26 Best Free Coming-soon WP Plugins

You have done all the hard work and feeling excited to launch your new website. But your visitors can’t wait to see it soon. For those impatient visitors, WordPress offers some fantastic ‘Coming-soon’ plugins to keep them engaged till you launch your website.

With the right WP plugins, you would be able to fend off the embarrassment that comes with making visitors wait till your site is live. So if it takes you another week or month to launch your website, you need to keep your visitors busy with something engaging or attractive.

If you are desperately in need of some free coming-soon WP plugins, you can choose from the below-mentioned list:

1. Launchpad


Launchpad is a tool that provides you with some good solutions for your coming-soon website. It offers you a countdown timer, social sharing button and newsletter subscription form. What makes it a special mention is that it can be integrated with a range of themes. It is also compatible with mobile-friendly websites.

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2. WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode

One of the most versatile plugins that come with an array of features, WP Maintenance Mode has plenty of options that integrate with your coming-soon pages including landing pages and social sharing buttons. It saves the emails of your customers in CSV file which ultimately allow you to get access to your potential leads. So, if you are busy in the maintenance of your website, you can keep your audience busy and engaged with this plugin.

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3. Maintenance


When it comes to coming-soon pages, Maintenance provides a comprehensive solution for your under-maintenance website. One of its distinct features is that it offers an appealing template that you can use as landing page while you do all the maintenance on your website.

In addition, it features a number of pages of your website even when you are doing the tweaking with your website. So you will be able to promote your business no matter if your website is down for a few days.

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4. Easy Coming-soon

Easy Coming-soon

As its name suggests, Easy Coming-soon offers you an easy-to-setup plugin that will provide you with perfect tools to integrate while your website is going through modifications. It comes with an in-built editor which allows you to create the content without any requirement of HTML coding.

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5. Ultimate Coming-soon

Ultimate Coming-soon

Ultimate Coming-soon offers an intuitive design that works well with most of the WP themes. For your visitors, the website will show a ‘coming-soon’ webpage, while your staff will continue to see the website and does the maintenance work. The users have a choice to use any background image until they work on the website.

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6. Coming-soon Page and Maintenance Mode

Coming-soon Page and Maintenance Mode

A professional name in coming-soon plugin, Seed Prod is known for its multitudes of features ranging from availability of email subscriptions to integration of a bypass link to help your visitors get a direct view of your current themes. It is built with a range of design features and you can also connect your visitors to your social media profiles.

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7. WPChimp Countdown

WPChimp Countdown

WPChimp Countdown is a fantastic pre-launch plugin to create the hype of your website in ‘coming-soon’ mode. To promote your website in pre-launch mode, it offers time counter, email subscription form and range of colors to select for your theme.

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8. Coming-soon CC

Coming-soon CC

Coming-soon CC deserves a mention is this list for its clean and professional look. It is easily integrated with any WP theme. Using this easy-to-use plugin, you can effortlessly setup a coming-soon theme for the pre-launch of your website.

This intuitive WP template comes with many features to improve and prettify the launch of your website. Other notable features include integration of responsive design, customization and availability of Google Analytics.

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9. Sunrise


A contemporary plugin for coming-soon page, Sunrise helps you create a pre-launch page with just a few clicks. All you need to do is install the plugin and then activate for your website. Its other note-worthy features include WP compatibility, mobile-friendly design and flexibility to integrate with any WP design.

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10. Minimal Coming-soon & Maintenance Mode

Minimal Coming-soon & Maintenance Mode

Staying true to its name, this WP plugin offers you a clean and simplistic design of your web page. With this awesome plugin, you can easily change the front-end aspects of your website and make it appropriate for your audience. Apart from being highly customizable, it is easily integrated with any WP theme.

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11. Coming-soon Pages – Sunshine Launches

Coming-soon Pages – Sunshine Launches

Want to setup a coming-soon page in minutes? Then this plugin should be in your toolkit. With this WP tool, you can easily attract visitors on your website even when your website in under-construction mode. Similarly, you can easily change the colors, logo, background or text of your web page using settings in your plugin.

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12. EZP Coming-soon Page

EZP Coming-soon Page

EZP coming-soon page is a completely responsive theme for your coming-soon page. What sets this WP plugin apart from the rest is its use of background image to engage your visitors. It is also uses an email subscription button to gather emails of the visitors. It is proven to work effectively with majority of WP themes.

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13. IgniteUp–Coming-soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin

IgniteUp–Coming-soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin

Known for its simple design, IgniteUp is a treat for your pre-launch page. It is extremely customizable which means you can change anything in theme to match with your preferences. So when you are busing in working on your website, you can use this plugin to let your visitors know that you are not in active mode.

