Top 10 Free WordPress Themes Optimum for WordPress Design

An optimized and responsive website is the sure shot way to success as people get attracted to the intuitive page.

Users do not like drab content but fall for the visual appealing website with simplistic user interface. To make the business successful, it is vital to download the world press themes that can enhance the brand value of the company.

Some of them are as follows:

Shapely is the king of the game:


To start with, Shapely is a free word press theme that sits well over the web page. One of the most important attributes of the product is that it combines great capability with high resolution graphics. You can easily use the design not only with Android but also window based phones. In short, the design elements of themes seamlessly gel with multiple browsers provided by the Android and window phones. In addition, shapely can also be used to display the web page on IPAD and Laptops. Shapely is also compatible with numerous Word press widgets such as Contact form 7 and Google analytics. Theme is also used to create ecommerce stores in order to sell merchandise. You do not have to be a coder to create the layout of the website. Instead, shapely helps to accomplish the same task without coding. If you do not know how to use the product, read the associated manuals or watch video and get the required information. In addition, highly trained customer support staff is also available to resolve the queries of the clients.

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It is theme used for multiple purposes and would go a long way in making the website more appealing as well as optimized. By changing the footers and side bars, the theme nicely fits over all types of blogs and pictures. With the help of Ascendant, you can create ecommerce website right from the scratch. Developers with limited knowledge can use the short codes that are quite easy to understand. Gone are the days when people had to run from pillar to post for creating amazing web pages. It is now being handled by ascendant that is light weight and helps in the speedy upload of the web pages. As a result, it optimizes the content and the database to enhance the visibility of the web pages. Due to the usage of ascendant, the total development time can reduce drastically and the clients would be on the go after added customized components to the product. The most important attribute of the ascendant is that it is compatible across different platforms and can also adapt to various screen sizes.

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Newspaper X:

Newspaper X

If you are using Newspaper X theme for the website, get ready to capture large number of eyeballs. It is a wonderful option responsible for displaying all types of magazines across the world. In order to make the web page more impressive, one should use the inbuilt customizer provided by the Word press. Menus, side bars and even the content format is defined without going through the rigors of technical knowledge. In short, even people with limited capabilities can design the website ready to attract the attention of the niche users. Events, blog posts and editorial information can be uploaded on the theme without disturbing the optimization attribute of the website. Clients can avail numerous capabilities that the product has on offer. Before downloading them theme, you should visit the web page and check the demo version. It is essential to examine the prototype in action and also check the amount of web traffic attracted by the page.

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According to experts, the theme is quite amazing and incorporates state of art technology both in terms of capability and visual appearance. The product is colorful as it enhances the appearance of the website by many notches. Designers and developers have worked in tandem to deliver the goods to the clients. The theme is known to work across different business domains by meeting the complex requirements of the clients. It incorporates world press live customer widget along with multiple template pages. Users can download any of the options and use them on the website Even one can include customizations into the web page and beautify the website. One of the major features of the product is that it includes boot strap coding that make ILLDY device independent. As a result, the software sits well with the browsers, platforms and screen sizes of different orientations. Moreover, Contact form 7 support is also available to the users according to their requirements and specifications. Without rocket science coding, you need to just add the theme to the eclectic mix and enjoy the visual appearance of the website.

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The theme is responsive and provides smooth navigation to the users. Irrespective of customization, the product is mobile friendly; therefore people can access the website not only on the Laptop but also on smart phones and tablets. The most eye catching attribute is the full width feature slider along with a customized user interface. Searching information has become a breeze with the launch of Hestia. Once installed, the user would enjoy the intuitive layout and the optimized content. Dragging and dropping techniques are enough to include the images, texts and videos on the theme. Scope of personalization is enormous as people can also convert the local language of the web page into English. In a nutshell, it can be said that technical capabilities of the product are firmly aligned in expanding the business of the clients well beyond the geographical boundaries of the nation and regions. Last but not the least, the theme can be customized and the client is able to evaluate the changes in real time situation. You can easily develop SEO friendly page to increase the web traffic from various sources.

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Talking about visual experience, Sydney sits right at the top with the best. It is light weight and doesn’t in anyway degrade the performance of the website. Translation ready attributes makes Sydney a darling for the small and big businesses spanned across the continents. You can also incorporate parallax background with the help of the theme and attract traffic in huge numbers. Sliding and static image headers are seen in the theme however the final choice of inclusion depends on the customers. In addition, you will also find Google fonts into the product, thereby eliminating the need to download third party application for the same task. Since the provision of the social links is embedded in the theme, it can be a cake walk to make the website content viral among the social media users. In spite of being blessed with so many attributes the product never loses sight of the optimization objectives.

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Zerif lite:

Zerif lite

As the name suggests, the beautiful word press theme is light weight and requires minimum resources to run on the system. Comprised of single page option, Zerif is highly interactive to enhance the user experience. A big image in the background with a simple white menu bar makes the user interface quite simple. Due to the color options, users can easily read the content and get attracted by the web page. Users can switch over from the classic view to a Jazzy version with a single click of the button. In addition, change in the type of colors would go a long way in making Zerif lite an amazing option for the business. Some of the attributes of the theme include clean and validated code along with easy contact functionality. Theme options panel is also available to the users to make changes and customize the websites. Ecommerce integration can be easily performed with the help of the Zerif lite.

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If you are creating ecommerce portal, using Shopisle is the way to go forward. It sports not only a wonderful screen design but also an attractive slider. The theme is so attractive that it can gel with different types of online markets however you can also introduce personal design into the product. Unlike the other themes, it is equipped with a video ribbon to promote the products and services of the retailer on the ecommerce website. Downloading the theme would help to not only optimize the web page but also increase the web traffic within the shortest possible time frame. Social link attribute is a wonderful alternative for the clients to boost the visibility of the website among the social media users. Posts including video and text can be shared with a readymade button available on the theme. What more, you can install the theme by following simple instructions. If there are technical issues with the page, you can always call the highly capable customer support staff.

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To start with, the theme is highly versatile as it can be used to launch numerous blogs related to travel, Entertainment and magazines. Based on the boot strap framework, the software is one of its kinds with the capability to display the content on the mobile web pages. As a result, the customers can boost business and ensure that the website grabs eye balls in the internet space. Theme live service is also incorporated to solve the problems of the webmasters. WP-rocket facility is bundled along with the theme to make visually appealing portal. The application works seamlessly to integrate theme right into the landing page however it is the duty of the client to make the content impressive. As far as layout is concerned, Activello beats even the best in the business. One of the most important attribute of the application is the retinal ready feature that delivers vibrant colors and stunning features to the users. Beautiful vectorized icons are displayed in a seamless manner to the users. Infinite scroll feature makes it easier for the developers to load the content on demand. Moreover, you can also run premium as well as free plug-ins on the website.

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The lure of sparkling theme is difficult for the customers to ignore. It has a modern and flat layout incorporating streamlined design. Due to simple user interface, the audiences can access content with simple clicks. Sparkling as the name suggests makes the website extremely appealing however the real game changer attribute of them is the fluid layout. You can also use the full screen slider to get wonderful photos and images. They are uploaded on the image boxes inside the theme templates.

According to experts, the product is an enticing mixture of beauty and efficiency. Even with high quality graphics, the web page loads faster, thereby attracting lots of web traffic. Responsiveness is another parameter where sparkling scores a perfect ten rating. If you are not looking to invest lots of money on designers, the theme can resolve the problem as it is completely free.

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All the above mentioned applications can be quite useful for the customers however it is vital to select the most suitable option depending on the business domain.

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