How and why you should convert YouTube videos to MP3

Technology is constantly evolving. It frequently surprises everyone with its amazing ability to bring forth enhancements to improve the quality of files we work with on a daily basis.

One such file is the mp3. Ever since its invention, the mp3 file has become a staple when it comes to music and great quality files of extremely reduced sizes. It is still in use today and, by the looks of it, will continue its reign as a favorite audio format for quite some time to come.

What is a mp3

A mp3 file is a way to save sound into an extremely reduced format that you can then save on your computer, transfer to any device capable of supporting it or burn onto a CD to enjoy later.

You can use programs on your computer to play mp3 files or take them with you on the go by using mobile devices. All in all, the popularity of the mp3 is going strong, even though many new file formats are popping up all over the place, the mp3 format is still holding on.

Even audio converting software uses it to boost the popularity of its services. Take online mp3 converters for example. If you love to create your own playlists and are passionate about working directly with audio files, you must be using them on a daily basis.

Converting in 5 steps

The converting process is simple and intuitive. You can easily use a platform like YouTube to get a video file and convert it to a mp3. The following steps show just how simple it has become to get your favorite songs in this way.

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to convert

    Converting YouTube videos to MP3

  2. Copy the video’s URL from the address bar

    Converting YouTube videos to MP3

  3. Go to

    Converting YouTube videos to MP3

  4. Paste the link in the search box

    Converting YouTube videos to MP3

  5. Press the Convert button

    Converting YouTube videos to MP3

That’s all you have to do and you instantly get rewarded with a neat, small sized file to download to your device by pressing the Download button after the conversion is over.

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at pros and cons of choosing MP3 file format.

  • Pros of choosing mp3 – When it comes to how much space they take up, mp3 files are extremely small. For this reason, a large number of files will be able to fit onto a disk. The compressed file’s size is about one-tenth of its original size.

  • Cons of choosing mp3 – Even though mp3 files are extremely small in size, when you play them, they have a small pause at the start and finish of a song. This doesn’t usually end up becoming a problem, except when you want to make a loop. The pause interrupts the loop and kills the sequence’s smoothness.

    Another issue people have with this format is the lossy algorithm it uses. This formula eliminates the music content that is less heard on the track, with the purpose of reducing the file’s size. This ends up affecting the music’s quality. However, the mp3 file’s fame and lifespan are proof that the pros outweigh the cons when using this format for saving songs.

A blast from the past

Surprisingly, mix-tapes are still popular today. Their appeal hasn’t died down yet. On the contrary, they are used more than ever as a kind of personal touch that adds a lot of charm and uniqueness to a gift. And just like technology, the concept of a mixtape has also been greatly evolving from its humble beginnings to the modern era. CDs are still being used to reminisce about the almost forgotten time in history when cassette tapes ruled the music industry. And mp3 files are what CDs go great with.

Mp3 files can successfully be used to store recorded music, in case your hobbies or aspirations include becoming a famous musician and you like recording music at home, or in a studio.

Playlists are also great to create when working with mp3 songs and another popular way of utilizing them is for implementing music on websites or giving multimedia presentations.

Evolution of YouTube

As you might have heard of by now, YouTube is a hugely, if not the most, popular website for video sharing, uploading and viewing in the world. It started off small and has become a platform that basically allows anyone to work with videos, music, and everything in between.

Amateur musicians, for example, can post their songs for free and gain recognition through the sharing power of the website and music lovers worldwide.

It’s the same for any other kind of file out there. Anything can be shared and enjoyed by the public at large, and improvements just keep coming.

The invention of converters

Because you need an internet connection in order to stream YouTube videos, it was not always possible to play every video you wanted at any time of your choice. This is the very reason converters were invented.

These handy dandy tools, usable for free on the Internet, provide anyone with the possibility of modifying the existing YouTube video and turning it into a mp3 for the user’s convenience.

How music constantly changes the world

Just like that, people now have more access than ever to all musical genres available in the world. The three elements making this a possibility are: the Internet, streaming platforms, like YouTube, and online converters. The perfect arsenal is complete. Anyone can listen to music online or offline, at any time of their choosing and take advantage of today’s technological array of options.

Music brings people together by giving them something to share and also a like-minded group to be a part of. Regardless of the kind of music you might like to enjoy, during your alone time, with friends, or on special occasions, the right choice of music can change everything.

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  1. MP3 is an audio format. YouTube has videos. Why would you want to save a video as an audio file?
    If you are saving music out of a YouTube file you are essential pirating content, especially since must YouTube content is copyrighted.

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