Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Today we want to share with you a great showcase that contains absolutely the best web resources to use in 2017.

We’ve spent many days for the research, we’ve seen hundreds of web apps, services, and tools and finally, we succeed in building this showcase of 17 solutions from different domains like platforms with PHP Script and themes, WordPress, Icons, PSD to HTML services and even more.

Check it.

1. Codester.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Web developers, graphic designers and anybody who is looking to buy and sell various web development products are really happy to use Codester. It’s a platform that is having an accelerated rhythm of growing, getting on their ship the most popular authors and some of the best web products like PHP scripts, beautifully designed themes, app templates, plugins etc. The team behind Codester made a really good job by building from scratch a great structured platform where they pay attention so everything to be excellent. Finding the product you are looking for takes only 60 seconds or even less, starting from their homepage. It’s impressive as many platforms are not so easy to use or are using some algorithms to show you products that maybe aren’t the best ones for you.

Codester is a platform also for selling the web development stuff that you are making. You can start your own store in 5 steps. You sign up, you upload your products, they are reviewing your items, they publish your products on Codester and finally you are getting paid via PayPal, getting a 70% commission.

Start using Codester and you will be amazed how cool can be, but also how much money you can earn.

2. IMCreator.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Building a new website is easier than ever. There are many tools available on the market but some of them are excellent, easy to use and can deliver outstanding results. One such tool is IM Creator, it’s premium tool that is also absolutely free. You can build an unlimited number of websites. The only things that have a cost are some extra packages, they also have to pay bills. IM Creator has a unique technology which is named Polydoms and it’s like building Lego with bricks but in a more smarter way. Polydoms technology helps you to create fully responsive and gorgeous websites in a couple of minutes. You make a coffee and until you finish it, you will have your brilliant website ready to receive your first visitors.

So, which are the steps to create your website? You register, you select the best theme for your project and start building and modifying it. Always keep in mind that they have many visual elements that can be added and that every website has included the store features included for free and you can start the online shop without having the high costs that usually are associated. Start a new website with IM Creator.

3. Xfive.co

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Having great graphic designers is really important for your projects but who will convert your designs into functioning, fast-loading websites? Xfive has more than 10 years’ experience in providing excellent front-end and back-end development services, WordPress development and any design file to website converting services. They are doing, even more, check everything they can do on their website. Xfive is working with any type of customers, from small companies and start-ups to the biggest brands in the history of mankind, like: Twitter, eBay, Microsoft, and Fox. What means that? It means that they easily adapt to your needs and budget.

It’s a team of developers that care and give everything so the final product to be excellent, to be exactly what you were looking for. Keep in mind that every product is strictly controlled by their quality assurance team, so everything will be perfect. Contact Xfive and get your project done.

4. PSD to WordPress by MYPSDTOHTML.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Sometimes is better to have an externalized coding developers team and My PSD to HTML is the perfect agency to work with. They can convert any design into HTML, responsive HTML, responsive Email or even WordPress. What I like really much at these guys, despite their pricing that starts from just $99 and that they always deliver the final product on time, in less than 24hours, is that these guys are passionate about coding and they put everything they have in delivering outstanding projects. Your projects can look exactly as you dream. Talk with them and get your quote today.

5. Themify.me

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Themify is among the top 3 players in the WordPress themes industry. They have great experience in delivering premium, flexible and easy to customize templates. Today we will talk about the Ultra Theme, probably the most powerful WordPress theme available on the internet. It’s a must-have theme for developers and designers with awesome things included. Check all the features on their website!

6. Host-tracker.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Having your website online and running it’s a strict condition for every business or blog. Imagine that you invest money in an advertising campaign and your website is offline. Host-tracker is the tool to use, so you can sleep well and be sure that you will find out in seconds after something goes wrong with your website.

It’s a top website uptime monitoring service that starts from just $3.25 / month.

7. ArgentoTheme.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

ArgentoTheme is really well known on the market as probably the best Magenta store template, the fastest and the easiest to install. It is fully responsive, it comes in multiple designs you can choose and was built with SEO in mind. It’s a great option that you should check.

8. DesignBombs.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

If you are looking to build a WordPress blog, DesignBombs wrote the best available guide on the internet. It’s a detailed guide with easy to follow steps and even if you are a beginner, you will find easy to understand and implement.

Read the article and start your first blog.

9. WpKube.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

We’ve just talked about how you can start your first WordPress blog and now I want to share you something really useful. WordPress blogs can run on any hosting solution but there are dedicated ones that have many benefits. The hosting will take care of your WordPress installation, but also updates, critical fixes etc. WpKube wrote a great detailed article in which they are comparing the 9 best options for managed WordPress hosting. Here is the article.

10. Colorlib.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

These guys are always taking care of the WordPress beginners and now they’ve managed to write a great article on how to make a WordPress website – it’s a step-by-step guide for beginners. It’s an up-to-date tutorial, nicely written by experts.

11. wpDataTables.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

If you are looking to convert your website, without any coding skills, into a spreadsheet app, stop. wpDataTables is known as the best solution on the market. There are more than 9000 websites using it and it costs just $35. Check all the websites on their website.

12. Top Website Builders

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

SuperbWebsiteBuilders is a credible website that tests and publishes the reviews and comparisons of website builders, which enjoy popularity nowadays. There are dozens of useful comparisons of website builders people may use to choose the tool that meets their current web building needs. The website also offers ratings of the best website builders and articles that may come in handy to the newbies and web building experts.

13. Freelancelogodesign.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Like the name suggests is a website that offers custom logo design from freelance designers. The way it works is quite simple. 1. You enter a logo design brief. 2. Pay $29 to publish your project so designers can submit their logos. 3. If you like what you see, purchase the logo copyright and receive design source files.

14. DealFuel.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

DealFuel is that place where you spend 30 minutes to find the best deals for developers and designers. You will always find great value deals that will save you a ton of money, but also time. Everything works smoothly and fast.

15. GreeDeals.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Another great place where you can find awesome deals is GreeDeals. For example, you will find a pack of 32 beautiful WordPress websites for just $39, the cost is smaller than buying a simple WordPress theme from any decent store. Check their offers.

16. CyberChimps.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

CyberChimps is a WordPress theme store making fully responsive themes since 2011. 11 million websites have been powered using CyberChimps Themes. You can use premium or free themes of CyberChimps for any personal or professional project. All their themes are fully responsive and come with a drag and drop builder for easy customization.

17. SyonInfomedia.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Syon Infomedia is a great web and mobile development company that is eager to deliver the best results, to be flexible and prompt. You can work with them also for CMS and e-commerce projects and they have a great experience. Keep in mind that the costs are smaller, even if the results are excellent.

18. InvoiceBerry.com

Absolutely The Best Web Resources To Use in 2017

Every company should stop using excels and docs for their invoices. This is really unprofessional, especially as there are great invoicing platforms on the market, like InvoiceBerry. Creating, customizing and tracking invoices have never been simpler. Check it.

We are sure that you have found useful solutions for your projects, among these 17 web tools and services. You should try them and save the link, to have it at your disposal when needed.

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