Code at Home: 10 Career Opportunities for Those Who Want to Work from Home

“Can someone work from home for real? Isn’t it some kind of a scam?”

These are probably the questions that the Generation X representatives would have once they hear that you want to work remotely (and those questions are quite fair, given that remote positions are an invention of our generation, and it has not been here for too long).

However, unless you lived this whole time under a rock, you know that working at home is a fantastic opportunity you should definitely consider when thinking your career path over.

No commuting to work, no long and exhausting hours of heavy traffic, no Starbucks lines in the morning (although some of those who work from home state that they miss this morning ritual), and the best part you get to work even out of your bed (unless your boss requires constant Facetime updates).

Sounds like a dream come true? Well, it does to us. And no wonder, given that it is truly fantastic.

So, if you have a high-speed Internet, a desk and a laptop, and are looking for different opportunities on how to get a position like this, you will find this article extremely useful.

The first thing you need to know while walking down this road is that the best options of “work-from-home” positions are all in Tech field. They are well-paid, challenging and with lots of different career growth opportunities. Who would not like to have a job like that?

The only question remaining is what precise position to choose. Here is a list of popular choices you can also opt for should you be great with numbers and technologies. Even if you only have little experience, you can still pick up some skills and make it as a successful IT-specialist. So, meet all the options.

10 Jobs in Tech You Can Do from Home

Let’s take a look at these tech jobs that you can do from your home.

1. iOS Developer

A couple of years ago, Mashable stated that there are at least 650,000 iPhone apps and around 400,000 iPad apps developed by the mobile developers. Therefore, the iOS apps market is up and going. And if you are looking for ways to enter it – just do it.

Developers of this kind get an average of $115,392, says the Indeed. It is way more than a lot of other IT jobs pay. So, if you are interested in a highly-paid salary, then this might eb the greatest choice for you.

A list of your duties contains but is not limited to:

  • Creating applications for the iOS platform;
  • Fixing bugs and running tests on the application’s performance;
  • Working with other departments when developing and editing app’s features;
  • Checking app’s usability and running tests to check the reliability of the app;
  • Publishing apps in App Store;
  • Understanding of Core Data, Animation, Graphics, and Text;
  • Working with full mobile cycles.
2. Full Stack Developer

Full Stack developers are IT “know it alls”: they can easily deal with the front as well as back end features, implement new features and fix bugs. According to the Indeed, Full Stack developers get around $130,581 which is among the highest averages in IT.

However, this salary comes with many different responsibilities to deal with. For starters, they have to know how servers, networks, and hosting environments function. These guys must be able to QA the apps and create lists of bugs to fix and improvements to make.

Moreover, they know how APIs work and interact with outside resources, how apps can be protected from attacks and other technical issues. Finally, full stack developers should be totally client-oriented, have an eye for what users will like and understand their needs and see possible solutions to them.

3. Front End Developer

You see the results of these guys work everywhere because their main responsibility is to make sure that what you see is simply perfect. Their job is often backed with code by back end developers.

Indeed says that these guys make something around $102,392. In a list of their responsibilities you will find the following requirements:

  • using HTML or similar languages to develop pages and sites visitors will love working with;
  • Creating features for mobile devices;
  • Enhancing state-of-the-art technologies to improve user experience;
  • Creating guides and documentation about the developed product;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Improving website and using customers’ feedback for it;
  • Making sure that the graphics used on the website is of the highest quality;
  • Maintaining the website;
  • Collaborating with back end developers and web designers;
  • Ensuring that only the latest technologies for the brand are used.

4. Back End Developer

Now, these guys are doing all the work behind the scenes (unlike the front end developers). They are using multiple languages including Java, PHP, Python, C#, C++, Ruby on Rails, Go, etc.

Given the vast variety of languages developers are using in back end development, responsibilities also vary. However, the most common ones include:

  • Ensuring that user experience is great by running tests and optimizing app’s performance;
  • Working with other departments to make sure that different element and features are exactly what the most demanding use would want to see;
  • Creating code and libraries that can be used again in the future;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Making sure that technical requirements are met;
  • Using state-of-art technologies for the highest app’s performance;
  • Taking part in app’s lifecycle and coding and fixing bugs found in the process.
5. JavaScript Developer

At least 22 years in the market, and this language is still rolling. And not just rolling. According to the Stackify, JavaScript tops the list of most trendy programming languages of 2017. Its tremendous growth in the market started last year when it grew by 97%. And this year, it simply retained its position.

