16 Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Start your 24 hours Black Friday with this awesome showcase of top 16 tools and services for web developers and web designers, but also for every single person.

If you are looking to build really easy an awesome website, or to make a business page by taking a professional WordPress theme and many more things, this is the perfect showcase. We’ve made the research, so you can find the best solutions. Enjoy!

1. BeTheme

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

BeTheme is that one premium WordPress theme that has everything you need for all your projects. It’s multi-purpose, fully responsive and retina ready, has 200 shortcodes and a power builder, but also many other useful features. Customizing your website in any way you need is easier than ever, as there is no need of any coding skills or previous experience, their drag-and-drop builder makes it all for you. They put at your disposal excellent tools, guides and an outstanding support team that is always ready to offer their help, in a kindly and professional way.

Even better, you can choose to have one of the 230 included pre-built websites, that can be easily installed with just one click, in seconds. Your website will look identical, it’s not like it happens on other themes. You will replace the content with yours and your website is ready to get live and receive your visitors. Keep in mind that for sure you will find the perfect choice in this high number of 230 pre-built websites.

This single theme, BeTheme, is the most popular choice with almost 50,000 sales just on ThemeForest and you can get it for only $59. Get BeTheme and build your website!

2. Browserling.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Browserling is the most popular solution for cross-browser testing. Everybody should use a tool like this when developing websites and webapps. With Browserling everyone can now make sure that their websitesare working perfectly in all Internet Explorer versions, on all Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), all mobile devices, including Androids and iPhones, and even Linux browsers (coming in next two weeks.)By doing cross-browser testing, you’ll be confident that your site works everywhere. If your website doesn’t work in one of browsers then customers can’t use your website.

With Browserling, you can get real browsers in less than 5 seconds. It’s a real browser running on real computers. There are no emulators or fake browsers and you don’t need to install anything to use it as it’s written in HTML5 and JavaScript. Browserling is packed with a lot of useful features such as responsive testing tool, mobile testing tool, screenshot annotator for quick bug reporting, browser extensions for quick testing and many more. All these features make Browserling an enterprise grade cross-browser testing service.

A free plan is available with quick 3 minutes sessions that include screenshots, Internet Explorer, a couple of Windows systems and 1024×768 resolution responsive testing. The developer plan unlocks all Internet Explorer versions and all other features.
Only today on Black Friday, Browserling is offering a 33% discount for developer and team plans with the coupon code BFLING2016. Get the special offer fast as it’s valid only for 24 hours!

3. OptinMonster.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Using OptinMonster you will stop losing abandoning visitors and you will convert them into customers and subscribers. It’s really easy, OptinMonster is the perfect tool to build awesome forms that will be delivered when and where you consider important. Everybody can start building these forms, as there is no need of any coding skills or experience and it takes only a couple of minutes. Using OptinMonster you can increase the performance and financial situation of your company website, it’s one of the mandatory services you should use.

More than 300,000 websites are using OptinMonster and there are also really big names in this list, like Yahoo! Small Business, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. Another interesting and useful thing is that OptinMonster works out of the box with all major email marketing platforms.

Give it a try and increase your email list and get new subscribers and customers!

4. Snapito.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Snapito is a completely free solution for taking quality website screenshots. It works excellent and fast, as there is no need of installing a browser extension or sign-up for a service. There are just 3 small steps to follow: Write the website address, Hit Snap and Download the picture. Is as simple as it sounds. If needed, before downloading the screenshot, you can enhance or modify it with their built-in editor that has some good and useful features.

Snapito supports a simple copy/paste integration using their standard URL-based API and the team is working hard to launch the LIVE API Services in the early of 2017.

If you are looking for automated web page screenshots, use ShrinkTheWeb, the most popular choice on the market and the guys who made Snapito. Try it!


Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Are you looking for the best WordPress special offers? If yes, Themify launched some never seen before discounts. Use the coupon BLACKFRIDAY and you will get 50% discount to all their WordPress themes, plugins and Club Memberships (Lifetime Master Club is not included). Another special code is BLACKFRIDAYLIFE. Using this coupon, you will get $150 discount for Lifetime Master Club and price will drop to a low value, just $249. You will have lifetime access for all their products, updates and support. It’s an outstanding offer.

Themify is launching huge giveaway today, that consists in 10 Master Club memberships, that will grant you access to all their products, including themes, plugins, add-ons and PSD files.

You should get these deals fast, the promotion is available from today and ends on 28th November 2016, Cyber Monday date.

6. uCoz.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

uCoz is a free platform for setting up and maintaining a website. Perfect for any kind of project — from a simple blog to a website, forum, or a complex site requiring a high level of customization via code. A rich collection of mobile-friendly templates and modules (Polls, Ad Board, Guestbook, etc) coupled with a solid feature set. 10 years of experience in the market. Try it today!

7. uKit.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

uKit.com brings you the freshest tools to create your unique professional website in minutes, for free. The intuitive visual interface will help you create the custom look you want, while the built-in Promotion feature will give you tips on how to improve your website and prepare it for a publication. No coding skills needed. Create your digital home today, it’s easy!

8. Simbla.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Simbla website builder is a fully responsive, drag-and-drop builder that can help you create exciting websites for your company. It’s among the simplest to use website builders available on the market and they even have a free plan with everything included. Sign up for their free plan and upgrade it later, if needed!

9. actiTIME.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Using actiTIME, one of the best solutions for time tracking, you can improve your overall team performance, tune the processes, lower the costs and grow your business. There are more than 9000 companies worldwide are using actiTIME for time tracking and project management. Start using it for free!

10. Colorlib.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

There are many WordPress themes available, but Colorlib succeeded in becoming a top choice. They are offering free and premium templates that are well designed and can fit any business. Because they always want to help, they’ve written a step-by-step guide for beginners about how to start a WordPress website.

11. Simunity.net

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Simunity icon maker is a great place where you can a lot of awesome free stuff. There are offering without any cost associated, an icon generator, Responsive HTML templates, and images. What can be more awesome? Everything is in the same place. Check them!

12. USocial.pro

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

Share and Like buttons by uSocial.pro display how many times your posts have been actually shared and liked since the very creation of your website, rather than since the buttons installation date. Just create a button set and add it to your website. That’s really easy to do with the builder which lets you customize the buttons’ appearance in terms of color and size to make them match any website’s design.

13. wpDataTables.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

wpDataTables is the best WordPress plugin on the market for creating charts, graphs, and tables. With this plugin, you can build responsive tables and beautiful charts within minutes and without having any coding skills.There are lots of tutorials and videos on their website, they put everything at your disposal. Give it a try!

14. TheSquid.Ink

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

TheSquid.Ink are known by all icon lovers, web developers, and designers. These guys are delivering awesome handcrafted, line icons. They have 2 great packages to choose from. First one is free and it has 50 icons and the second one, the one that everybody loves, is offering 2000 beautiful icons for just $45. Get your icons now!

15. Xfive.co

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

There are many thigs to say about Xfive. They are a top-notch web development company, offering their services for small, but also big companies like eBay and Microsoft. They care for your projects and this can be seen from the first contact with them. Start your project!

16. InvoiceNinja.com

Web Tools And Services You Should Get

InvoiceNinja is the leading invoicing platform on the market. You can create online invoices in seconds, create work tasks & track time and even more awesome stuff. They have a dedicated page where you can easily compare them with their competitors, so you better understand how cool they are. Sign-up for the free plan!


Try all of these solutions and you will be really happy with the results ! All of them have great features because talented teams work a lot, so we can have top notch solutions.

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