep engaging and entertaining users with captivating posts.

1. Write about the things you know

As a marketer, I believe that designers need to share their expertise and experience to make things simple and more convenient for young developers in the industry. The basic concept of starting a blog is to document the things you know. It works just like the way people used to write personal diaries for the next generation to read and inspire from their elders. A web design blog can allow you to talk specifically about your expertise that proves to the useful for the learners.

This is two way beneficial; firstly it will allow you connect with some talented young developers which you can even use as a resource or work as a team in future. Secondly, the search engines will recognize you better because of the trust that you have built. This why, I always recommend that every internet business must start a blog because it is a powerful tool of marketing and advertising.

2. Research about the things you don’t know

Every blogger starts with sharing his or her limited knowledge and expands it by learning new things just to improve the blog. In pursuit of bringing unique and amazing things about web designing, you will carry on extensive research and keep connected with the authentic news sharing websites. It will let you explore facts about different aspects of designing.

3. Pursue professional development

After graduating from college or completing a professional course, we rely on learning during our job. A new job may always come up with different challenges, and you strive hard to overcome them quickly. In a year or two, the learning within your job responsibilities may stop or slow down. Blog about your passion and you will find ways to excel in your career.

4. Share your learning experience

Sharing the way you have acquired a skill allows you to achieve expertise. Most of the times, people hide different strategies they have tried to achieve a success, because of the increasing competition. But, without sharing the same, they are unable to pursue further improvements. Discuss how you have created different logos and banners, and problems you have faced during web designing projects and you will be able to reveal lots of other tricks.

5. Interact with like-minded people to your website

A niche-specific blog attracts like-minded people the most. It serves as a knowledge hub for starters, whereas a discussion forum for professionals. Create compelling and well-researched content for the beginners, and invite industry experts to share their opinion and experiences. The comment section encourages them to contribute valuable tips and tricks from their extensive experience.

6. Build community experts – starters, professionals

Running a blog is difficult as you may face hurdles time and again. It is not only about composing catchy titles, but also about covers a topic that is not discussed before. For example, when a new design trend surfaces the industry, but few of the designers are capable of explaining it to you. In such a scenario, you can quickly interact with the community of experts that is active around your blog, and eager to help.

7. Have a portfolio

For any professional designer or a web designing company, the portfolio is not only about the websites they create. A potential client may also look into a company blog that narrates their passion of achieving excellence in their field. Your business website may include a visual portfolio of the finished projects, but a blog showcase how you keep an eye on the latest design trends and updates.

Blogging is recognized as of the most effective way for a designer to establish his name in a very crowded industry. As a blogger, one has a chance to magnify his network in front of a worldwide audience that may include other designers as well as potential clients. Once you’ve demonstrated your expertise and built a strong reputation, it can lead to more clients for your services, the ability to charge higher rates due to the demand, employment opportunities, speaking opportunities, sponsorships, and more.

8. Turn Your Blog into a Contact Center

Your business blog can be used as a platform for customer support. Take all those questions that prospective developers and marketers are asking you through emails, on the phone calls, or via social media sites and answer them directly on your blog through informative and product knowledge posts. Again, this will enhance your research and learning and awareness of latest trends in the market and what more you need to know.

However, for this strategy to work, it is very important that your blog is easily discoverable. You must have a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and its tools. To make your blog more effective, the blogger must write interesting and pleasant to read content for visitors. Have search bars or filters so that it is easy to find a specific blog or posts.

9. Drive traffic to secure leads and conversions

Driving traffic to a web design blog is not easy if it neglects to prioritize the spreading of knowledge and sharing of skills. This is why most of the web design blogs are always struggling to get developers attention. Search engines are in love with creative content. Publishing informative articles about web designing will help the search robots know about your core business and will elevate the overall rankings of your website. In result, you will be able to host a lot of organic traffic who are searching for deep insights or want to avail the services of designing experts.

Primarily, the purpose of a web design blog like any business blog is marketing, but no one wants to see a display of your products 24/7. The main reason why people like blogs is the simple and common knowledge. When a blog is simple and interesting it attracts traffic like a magnet, which then generates leads.

10. Explore different sources of income

A blog is treated as an interactive medium to reach a specific target audience. Establish an informative web design blog, share authentic news and insights, and build an authority in your niche. Once you have a consistent number of regular visitors and an extensive reach, you can explore different sources of income like sponsored posts, rent different page spaces to advertisers, or sign up to advertisement companies.

11. Create a Blog Series

A blog series works like storytelling and people love reading stories. When your will prioritize to educate it people you need to have at least one blog series. This is a nice way of driving prospective traffic to your website on regular basis. Episodes or chapters help newbie’s to learn better and it’s difficult to digest all the knowledge in a single go. Start with the very basic, episode or chapter one, with the very basic knowledge of programming. Consider yourself a professor or a teacher whose sole intention is to educate, so design a syllabus according to what is your mission. You can create blog series to present interviews with experts in your industry and tell people about their story.

12. Sharpen your writing and communication skills

Working with companies and clients requires you to possess impressive communication skills. Managing a website will equip you with astounding skills of reading, writing, commenting, and discussion skills. The design tips that you share on your blog will need to be justified with logic, reasoning, and examples. It will be read by junior to mid and senior level designers. So, in quest of defining the technical aspects in plain English will sharpen your skills of expressing your thoughts impressively.

Don’t be too much concerned about the word count. Some bloggers think that to put 1000 plus words is a must. Well, a lengthy blog is good, but it totally doesn’t mean that you write irrelevant and get out of your niche just to complete the word count. The Length of an article depends upon the topic and its importance. The content length of an article is like a double edged sword. You shouldn’t be too long, but yes, you need to say enough and complete. Choose a good writer who has a natural instinct of writing to accompany you and figure out grammatical errors or any other in the sentence structure. Blogs which have grammatical errors or have an out of flow content are highly discouraged by search engines. Surveys show that blogs with killer headlines and high quality images are more susceptible to be read.

13. Add Interesting Videos into your Blog

Videos are also an effective mode of education. A lot of people are more interested in videos than reading text. Videos are easier to process and make a strong impact on viewers. Video content yields better understanding so integrate interesting and informative videos to your blog posts. You can find a lot of informative videos on YouTube or daily motion. You can also create your very own video content series. They make a blog more energetic and attention-grabbing for viewers.


Blogging is more than just a hobby now as more and more people have started discussing the common topics. But, there is always lack of blogs that are powered by industry experts. The content writers can research and produce content, whereas a designer can add personal experience while writing about web designing. Don’t hesitate to spend a bit of money on sophisticated graphic design, finest photography, and writing services. It is a good investment because it will make your blog stand out from the line.

The gap of knowledge and deep insights is only filled when possessing all the background knowledge and exposed to a niche. Being a designer, you have the potential to become an authority in blogging by talking about things that you know better than others. It will further enhance your expertise, business outreach, and conversions.

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