How to Create a Website

Creating a website can seem like a daunting mission, considering that just a few years ago you needed a professional to do it for you.

However, Simbla’s platform is designed so that anyone can create a website with ease, regardless of how techy he is or isn’t.

If this is your first, Simbla’s Website Wizard might be a good place to start learning how to create a website. The Website Wizard is a tool unique to Simbla that takes you through the creation of your website in seven simple steps: To start, you pick a name, location and logo for your site, and choose if you want your website to be one or multiple pages. If you’ve decided to have a multi-page site, your next step will be to pick which pages you want to include. Otherwise, you simply select the layout of your homepage with the theme you want, and that’s it! You can always go back and make any small changes whenever you’d like.

The Simbla wizard at action
The Simbla wizard at action

If you’re eager to create a site that looks sleek and polished in a timely manner, choosing one of the many available responsive website templates should be your first step. The templates are responsive, which means that the website you create will adapt to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on, so your website will be accessible on-the-go.

Template heaven
Template heaven

In addition, Simbla’s unique theme maker lets you quickly modify the overall look of your site—simply select a theme from the palette to see the available backgrounds, fonts and colors you can play with. If you want to edit specific sections of your pages, the theme maker blocks (in variants A, B, C, and D) are there to give you various design options for each theme. You can also put together your own theme by sifting through the font, background, color and icon choices, and combining them to suit your tastes.

Designers dreamtool
Designers dreamtool

Anyone who creates a website should think carefully about the content they’re putting on it and how to ensure that people see it. A great tactic to improve the chances of your site being seen is by making it SEO-friendly, which Simbla provides a number of tools for. To start, Simbla’s sites are based on HTML5, which means that search engines like Google will read any content you put on your site as text, and therefore pick it up. In addition, any site you create with Simbla will incorporate the following:

  • 301 references
  • Metadata: Description Title and Keywords
  • Site map generated by Simbla (XML)
  • Friendly URL
  • Sync with Google Analytics

Remember, your goal is to generate traffic to your site, so use these tools to your advantage!

Online database builder

If you want to create a website that functions as more than just a way to brand yourself, you should take advantage of Simbla’s online database. Also unique to Simbla, the database allows you to fill it with content and connect it to your website. With this comes the option of using “database widgets” that let the user perform various commands that relate to the database. For example, you can create a login page for registered users, and a list of registered users will subsequently appear in the database. These widgets can be integrated to become data-driven applications, and custom database requests can be performed with the available JavaScript API. In the near future, there will also be ready-made web applications that will allow for the execution of complex processes, such as a straightforward blog system, managing leads and clients, controlling sales processes, and more.

Online database builder

Creating a website isn’t just easy; it’s fun! Whatever your vision is, the combination of available design options and marketing tools can help you actualize it. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see how effortless creating a website really is.

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