6 Things Every Photographer Should Include in Their WordPress Blog

There are thousands of photography WordPress blogs out there and with this in mind everyone wants to make their blog more unique to get recognized.

Here are 6 Things every photographer should include in their photography WordPress blog:

“About us” Page

Every blog or website needs an “about us” page. This page should be one of the most prominent on your site because it tells your audience who you are, with a bit about your background. Your target audience is much more likely to trust you as a professional photographer if you tell them about yourself.

The “about us” page should give you that one opportunity to shine and stand out from your competitors, so why not have some fun and add a short video clip or a storyboard to tell your audience about yourself. Maybe there is a humorous side to why you decided to create a blog and why you chose the subject photography?

You can add information about how long you have been a photographer, or try adding some things about your education, family, work (if blogging isn’t your main job), or why not write about the equipment you use and your favorite places?

Price List

When people look for prices and see that the price list is missing, they can quickly lose interest in your website or blog because without a price list how can the audience trust you.

You should add a detailed price list, like when bloggers add media kit prices to their websites. You are more likely to be known as a trusted photographer if you have a list of prices. This way the customers know that they aren’t being charged different prices when they ring you for prices and they can see what you are offering before contacting you.


You wouldn’t be much of a photographer if you didn’t include photos on your website. Which is why WordPress is the perfect CMS platform for photographers to add photos as there are lots of photography themes on this platform, like Portfolio Gallery and Aperture. Both beginners and professional photographers can make the most of the fantastic WordPress plugins and showcase their portfolios to potential clients.

Some of the WordPress Photography plugins and themes are free, however, if you would like upgraded versions of them you will have to pay usually monthly or annually.

RSS Feed

RSS is one of the most underutilized but incredibly useful tools around. RSS is like a bookmark only it flags the site you want to save so that it’s archived when you revisit the site. Instead of sitting in your bookmark folder, your RSS “bookmark” is active and constantly updating itself with new content from the saved source.

By adding an RSS Feed plugin, you can enjoy the extra benefit of subscribing to your latest blog posts so that they will never miss a post.

Contact page

The Contact page is one of the most important pages alongside the “About Us ” page because how can people contact you if you don’t have any details? Without contact information, you are unlikely to have any customers and without customers, you are therefore unlikely about to get paid, unless you aren’t using your blog to promote yourself. In which case, you should still let people know how they can get in touch with you.

You can do this easily, by adding a contact form plugin which asks people their name, email and a comment box. Contact Form 7 is a WordPress plugin which is perfect for managing multiple forms, and you can customize the form and the mail content flexibly with a simple markup.

Contact page

Social media buttons

Social media buttons help you share your content with other users who might not otherwise find your content on your blog. A study by brandwatch.com shows that in WordPress alone, 56 million blog posts are published every month, with the top 3 content marketing tactics, blogging (65%); social media (64%); and case studies (64%). A blog or website without any social media is unheard of nowadays, and you will fail to tap into an audience that will engage with your blog. WordPress offers free social media plugins, so you don’t have to pay for them, you can share your blog with others, and your traffic will increase.

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  1. Hi, Thank you for your article. It was helpful. May be my articles will be favorable.

  2. I have a doubt how can insert Rss feed only downloading the plugin and this works or i have to do something else? I’m a photographer and i want to promote my blog using Rss feed…

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