20 Reading Lovers Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs

Unlucky in pursuing your dreams? Maybe you should try your local bookstore. Reading is a habit which is quite common, but reading lovers are often geeks, this isn’t true now days.

Here are 20 of the most famous reading lovers who are turned out as successful entrepreneurs. This will tell you why readers make fantastic achievers.

1. Matthew Boulton

Matthew Boulton is a chemical engineer who partners with his Scottish friends to develop new technologies in the midst of the 19thcentury. However, his love for novels and dramas is not publically known. He is a biggest lover of Shakespearean works. Some say that Matthew’s professional creativity in the field of engineering is sparked due to influence of Shakespeare. Matthew Boulton is a respectable name in the realm of chemical and mechanical engineering. His medium of expression is different than that of William Shakespeare. Both legends share the sense of creativity that they put into their respective professions in order to revolutionize the world.

2. Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie is a person who changes the economic understanding of the world. However, he reads many foreign economic philosophers of his time including Adam Smith. Andrew’s viewpoint in the area of fiscal ethics is quite astonishing. However, he differs from his predecessor’s views about the same concept. We cannot negate the value of influence that Smith has on the personality of Andrew as an economist. Much of the Carnegie’s work is against that of Smith. However, the former party reads the work of the latter one in order to generate an analytical debate and therefore, we acknowledge the love for reading that Andrew Carnegie carries in his time.

3. Henry Ford

Henry Ford invents assembly line production system for manufacturing automobiles. However, his philosophy of life is greatly influenced by the Chinese culture. Ford is the greatest follower of Asian philosophers. Specifically, he follows Chinese philosophers who challenge social inequality and they are also against unjust distribution of wealth. Ford under the influence of Chinese socioeconomic theory creates the first vehicle that middle class Americans can buy. Ford converts his passion for making the world a better place into a tangible product. His invention changes the outlook of the world forever. Above all, Ford is a reader who we cannot forget to say the least.

4. Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison invents the light bulb, but he does not do that alone. However, Thomas Paine helps Edison to earn the glory. Edison loves the work of Thomas Paine. More specifically, Edison reads“ Age of Reason” that inspires him to think unconventionally. However, untraditional mindset of Edison contributes towards development of the bulb for the first time in the history of mankind. Edison is another lover of reading who influences the world in so many unimaginable ways to say the least. Edison learns the art of wisdom from Paine and resultantly, Edison wants to serve the world. He does that by inventing the light bulb.

5. Oprah Gail Winfrey

Oprah Gail Winfrey is an American host of the leading talk show “Oprah Winfrey Show”. However, she also emerges to be an effective philanthropist in recent years. She has a great affinity for romantic novels that affirms her belief in humanistic values. Oprah’s basic value of life is love and therefore, she wants to study classic and modern creative works in order to satisfy her enlarged aesthetic sense to say the least. She says that she cannot fulfill her purpose without spreading the message of love and respect. Oprah cleanses her soul that she experiences due to atrocities of the world by diving into the lovable literature on regular basis.

6. William Bill Gates

William Bill Gates is a diehard follower of Warren Buffet. The founder of Microsoft reads Buffet’s books with great level of zeal. However, Warren’s work on wealth management inspires Bill a great deal. Another reader and a successful entrepreneur finds a spot on this list. Bill Gates’ favorite book is “Tap Dancing to Work”. The book argues that everyone should consider their profession as religion in order to find success and peace. Bill Gates develops into a humanitarian after closely connecting with Warren because his guru’s viewpoint about life does not focus on accumulation of wealth. He urges his lovers to work for society’s betterment as well.

7. Larry Page

Larry Page is a cofounder of Google. However, he consumes great quantity of books every year. He is also a big fan of Richard Feynman. The author’s books illuminate mind of the entrepreneur in order to make different inventions possible. Favorite book of Page is “Surely You are Joking”. This book represents the ideals of fanatic who faces rejection everywhere he goes. He keeps on struggling and one day the struggler become successful. Larry considers “Surely You are Joking” as depiction of his life. He is greatly inspired by the works of Neal Stephenson. He also occasionally reads ancient literature.

8. Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is an American software engineer who creates Google by developing a partnership with his old friend Larry Page. However, Sergey Brin is also a lover of reading and therefore, he develops an intensive collection of books on various topics. Additionally, he reads every piece of published material in the world. He devotes considerable time of his day to reading because it enables him to innovate and invent on consistent basis. He says that reading can inspire him. Afterwards, he puts his aspiration into technological context in order to produce new product ideas. Sergey also has an uplifting sense of social responsibility that causes him to become a philanthropist as well.

9. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is also a reader of Zen philosophies. He goes to different parts of the world in order to find his true purpose of life. He becomes internally satisfied after going to poor regions of the world. He wants to change the world and therefore, he creates an organization in the market of technology. Steve’s love for creative sciences moves him to consider information technology as a medium of expression just like painting and music. Jobs’ love for art and southern philosophies aids him to innovate in the field of information technology. Leadership qualities of Steve Jobs provide a hallmark for leaders around the globe.

10. Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a founder of Virgin Megastores. Virgin Megastores provide entertainment services worldwide. However, Richard is also an intensive reader and therefore, he has a large library present in his home. He is a lover of Shakespearean age. Also he is very fond of Maurice Sendak. Branson favorite authors include Ronald Dahl and Mark Twain. He wants to surround himself with inspirational sources to generate new and attractive ideas. Richard Branson takes the role of a social worker to give back to the society. His soft personality develops due to his reading choices. Branson commits himself to higher standards of ethics because of his vast knowledge about various areas of life.

11. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is also a great lover of books. However, he extensively reads books on sociopolitical topics. Mark’s most favorite writer is James Robinson. James’ book “Why Nations Fail” moves Zuckerberg to evolve into a social activist. Mark presently promotes educational activities around the world. He makes obscene amount of donations to support educational institutions all over the world. Mark develops a fine personality due to influence of his beloved author. Mark lives a very balanced life nowadays. He finally acknowledges the value of others in his life and therefore, Facebook offers great incentives to the employees in order to retain them. In the retrospect, Mark Zuckerberg does not have any ethical sense during initial years as a businessman.

12. Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is an inspirational author. She also works as a social worker to promote educational activities for the females. Huffington recently partners with UNO to become official representative for the campaign that supports worldwide academic programs. She is really touched by the works of Adam Smith and Carl Jung. She also prefers to read Joan Halifax and David Lynch. Arianna reads eastern literature as well to change her aesthetic taste once in a while. Her love for reading contributes significantly to her successfulness as a writer. Additionally, Huffington believes in the value of social service as an instrument of achieving spiritual purification.

13. Peter Jones

Peter Jones is an investor who supports technological projects worldwide. However, his love for the field of technology is inspired from the personality of Steve Jobs. Steve’s biography helps Jones in listening to his inner voice. Inner voice of Peter enables him to earn unforgettable level of success and fame in a few years. Peter considers technical development as a major source of attaining socialistic betterment in the future. He claims that his organization work in the present to improve the future. Peter operates as a member of the board at leading companies and his valuable contributions in the industry of technology are both strategic and fiscal in nature.

14. SimonNixon

Simon Nixon is another follower of Warren Buffet. Nixon works in the financial market as an investor. He has investments in all major brands such as Microsoft and Apple. However, his major hobby is reading and writing. He writes financial reviews to guide investors. Additionally, he loves jazz and also likes to sing occasionally. Nixon prefers to live a simplistic life while giving heavy donations to charitable organizations. Nixon tends to go on world tours in order to satisfy his cultural curiosity. Simon considers himself as a self-made person and therefore, he delivers lectures to students of different institutions.

15. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezon is the founder of Amazon. He revolutionizes the industry of online retailing. He also reads books on subjects of leadership, marketing and business. His favorite authors are Michael Porter, Peter Drucker and Stephen Leigh. Bezos recognizes reading as a means of relaxation. Jeff argues that literature does not understand the nature of his business and therefore, he has to consult with his team to run the company instead of relying on literally sources for strategic guidance. Jeff also prefers business literature because he is personally engrained into his business. He also does not want to waste time on reading irrelevant material that cannot better his organization directly.

16. Steve Case

Steve Case is the founder of Quantum Computer Services. However, he does not want to compromise his privacy by appearing very openly on the media. He is extremely fond of reading comics and he also watches action movies very regularly. Case has a special attraction towards romantic thrillers that counteracts his stress due to his professional obligations. You do not hear Case’s name more often because he considers his job very challenging. He does not want to overburden himself with additional workload.

17. George Eastman

George Eastman is the owner of Kodak. However, he is a reader who lives amongst considerable amount of books. Eastman does not come forth in the world of business because he values his privacy the most. George prefers to read scientific literature in order to remain updated about recent discoveries and developments in the field of science. For George Eastman, reading is almost a professional obligation. Eastman lives a quiet life and he also wants to spend most of the time with his family.

18. Linda Bennett

Linda Bennett is an inspiring fashion designer and retailer. She creates a distribution network to provide clothes to the customers worldwide. She also works as a social activist to raise public awareness about adverse effects of drugs. Bennett raises voice against child abuse on a global scale. She likes to read books on social responsibility.

19. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a health expert. She works as a social psychologist in order to serve underprivileged children. Her inspirations come from Bible. She carries the holy literature everywhere she goes. Martha considers Bible as a source of connecting to God. According to Martha, Bible empowers her to fight against poverty, injustice and cruelty in developing countries of the world.

20. Walt Disney

Walt Disney creates “Mickey Mouse”. However, he derives aspiration for the development of the character from political life of Abraham Lincoln. Disney considers Lincoln as a role model because the president does not give up despite challenges in his political career.

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