10 Stunning CSS Transitions Used by eCommerce Stores

Most of the people prefer to shop online today. Ecommerce industry is growing, but there are still lots of customers go to physical stores because they can’t touch and feel the items on ecommerce sites.

So it’s a big challenge to the online stores to implement UX elements properly and make customers feel more confident while purchasing.

Have you ever heard this old saying, “First impression is the last impression.” But today’s digital world every impression is important!

For an online store, having an eye catchy and engaging theme is very important. 90% of visitors want to see great design paired with awesome products, easy-to-read fonts (but matching the overall design!)

You have to build an amazing user experience through your website to improve your sales because it plays a key role to convert a visitor into a customer.

Let’s access some facts:

  • 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.
  • 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

You have got the idea about the importance of a UX design but how can you make a good UX design for your customers? New technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery can help you to create an engaging user experience. See how an online store provides a great feel for their consumers. When you hovers’ a mouse over the item categories – the images transform from being just grayed.

There is a vast difference in how the websites of today and yesterday appear! The appearance plays a vital role in the eCommerce stores as these needs to be eye catchy to bring a difference among many available competitors.

The vast transitions in the overall appearance of the websites have been due to the use of CSS. The CSS has presented a vital change in how the websites of today look like.

The CSS plays a crucial role in bringing an alluring look to the websites and in making websites look absolutely stunning.

In this article, I am going to share 10 Stunning CSS Transitions Used by eCommerce Stores. Take a look:

Friendly Flip ‘n’ Fade

The Flip ‘n’ Fade is just another aspect of the CSS, which has changed the way websites appear. It allows the beautiful looking, fade and glows transitions, offering the websites, especially in eCommerce to utilize the space efficiently. You can flip any content like Videos, Images of all sorts using Friendly Flip ‘n’ Fade.

Night Sky Animated Backgrounds

Offering a Night Sky Animated backgrounds, this CSS based query lets you create something really interesting and innovative. The use of this Night Sky Animated backgrounds in eCommerce entirely depends on the innovation power of the businessman.

Night Sky Animated Backgrounds

Templates at offer

There have been several templates, these days, which can be seen as implemented in several eCommerce websites. The templates having the small thumbnail, but displaying a full and a bigger version of the site once you move your mouse over the thumbnail is one of the CSS transitions used in eCommerce websites.

Templates at offer

Image Appearance

Another CSS Transition used by several eCommerce websites is how the images appear. Once you move your mouse pointer over the different product categories, the change in images is being noticed, which comes as more colorful and vibrant from the initial grey appearance. The transition can be used for attracting users to a particular area of a website.

Image Appearance

Revealing more information

Displaying more information on websites without consuming excess space is just made possible with CSS. With the CSS Transitions, now you can hover over any information square and can reveal information, thus offering a better appeal to the websites.

Revealing more information

Displaying product usage

There are several websites, which are offering people with the way on how you can use those products. It brings in a visual appeal on how people look like with the certain products. This is a very innovative CSS Transitions, which offers a close real appeal to the people.

Page Flip Animation

The brochures are a great way to present your services and products in a more attentive manner. It helps to expand your marketing reach and provide your business materials (product or services) in a digital format.

You can use Page Flip animation in your digital brochures to make it more stunning.

Page Flip Animation

Blur Menu

Another CSS Transition, Blur menu helps you in the creation of really sleek and blurry effect and thus offering something new and innovative in the old fashioned website look. It can be used in eCommerce after a thorough research and you can present a new and different class of eCommerce with this stylish and polished CSS Transition.

Navigation Bar

The feature, available on almost all websites, either it’s an eCommerce website or a simple one, you can present a new look to the navigation bar with the 65 line code and can offer your visitors, something new to witness! The CSS has changed the way, the navigation bar looks like and has given us a way to make it really something interesting and innovative.

Altering HTML and images

Altering HTML and images is just possible with CSS. The images, which play a vital role in the eCommerce websites, can be altered with use of CSS and you can give a really alluring appearance in front of your customers.

The Stunning CSS Transitions Used by eCommerce Stores are already on the roll with each passing minute. Who knows, by the time, you are reading this article, several new CSS Transitions have already become the part of several eCommerce websites and alluring your potential Customers!

Now I hope you have understood how CSS transitions can help you to take your UX to another level.

Thank You for reading this post.

Do you want to add any CSS transitions here? Or you have some queries to ask. Feel free to share your views in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.

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