5 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Blogging in today’s modern business era is very crucial. Writing blogs to promote products & services is nowadays the most common practice.

Blogging brings a web of convincing words which should support your marketing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). With the increasing influence of blogs on the potential customers and viewers, companies even design their entire marketing strategy emphasizing over online blogs.

The blog is a great tool to increase awareness in terms of services, social issues, and many other activities. For businesses, blogging is a statement or commitment to their target audiences.

Blogging requires a significant amount of time and some part of your marketing budget to be effective and engaging. Yet many of top notch in businesses or let’s just say many of common bloggers often commit mistakes that can reverse the impact of blogging and create a blunder.

In my views, Mistakes are very important in everyone’s life. They give us an opportunity to evolve from our former personalities to better one. Although it requires one specific condition to follow i.e. learning from the mistakes.

Here in this post, i will be addressing some of the most common mistakes we (Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who commit blogging mistakes;-D) commit while writing blogs for our website or for our company’s website. And in this post, I will not only just be pointing out the problem but also try to provide concrete solutions to those mistakes.

Before jumping to the list of mistakes and all that stuff, allow me to reveal a blogger’s psyche. What he thinks, how he thinks and after all this thinking process, how he goes to a conclusion (or let’s just say that how a blogger should think and act).

A blogger needs to be a voracious writer who should understand the purpose of the write-up he’s going to write. And you all know how exhausting an online research can be (for an authentic, self-motivated writer). Now, there is a thin thread, which is differentiating between a successful blog and an unsuccessful blog. This entire differentiation of successful and unsuccessful blog stands on the foundation of how clear a blogger knows his objectives and his audience’s perspective.

Now, let’s move on to the list of mistakes one can commit while blogging. They’re very common so these mistakes can match with yours (It matches mine). Rectifying these mistakes are also very crucial so I will be presenting ways you can correct it. And along with all this, I will be presenting some real case scenarios to support these common mistakes and how devastating they can be.

Let’s get started, Here is a simplified list of those 5 mistakes commonly committed by a blogger.

  1. Not Understanding Well your Target Audience.
  2. Having too many annoying Pop-ups & Banners.
  3. Always blabbing about your Company, Products & Services.
  4. Trying to be a Lone Wolf.
  5. Not Interested in Developing your Blog after the Launch.

So, now stay with me as I am going to discuss every mistake in detail. And Here we go:

1. Not Knowing Your Target Audience.

Not Knowing Your Target Audience

Do you know, 45% of bloggers actually have no idea about their audiences. And it’s not that all, one-third of these 45% bloggers don’t even accept that they don’t know their audience. I have a question for that 45 %, “How will you create effective & engaging content if you don’t know your audience?” One more question to that one-third of 45%, “How will you improvise, if you can’t even take ownership of your own mistakes?”

It doesn’t require to learn some sort of witchcraft to understand your audience. The solution is simple, very simple indeed. But first, you need, to be honest with yourself about what you know and what you don’t.

There are many survey’s tools which can help you to understand the content need of your audience. It is not a hard and fast rule, so if you have some better option, go for it.

Just make use of resources available to you on the web and trust me you’ll overpower this problem in no time.

Make use of online Survey tools

You can use various survey tools to run a survey program for your website visitors. In my opinion, Google Forms is one of the best tools to run proper surveys. Just design a form, create a data model to create feasible results and you’ll have a perfect idea of what your target audience expect from your blog. Isn’t that simple.

2. Too Many Banners & Pop-ups.

Too Many Banners & Pop-ups

Pop-ups are good, right? The easiest way to generate email leads and transforming visitors to subscribers. Pop-ups can increase your subscriber’s list up to 400%, and if you’re running an eCommerce business, can increase purchase rate more significantly.

And this is the main reason why pop-ups are so often used by everyone. They provide so many hits to the website, sometimes even more than a banner, and that’s why it seems to be a smart move to use the pop-up. This had increased a lot and lots of use of pop-ups in recent practices varies from marketing websites to brand imaging websites.

