Shutterstock’s Plugin for Adobe Photoshop Takes Design to the Next Level

With the introduction of a new plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Shutterstock is giving designers more options and opportunities within their canvas.

The plugin eliminates the need to toggle between different programs and windows, reduces time spent on projects large and small, and removes inefficiencies.

Now, Photoshop users can sift through Shutterstock’s collection of 100 million images without exiting the program, as the largest collection of imagery ever available on Photoshop fits within their existing, familiar workflow. It’s a boon for designers and non-designers alike.

This is the latest innovation Shutterstock has offered to help both skilled design professionals and relative amateurs to work both smarter and faster. The recent surge in options for digital programs and creative tools has left many people craving more simplicity in the creative process. Shutterstock has rededicated itself to increasing productivity within design workflow and cutting down on repetition and tedium.

Shutterstock adobe photoshop plugin

Key features of the new Shutterstock plugin include:

  • Access to Shutterstock’s fast and innovative search technology
  • Ability to edit any watermarked image for free, with those edits automatically reapplied to the image when purchased
  • Direct access to existing Shutterstock accounts, including Premier, Shutterstock’s Enterprise Platform
  • Ability to view existing lightboxes and access previously previewed and purchased images
  • Instant inspiration from Shutterstock’s curated collections
  • Everyday design essentials such as isolated images, textures, and images with room for text

Keep to your canvas. Search, download, and license the imagery you need without veering off course. The Shutterstock plugin works for Photoshop® CC 2014 and Photoshop® CC 2015 and it is available for Mac and PC users in English. Get started today.

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  1. WOW what a plugin . thank you so much . Shutterstock’s Plugin is great plugin to take your Design to the Next Level. I will surely use this plugin . thank you so much for this information. it will definitely help me to increase my skills on Adobe Photoshop .

  2. Shutterstock’s is new design for adobe photoshop.This software is uses for work image or others then reduce the time.Its a latest version for adobe photoshop.So thanks for the great post…..

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