Best Web Resources Used in 2016

We have gathered a list of websites that can help you in your work as a developer, marketer, designer and content creator. Yes, today you have to be kind of everything to provide you a chance to getting hired in the tech industry.

Happily, our list might increase your efficiency as much as 50% if used right, so you have to check every opportunity we might present you. See for yourself!


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

One of the leading marketplaces online for web developers is Codester. They have two sides that a developer can try for its best use. On the one side, you can buy coded themes and plugins for HTML5, Word Press, Joomla, Drupal and more. Other products are app source codes (for iOS, Android, Unity and even Corona), scripts in the main programming languages (from Java and C to PHP and JavaScript) and graphic content (like icons, logos, mockups and UI interfaces). On the other side, a web enthusiast can sell its own pieces of code and graphics in the mentioned categories, gaining a passive income. The commission rate is of 70%, without any restrictions regarding minimum number of sales required to get paid or exclusive membership. You can keep selling the items on your own website, so this is a non-privileged market. The account is free and it can be linked to a PayPal account to receive your income once a month (this is just the most popular payment method, not the only one). They have another method for you to make money – that’s through affiliate links (you get 20% of the purchases made through them). So if you have a great network of developers around you or you are a social influencer, you might want to use that. With all these features, why won’t you go now and create an account?


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

If you want to improve your content creation process, then Visme is a great tool to help you do that. It is an online-software that helps you transform your thoughts and ideas into unique and beautiful presentations, infographics and other engaging content. Its simplicity and its great collection of templates and graphics make it one of the best websites of this kind, along with the really reasonable price.

In order to use Visme, you just have to sign in and you will be encountered by a friendly dashboard that will have all the needed information. They give you the perfect starting point, which is the choosing of a template (fully-customizable info graphics and presentations) or you can start from a blank canvas. Next, the editing part is very easy, as you are provided with a ton of high quality assets at your fingertips to bring your stories and data to life. From amongst these, is the following: Background images/fill color, Text boxes, Shapes, Images/Vector Icons, Charts/Graphs, Video, Audio. These are just a small part of the whole Visme design process. We gladly invite you to check their website for even more awesome stuff!


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Want to make a functional website but you have no experience of coding, just the design? PSD2HTML® solves this problem, by transforming your Photoshop design into a beautiful and functional website, that works perfectly and can be managed by their whole professional and very communicative team.

One of the services they can give you is the front-end development, aka PSD to HTML, which practically provides fast, high quality conversion of graphic web design into HTML and its options. They accept source files in all common formats, including PSD, PNG, AI, and even HTML (existing markup). Moreover, they can give you perfect high-quality, cross-browser compatible HTML5/CSS3 markup that you can’t get anywhere else. Besides this great tool, they have many other that you will find if you check their page. With more than 11 years of experience and over 400 employees, we really recommend working with PSD2HTML®. They are very professional front-end engineers in the industry that are well-trained, appreciate quality and have a strongly funded research lab.


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

You might be wondering what Simbla is and why you shouldn’t waste any more time and start using it. Simbla is an easy website builder which is the perfect choice if you want to build code-free websites fast and effortlessly. In case you do not possess any knowledge of programming or web development, do not worry because Simbla will help you get a professional and beautiful page with the help of its responsive website temples which can be found here Responsive website templates. This amazing website builder uses Bootstrap 3 to create HTML5 websites that look great, are easy to create, and that are great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can use it online, without any download being required. Check it out because Simbla will create the gorgeous website you have always dreamt about!


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Choosing the right Word Press theme might be difficult sometimes, but here’s a great solution for your problem. Themify is a diverse, versatile and highly-capable Word Press theme shop launched in 2010 by cofounders Nick La and Darcy Clarke. Considering the fact that Themify has been working for 6 years, it became one of the oldest and most respected theme sellers in the Word Press world. Check it out!


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Wireframing is the most efficient way to avoid rework in any web design and development process. We recommend using HotGloo, a great wireframe and prototyping tool. With over 2000+ pre-build UI widgets and gigantic resources you can start creating your prototype directly in your browser and test them on any mobile device. There’s a very low learning curve needed to use HotGloo, and complete documentation and a reliable support team available.


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

We all face the daily struggle of wasting a great deal of time when having to share our assignments, especially when we work in an environment which encourages collaboration. Droplr is the solution, really, to our desperate need for a way of faster and more efficient communication. Having most of the features hotkey controlled, sharing large files, annotations on different documents, screenshots or screen recordings and even GIFs can become a matter of seconds instead of minutes or even hours.


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Codepad is an underused code snippet online editor. Why do I say underused? Because it is so much better than Codepen, for example, but it’s not as popular. Apart from public and private snippets, you can create collections, follow other developers, and get hired directly from there, whether you are a freelancer or a company. The playgrounds are mostly for web developing, but you can make snippets in other languages too. It is a great easy-to-use tool you should definitely check out.


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Host-Tracker is a powerful uptime monitoring tool that makes it very easy to check the status of your website, from simple checking if a web page is on, to the enterprise-level features like database tests, maintenance scheduling and so on. Unlike similar services, it has a strong notification system, using alerts such as SMS, email, Hangouts, Skype, voice call to keep you posted with the last changes. Plus, there is no software to install!


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Managing work projects can be quite overwhelming, with facts scattered across different platforms. Redbooth creates a connection between all sources of information and ties them all together, in order to make it easier for you and your team to keep everything on track. Also, with its online project management features, checking on your team’s progress is simple by taking a look on the Gantt Charts, which visually represent your work’s detailed evolution in real time.


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Invoice Ninja is the way online payment and managing financial company issues can flow without any difficulties and waste of time. Different options to provide information of your products help you keep track of everything you owe or need to get in hold of. With a wide area of payment gateways compatible, Invoice Ninja really makes everything easier.


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Have you heard about Colorlib? This company offers the best themes for those who want to start a blog without having advanced knowledge in coding. You’ll have access to a lot of themes options so you can customize your website just like you’ve always wanted. Colorlib’s expert employees will provide you a safe, simple, errorless environment and a support forum for whenever you need some help with your blog’s setup.

13. wpDataTables

Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Now you can turn your site in a spreadsheet app without coding, thanks to wpDataTables, a best-selling WordPress plugin that makes your work with tables, charts and data management easy. Trusted by over 7000 companies and individuals, the platform lets you build tables without complicated configuration, customize them as you wish and have full responsiveness, as they can work on any type of device. Go check them out!


Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Have you ever heard of Xfive? In case you did not, you should know about it. Xfive is an Australian-based web development agency. Here’s how it all begun: 10 years ago, in Melbourne, Dave Rosen established XHTMLized, a company that started the PSD to HTML industry. Since then, they grew up from a startup into a mature web development agency, Xfive. They provide services to digital agencies, startups and global known brands such as FOX, Microsoft and Twitter. Check it out!


And to add more fun to our 14 excellent resources, we’re presenting a new, fun programming comic by Browserling:

Best Web Resources Used in 2016

Just when you thought programming was a serious job, Browserling, a cross-browser testing service, has launched a new programming jokes comic for you to enjoy! It’s a collection of comic-design meme-style jokes. It will put a smile on your face if you are a web developer, sysadmin or just a computer scientist. Have a laugh along with them at New cartoons every week!

We hope that our proposals are the step forward you needed and that you enjoyed our choice. Don’t wait, go and bookmark the sites you found sky-rocket helpful. Every day comes with the possibility of getting better at your job, and that’s exactly how the sites provided offer – an upgrade to your work process.

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