Indeed state that an average salary of JavaScript developers from the USA is around $110,074 which is quite impressive!

Their main duties include developing brand-new software applications from ground up, with regular tests and maintenance. Among other things they are expected to do are general code writing, creating the code which can be used more than once and developing libraries for the future.

Among other things JavaScript guys need to take care of are libraries evaluation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in libraries and frameworks.

6. DevOps Engineer

The Neuvoo has estimated that an average salary of a person holding this position is around $86,000. However, it is not easy to find a right DevOps engineer, since the spectrum of their duties is quite wide.

For starters, they must be very good at using numerous technologies and tools needed. Moreover, they must know how to develop a code or a script. Having experience with collaboration and communication with other departments and optimizing the working process through this communication is essential to the success of any project they are working on.

They should be aware of the best automation tools as well as possess strong skills when it comes to data management. And most importantly, these die-hards will have to test things a lot, create new code, fix bugs, deploy changes, and go over these steps again and again until the product is nothing but perfect.

7. Ruby Developer

After surveying many different specialists in this area, Indeed concluded that their average salary is about $115,686. However, it varies a lot from case to case.

Requirements are so many that it’s hard to believe. First of all, one must have experience in working with Ruby syntax. Knowing its most common libraries like RSpec and Resque is of a top priority as well.

Among other technologies one must really know about are MVC, ORM, CSS3, HTML5, Mocking, etc.

A person willing to get into a position like this must have solid knowledge of Liquid Slim or any other server-side language. Finally, understanding of how different data can be united under one roof is vital to the success of the Ruby code you create.

8. Quality Assurance Tester

PayScale state that an average QA specialist job is paid around $55,000. However, those at the top of the career ladder in this field might make as much as $83,000.

The responsibilities vary greatly depending on the specialization of the company and their main business focus. Nevertheless, employee’s main focus here would be to perform gap assessments in the app’s performance and suggesting improvements that will make user experience truly fantastic.

People willing to nail a position like this must be good at analyzing performance, running tests, collaborating with different departments, and suggesting improvements. Having an eye for improvements is vital. So, before applying you fit in this big picture.

9. System Administrator

Some might argue that this position is not exactly suitable for remote employment. However, real life examples show that even though occasional on-site meetings are required, they are rather an exception but not the rule.

Their average pay is said to be around $76,000, reports Indeed. Meanwhile, their responsibilities include but are not limited by:

  • Managing settings and operation of operating systems of employees’ computers;
  • Offering technical support to employees;
  • Searching for solutions for both software and hardware issues;
  • Upgrading the operating systems and ensuring their security at all times;
  • Boosting systems’ functionality;
  • Creating system’s backups;
  • Fixing usability issues.
10. Mobile Developer

You use your mobile device daily, and so do millions of other people. And it is all thanks to the hard work of mobile developers that work hard on creation of new apps that can make your life easier and much more fun.

Today, the Pew Internet states, at least 95% of Americans own a cell phone. Of course, not all of them own a smartphone to run some apps on, but the statistics still speak for themselves.

So, going into this market is a great idea. You will need to know how to:

  • Building the app from ground up;
  • Writing code to ensure that the app works properly;
  • Run tests to check user experience;
  • Create good design interfaces;
  • Troubleshoot and fix bugs found in the process;
  • Offer new improvements for better app’s performance.

These are only a few available options for you. So, if they sound appealing to you, just follow our easy steps on how to get a job in Tech you can do from home.

How to Nail a Job in IT

These are some effective ways to get a job in IT field.

  1. Create a Portfolio: Your portfolio has to speak for you, your skills and experience. Therefore, do not hesitate to spend all the time you need to create a good one that will emphasize your level of expertise.
  2. Get Testimonials: You can ask your former customers to share their feedback, or do some free work to have people you did it for endorse your skills.
  3. Sell Yourself in a Professionally Crafted Resume: Seek professional assistance of the resume writing service to get the best results.
  4. Send out Resume to Companies You Like: Be proactive and send out your resume to companies you follow even if they do not have open positions at the time being. The fact that you are interested and proactive can get you the job one day.
  5. Spread the Word Within Your Network: Finally, make the most out of networking, as people are more likely to hire someone their friends recommend, because they trust their friends. Therefore, your name will be at the top of a huge list of candidates, and that’s a great start!

Working in Tech is a huge dream for many of us. These jobs are paid well, employees there feel appreciated and valued, and daily tasks never seize to challenge you. So, if you have the skills and experience mentioned under each of the possible positions to apply for, go for it!

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