Preparing Instruction Guides using Movavi Video Capture

Preparing the instruction guides using the Movavi Video Capture software is similar to that of creating the tutorials.

It is easy process to create the instruction guide using the software. You can either choose to create using the screen capture method or your own video to make it personally appealing to the viewers.

Please click on here to see how to create the instructional videos.

In screen capture mode, you just need to open the screen for which you want to create the instruction guides. Then open the Movavi video Capture and click on record video. It will start capturing the screen. You can add sound using the microphone which is attached to the computer. Once you finished capturing the video, you can use the stop button to end the video. It will be saved automatically in the system. It is very easy to use in the sense that one does not need to have in depth technical knowledge to prepare the instructional guide using this software.

Once you have done with the video, you can later use the video editor feature to edit the feature of video. You can use this feature to enhance the video quality such as brightness, contrast or to add special effects. If you feel the video is very lengthy you can cut the video in to small video clips so that views can watch it easily. Other options include trimming the video to specified length. It also allows users to edit the sound. With this option users can add in the back ground music to go with the instructional guides or they can add their own voiceover. With these excellent and easy to options, it is going to be the preferred software to prepare the instructional guides and to capture the screen.

While creating and editing is one part of good instructional guides, it is how we present it to viewers is most important. This software has the option to store the video in whatever format the user requires. It has the inbuilt capabilities that make the video readily viewable by the online users. As most of the people today prefer to use the smart phones such as android and apple phones, software should have the option to optimize the video for that segment of viewers as they will be in larger size as of today. Movavi video capture has the functionalities that optimize the video for smart phones. Also it has the guide which can be used to upload the video into various social media guides such as face book, twitter etc. Even a novice in using the computer can use the software to prepare the videos they needed and upload in to internet for the viewers.

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