Inspect What You Expect Before Developing a Mobile Application

With the constant increase in the number of mobile applications, the chances are very high that your developed application might be ignored by people.

Developing a mobile app is not enough; you need to go with one such concept that solves the purpose of end-users. Like other business processes, it is also important to organize, strategize, and design an application perfectly.

As per the research, there are 4.43 billion people, who are using mobile phones across the world as of 2016, and possibly the number will reach to 5.07 billion by 2019. In the Google Play Store, presently, there are almost 1.6 million android apps while in the Apple app store, there are 1.5 million iOS apps.

Before you jump into the mobile app development market and made your decision to develop one app, it is important to consider some essential things in mind so that you end up developing a right app that creates a huge impact on users’ mind and fulfills their purpose of using it.

Let’s take a look at the things that you should inspect before developing a mobile application:

Do Research Before You Start

Do you know that there are two basic aspects that pre development research must need to target? Initially, you have to research on the category that you are going to opt, audience that you wanted to target and research on other apps of the same category like what kind of features they have added.

Mobile applications are mainly focused for particular purposes that are related to daily activities of the users.

Therefore, you have to be very clear in your mind that whether the application is the best solution for the requirement or it is just a website more suited for the purpose. Make sure that your research mainly focuses on the targeted market and you need to determine the population section that your application is going to target.

Choosing a Right Platform

With the rising popularity of Android and iOS, you would prefer to launch an application on both the platforms at the same time, but you need to consider that which platform to launch on first.

However, when you make a choice between Android and iOS, make sure you consider a holistic UI that you are going to deliver specific to your app. Talking about the platforms, both Android and iOS have their own set of pros and cons.

When it comes to Android, currently, this platform is leading the market in terms of retention and acceptance; however, iOS apps are also profitable and if your focus is on paid-for apps or in-app purchase, iOS would be a great option. Besides this, there are various other development considerations to take into consideration:

Apple’s iOS 10:

  • A Completely Secured Platform
  • Potentially Huge Reach
  • Excellent Development Tooling & Support


  • Open-source Platform
  • No Need of Approval Process
  • Bigger Reach
  • Highly Flexible Platform to Work On

However, it is also valid that you choose to develop on more than one platform to contradict these issues. It will also extend development time and cost and delay your entry into the App store; therefore, think about the timeline and priorities before selecting the platform.

Know the Fundamental Functions of the Application

Before developing a mobile application, it is assumed commonly that the application should be perfect and completely equipped with the features that are intended for it before launching.

However, we also know that the mobile industry becomes extremely competitive and many apps are often launched as soon as their basic functions have been applied. Therefore, it is important for you to know the important fundamental functions of the application that you wanted to include in your application.

The development process and after that, it continues based on user feedback. Ensure that it may also mean that you need to change your plan as per it. Moreover, you can also make a list of the features that you want to include in your app as it will clear your concept.

Identify What Value Does Your Application Provide to Users

At the time of planning to make an application, there is propensity to think from the company’s viewpoint and the company’s virtues.

Think from the users’ viewpoint – will your developed application and its features benefitting users? What kind of requirements are you looking to fulfill? What kind of user-experience your application is aiming for? Considered these things in mind from the users’ perspective instead of company.

Comprehend Your Users’ Enthusiasm by Going Deep

Users’ motivation plays a very important role and it matters a lot than anything else. You need to comprehend their mind and know what actually inspire them and keep triggers accordingly.

Once, you understand your users’ mind, it will be easy for you to develop an application that your users really want to use and experience. By following this method, it would be a wonderful foundation created for your application.

But if you don’t follow this method, all your conversion as well as growth plans that you have made with your app would be a vain. So, try to comprehend your users’ mind and know what motivates them by going deep.

Know Your Beta Users and Test

Do you know that beta users are the ultimate test group, who will give the honest and accurate views for your application? Yes, they are the right critics for your new-to-the-world app; therefore, finding the right group is important.

In order to get more attention or impression, you can go with a public beta launch that is open to everyone or you can go with a private launch by invite-only. Initially, you should consider what is your main vision for your planned application and who your ideal user would be.

We all know that reaching beta users is not easily possible, so you can make use of tools like Test Flight that will help you to streamline that process. Apart from beta testers, you should also opt for some network testing.

Doing this manually is easily possible, but you can use a tool like Appium to decrease the amount of time that will be spent on this phase of the project.

Developing for Multiple Devices

Now, the audience can make use of any device to operate the application, it is essential that you opt for the multiple devices targeting strategy. Before you start designing and developing an app, ensure that you keep number of devices for which you are going to opt and consider their specification differences in mind.

Do you know that there are some of the important elements that you need to be take care while developing for multiple devices? You have to consider their screen-sizes and resolution, connectivity, network bandwidth, storage space, etc. In addition to this, your choice of mobile OS commands your target device type.

It is quite difficult to examine the functionality that is obtainable on the device whenever you proceed to develop for multiple devices. Using this knowledge, you can begin for the customizing the code for your application; therefore, you should make this decision before developing that for who many screens you are going to develop.

Discover Different Ways to Earn from Your App

Earning from a mobile application is the most important thing; therefore, before you develop an application, you should discover different ways to earn from your application.

To earn from the developed application, there are some of the strategies, including in-app purchase, private advertisements inside your app, etc. Apart from this, you also need to consider that whether you are going to charge users for downloading or not.

However, on the initial stage, you should always go for a fermium option. Once the application reaches 1000 installations, free banner ad services that are installed into every single template will start. After that, you can include advertisement code in the application and can go with earning through affiliate advertising.

Know The Cost of Developing an App

Before you indulge yourself in developing a mobile application that you have in your mind, you should know the cost of developing it.

Generally, the application development cost doesn’t only pivot on the development time and hourly rates of the developer. The price of the app development also depends on various other factors that you need to consider in mind that will help you to take firm strategically-aligned decisions.

Other points that can vary the cost are a number of features that you wanted to include, the complexity of development, a platform that you have selected, etc. When it comes to considering technically, the cost mainly based on hourly rates of the developer that vary from company to company and location of the company.

Region-wise, the charges of the developer vary, so let’s have a look at the charges of different regions:

  • India-based mobile app development companies charge approximately $10 to $80 per hour.
  • The USA and Canada based companies charge $50 to $250 per hour.
  • Australian application development companies charge $50 to $150 per hour.
  • Along with this, you also need to consider the backend servers while calculating the cost of app development.
Make Marketing Plans for Your Application

Now, many of you will surely think that why to make marketing plans for the application before developing it? Right. Well, it is the biggest step that you should consider in mind before developing your app like how you are going to market your app once you developed it.

You need to make a complete marketing strategy for your application to market your app among your targeted audience. By planning in advance, you can set your every foot in the right direction of the app store and plan to influence your audience by letting them know that there is something big for them in the store.

In addition to this, you should also decide that whether you are going with the organic acquisition or paid acquisition. Every app will have organic acquisition, but some are opting for paid acquisition as well.

Presently, Facebook is the most powerful platform; however, search engine marketing and other mobile ad platforms can also be kept in mind in the planning phase.

So, these are the different things that need to be considered before developing a mobile application. By considering these things in mind, you can find mobile app development company that will fulfill the purpose of end-users. So, implement them and develop an app that revolutionizes the app industry.

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