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14. Ultimate Landing Page and Coming-soon Page

Ultimate Landing Page and Coming-soon Page

Nothing is easier than creating a ‘coming-soon’ landing page with this plugin. No longer do you need the coding skills to create a landing page of your to-be launched website. It is a highly customizable theme which enables you to add elements according to your requirements, such as logo, color scheme, fonts or a background picture.

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15. Under by indot

Under by Indot is a free WP plugin that makes it easier to schedule your soon-to-be launched web page. It also features a count-down timer that indicates the start and finish time of your maintenance. However, it does more than just showing progress of maintenance of your website. With this tool, you can optimize SEO of your website while you are working on your website.

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16. Easy Pie Maintenance Mode

This WP plugin is superbly simple and easy to use. It comes with four built-in themes to help you choose one that perfectly befits your requirements. Additionally, you can make changes in the theme to make it personalized. So you can add text or insert a logo to create the right personality of your landing page.

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17. Under Construction/ Maintenance Mode from Acurax

Under Construction/ Maintenance Mode from Acurax

An intuitive and versatile WP plugin to show your status for under construction website, this WP plugin is anamazingly versatile and customizable for the users. Move over, it comes with 5 mobile-friendly landing page themes that come along with social sharing buttons, countdown timer and HTML blocks. It is available in range of colors, background images and SEO utilities.

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18. Aitasi Coming-soon

Aitasi Coming-soon

Aitasi is a contemporary WP plugin that empowers you to create a responsive ‘coming-soon’ landing page for your visitors without you doing the coding work. So when you are working on your website, you do not have to suffer any embarrassment as your visitors will see the landing page.

Since it is highly customizable, you can choose from various options that include color selection, insertion of logo and integration of social sharing buttons to name a few.

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19. Site Offline or Coming-soon

Site Offline or Coming-soon

An efficient solution to create a ‘coming-soon’ landing page, site offline or coming-soon allows you to switch between online and offline modes of your website. This is particularly helpful if your website frequently undergoes the maintenance work. So you will be able to keep your visitors aware about status of your website so that they use the resources.

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20. Tidio Maintenance Mode

Tidio Maintenance Mode

It is simple in installation, easy with customization and need no coding to set up the landing page. It is a feature-rich plugin that makes it possible for you to optimize your ‘coming-soon’ page to meet your needs. The most highlighted features of this WP plugin are:

  • Countdown counter
  • Responsive design
  • Email subscription facility
  • Social media buttons

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21. UnderConstruction


Created for websites on live server, underConstruction notifies your visitors about maintenance work of your website. However, the ‘logged in’ staff will still be able to see the website while they work on the website. underConstruction is known for its simple design and sophisticated control panel.

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22. WP Construction Mode

WP Construction Mode

This is yet another beautiful WP plugin for showing that your website is under the maintenance work. You can use this plugin for the pre-launch of your website or when you need to redo any web page of your website. With just a click, you can make your website visible or invisible. It is also integrated with Google Analytics, so you will be able to insights into flow of traffic on your website.

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23. Ink Coming-soon

Ink Coming-soon

Ink Coming-soon provides an all-in-one solution related to maintenance work of your website. With this fabulous WP plugin, running maintenance work gets even easier. Since your visitors will still be able to see your landing page, you do not have to suffer the low traffic on your website. It is packaged with plenty of features. Some of them deserve a mention:

  • Compatibility with any WordPress theme
  • Social Media linking
  • Google Analytics tool

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24. WooCommerce Coming-soon

WooCommerce Coming-soon

A brainchild of WooCommerce, this WP plugin is a savior for ecommerce websites owner who are running out of specific products. So they can use this tool to stay in touch with their customers and let them know about right time the product will be available on the website. Rather than feeling sorry for not having a product, you can use this plugging to keep the spark alive of your customers.

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25. Degree Coming-soon Page

Degree Coming-soon Page

Created for your under-construction website, Degree Coming-soon Page is equipped with all the features to make your landing page a worthwhile experience for your visitors. From social sharing buttons and email subscription to text configuration, this WP plugin has everything to keep the visitors busy once they land on your website.

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26. Kite Coming-soon WordPress Plugin

Kite Coming-soon WordPress Plugin

Kite aptly combines creativity with functionality. This aesthetically appealing plugin helps you capture attention of the viewers as they land on your coming-soon landing page. What makes it even productive is its customization feature that offers you 8 different colors and 4 background themes. It suits cross browser compatibility.

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The above-mentioned are 26 best free coming-soon WP plugins that you can integrate with your website to engage your visitors while you are busy with maintenance of your website. If you know the better plugins, let us know in the comments section.

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