Once, a wise man said, “Overdoing a good practice generate repulsive results.” And it is a fact. Just give it a thought, how annoying it can be if you’re reading something from a blog and a pop-up window appears multiple times in front of you. I guess you would probably exit that website.

So, here’s what you need to do, use pop-ups, but use it in spare amount and only use those which make sense and can be peel with an average number of users.

Never ever overuse pop-ups, and banners as it can lead your visitor to leave your site at once and for all.

3. Just Spouting about Your Company, Product & Services.

Just Spouting about Your Company, Product & Services

The main function of blogging is very commercial in nature and everyone knows it as well. However, you have to understand that it is not a sole purpose of it. Just think it like this, “What is there to read about if always there is a product description and a CTA (Call to Action) to purchase it?” After a while, people will lose interest and slowly walk away from your website.

Before earning money from your customers, you must earn their trust. Money is an ultimate goal for all this, but before jumping onto that you must quench some curiosity of your viewer. Advice, information are never neglected by a viewer, they are appreciated always.

If you just babble about your company and product and services, you will not only lose their interest but also their trust, which by all means is very crucial for every blogger.

Become an authority in front of them and trust me, they will choose you when they’ll be ready to purchase. But till then have patience, wait for the perfect time and adapt an authoritative strategy on blogging. You’ll get what you want.

4. Being a Lone Wolf.

Being a Lone Wolf

A wolf is a fierce predator and known to be one of the most successful hunters in the animal Kingdom. He is all of the above when he is in the pack, outside his pack, he is dangerous but not as that much when he is in the pack. Same goes with the blogger, You’re awesome, I have no doubt, but working alone can set many limitations even if you are great in web development, web designing, and other technical stuff.

Everything becomes easier and fun with some help from friends and other resources. If you do things alone, at a certain point you’ll be confined and the chance of growth of your blog will deteriorate. You should mark some of the tasks to freelancers as they can unload a lot of pressure from your head.

For Designers, you can follow these links,

For Freelancers Platforms, you can go to,

For Programmers, follow these links,

For Writers and bloggers, follow these links,

So, as you can see, there are so many choices to fulfill every single requirement and yet you’re going alone in the battle. Switch things up, and you’ll see the difference in every aspect.

5. After Launching your Blog do not stop Developing it.

After Launching your Blog do not stop Developing it

Imagine a blog website, which you often visit just to check updates about something that brings excitement to you. Always the same layout, old graphics, and same rusty color combination. You might end up thinking that does they ever update their website if they are so careless about their online presence, how trustworthy and relevant their products are.

This will be the reaction of your viewers if you didn’t update your theme periodically. And will definitely lead to visitor leaving your site forever. You won’t like it right.

Nowadays WordPress offers so many plugins, themes to you, that I don’t think there will be any kind of trouble to stay updated with respect to technology. You just have to make sure you find a right developer to keep it all up to date.

Try updating your website once in every 18 months at least. This single step will increase your web traffic up to 25% and bounce the subscription leads up to 45%.

There are many practical examples of such blog posts which hadn’t updated them in like 5 years. It is natural that their viewer will ultimately get bored with all same things over and over again.

Another drawback for this mistake is as the technology is highly in motion, your website might not even support that tech, and this could be devastating for any business.

If you really want to adopt the new tech of the market, you won’t face any problem and the results, well that will be adorable.

So, these are the 5 most common mistakes I have seen so far by a blogger. Let’s just repeat it so that this will be a warning to all blogger who is actually repeating these mistakes.

  1. Not Understanding Well your Target Audience.
  2. Having too many annoying Pop-ups & Banners.
  3. Always blabbing about your Company, Products & Services.
  4. Trying to be a Lone Wolf.
  5. Not Interested in Developing your Blog after the Launch.

So, beware of these 5 mistakes and increase your reachability and efficiency.

If you think I missed something (Which I strongly feel), mention it in comments. And share it to spread the word.

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  1. Hi Mary,

    You are right. These mistakes are pretty common and often overlooked, especially the first one. Even though it’s a crucial part of establishing a successful blog, bloggers seem to avoid it. Also, thanks for reminding me that I need to update my website, It’s been more than 18 months since the last time. :)
    Thanks for the article!

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