Learn How to Use a WordPress Plugin Detector In 5 Steps

This is undeniably a great time for having an internet-based business. The reason for that is WordPress.

This amazing platform that lets anyone, regardless of their technical skill levels, create something to express themselves in an imaginative way that brings out their best traits and allows them to tell their stories just as they see fit.

However, the perfect website would not be complete without an amazing WordPress theme to give the brand a look and set the tone for the type of customers who will be visiting the platform in the future.

There are lots of amazing websites out there. The ones created with WordPress can always serve as inspiration for those looking to create their own site or blog and are looking for some nice, functional themes with just the right features to use. But how to know exactly the right theme the website is using, without spending your precious time searching that online directory? The answer is simple: a WordPress theme detector. This tool is very easy to use, and in just a few simple steps, you are about to dramatically cut down on the time you spend searching WordPress for themes and plugins.

No Installation Needed For a WordPress Theme Detector
  1. The first step is opening the website you want to look at in your browser so as to get it’s URL.

    WordPress Theme Detector Installation

  2. Located in the upper part of the screen, in the address bar, find the site’s URL, select and copy it to the clipboard.

    WordPress Theme Detector Installation

  3. Now that we have that all done, let’s switch locations and visit Whoiswp.com. This is where a fast tool is located. It needs no download or installation and can be used for free.

    WordPress Theme Detector Installation

  4. What you will see on the landing page of this website is a search box that requires you to paste the previously copied link inside.

    WordPress Theme Detector Installation

  5. After doing so, all that’s left is to simply click the Search button and watch all the information appear right in front of your eyes.

    WordPress Theme Detector Installation

And there it is. All the information you want about the WordPress theme you like. You will also see what version it is, who is its author and, in case it is for sale, you also have the option to buy it at the click of a button.

A Plugin Detector Would Be Useful

Additionally, you can also see the active plugins on the website on this list. The Whoiswp tool can also be used as a plugin detector. Learn about the functions of these various little tools that add great extra attributes to your site. Their extra features include SEO optimization, increasing your site’s loading speed, security, and so much more. Details like these will make your business or blog stand out in the end and give it a professional, well-organized feel that is bound to make all your visitors trust and appreciate your products and services much more.

You hopefully now know how easy it is to detect what WordPress theme and plugins a website is using and you can use the information you gain to get closer to you goals.

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  1. Great step you have define it is really helpful for all developer making a website on word press i will use plug in my upcoming website.

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