15 Creative Photography Ideas That Will Leave You Amazed!

We all know how important photographs are, for us and our loved ones. They are golden moments of our memorable times, enclosed in a hard form. We cherish our photographs forever and when they get passed on to generations, it becomes more of a family asset.

With the times adding in more to technology each passing day, photography has emerged with brilliant and creative techniques. Passionate photographers bring into existence such methods that make their photographs look alive and mystical.

There were times when harry potter fans would gaze and marvel at those photos with people moving in the frames, such pictures in muggle world are called “cinemagraphs” or animated GIFS. There are like a thousand creative photography ideas now. Experimenting each brings into existence something more cool and refreshing.

Let us now discuss few creative ideas that are a must-try for each photographer. These ideas are more of exciting tips that will allow you to save your best moments forever.

1. Floor portraits

Floor portraits

This not any uncommon technique, many people know of it. But the ones, who know how to play their cards well, get some awesome results using this idea. All you need to do is stage a scene on a floor with your newborn sleeping and create your own unique and interesting scene. With a newborn it is much easier, they don’t care what’s happening around and will keep on sleeping while you can keep on trying innovative things. Make sure you make the scene interesting; it could be one cool present for your baby once he/she is old enough to enjoy the memory. You can set up the scene using different props and objects on the floor and take shots with different angles. The estimated time for the shoot is 2-2.5 hours.

2. A special gift for a special one

A special gift for a special one

We completely run out of ideas when it comes to presents for people we really care for. Take for example your love; you want to give them something on their birthday that is unique, beautiful and best. You want to give them so much and it is never enough. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can always roll up your sleeve for a photo surprise. Just give them a professional photo that defines who they are, where they work and what really are they crazy about. The photo should tell a story about your loved one to any random stranger looking at it. This can be the best birthday present they will cherish for years.

3. Glitter it

Glitter it

The glitter effect never fails to create an impression. Just some specks of gold in air and wide smiles in a single photo frame make an amazing picture. This is indeed an idea that gained instant popularity but is still used to capture lovely images on your wedding day or a birthday bash All the while making you sparkle in the specs of light. The glitter makes you look angelic whereas the light adds up this color and beauty to the foreground. If you haven’t really tried this effect just grab your favorite bottle of glitter from the nearby store, you will simply love it!

4. Photo illusion

Photo illusion

This is one of my favorites. It never fails to impress others, though it will take inspiration and effort. These illusions can turn out to be a marvel if you have the right team and ideas for it. There are so many ideas that can be employed to create illusions that will leave us shocked and marveled. You can of course create lots of in-camera illusions but a series works well enough. You can take multiple images and create a beautiful illusion using Photoshop.

5. Scrabble it

Scrabble it

Using certain objects and letters to make out words and shooting them right at the moment will make beautiful pictures. May it be your big day , an engagement ceremony or some alumni meet-up after years, if you wish to make it meaningful you just have to use this creative idea. For example if your man has proposed you and you can’t get enough of the ring on your finger just try to save this memory. Get a professional picture with the ring placed between hands with letters that say “Love”, where you can replace the letter O with the beautiful ring. It’s all a matter of creativity!

6. Monochrome needs to come back

Monochrome needs to come back

Stunning black and white photos are more of a rarity now. Many color photos give away this mystical effect when converted to black and white. You can always see how some pictures of yours look much lovelier in plain black white colors. The point is that black and white photography easily creates a strong focal point in the image. There is however one thing that shall be kept in mind, camera settings shall not be changed to shoot in black and white instead the pictures shall be converted afterwards. There are soft ware’s that convert the pictures to black and white better than your camera –so save the task for them.

7. Travel map

Travel map

This is one creative idea that shall be used by all lovers of travelling. A map can come real handy in such a case. Hide behind a map and let the photographer capture your silhouettes. It is a great gift idea as well where you can make some great shapes behind the map using hands and fingers and present it to the special one on their birthday. This idea will definitely be loved by any person who loves travelling around the world.

8. Alphabetic and photography

Alphabetic and photography

Well this one calls for you to go searching for things that are you’re unique in your own sense. You will look at things from a different perspective and will judge whether you could make a photograph out of it or not. You will have to see how different objects can make shape of an alphabet/ letter. Like we tried making sense out of whiffs of cloud, sometimes it was a horse, sometimes a pumpkin and sometimes a lion, similarly you will have to see if a sliced fruit can look like a W in any angle , capture it from an angle that says it does. It’s all about you and your imagination.

9. Paint battles

Paint battles

And when it comes to having some fun with a bunch of crazy friends you can always have a paint war! Oh yes, grab buckets of paint and create life time memories. You can have a billion clicks with some ones nose red and eyes blue and lips violet and hands white! The photos will make you chuckle even at the age of 70. It could be between cute couples just about to get married coming summer or it could be a post graduation blast. Set aside those old school ideas of getting dressed up with a bow and tie and sitting with a stiff spine for a photograph instead go crazy with colors!

10. Bring the whole world at one place

Bring the whole world at one place

I guess my caption said it all, this could be your best and most creative of all ideas. A small world photo is just another thing you will love to exhibit on the favorite wall of your cozy lounge. You just stand at a spot and snap at everything you see; those high mountains in front, the clear sky above the head, the grasslands far from the spot you are standing and etc. when you have a pile of those shots, just stitch them together and there you have – a small world photo!

11. Balloons all over

Balloons all over

If you are up for a romantic shoot just get few dozens of balloons and it will all get magical. Trust me , flowers have their own beauty but nothing can replace balloons and those floating ribbons. A couple could just sit amidst dozens of balloons covering the floor and crowding the roof. The photographer shall capture the scene from the best angle and one will never have enough of it.

12. Rides


All you need for this shoot is a child, deep within yourself. Go to a fair, if you haven’t had the craziest of all the rides since some years, now is the time. Get out of those boring coffee shop dates and if you really want to spend some real time with the special one, go take a ride. Just when your energy has reached levels beyond imagination and there is this wide grin on your face, a picture should be taken. The memory enclosed in the photo will always give you this sweetest nostalgia, letting you feel those butterflies in stomach you felt ages ago.

13. Bubbles


Are you bubbling with excitement because you will meet your best friend after years or is it because you are finally getting engaged, whatever it is include bubbles in your photograph to make it look merrier. Bubbles will highly change the overall effect of the picture, making it appear livelier, happier and prettier. And especially if your little one loves playing with them, you just have to get your camera ready the next time she blows some in the air.

14. Confetti


It is one photography idea used since ages but what really make it an evergreen one is the way it enhances the overall picture. It also depends how creative you have been in using this idea for taking the perfect shot. It could not only be dropped from above but also be blown and dispersed do as to capture a candid shot that matches with the vibrant and bright colors.

15. The natural

The natural

When it comes to photographs, they capture emotions rather than expressions. Emotions cannot be created, hence when you are planning to use creative photography ideas to record the best times of your life make sure you make a very genuine and honest display of your emotions. As in the end an attractive photograph is just the one that portrays beautiful feelings and overwhelming emotions. Colors, filters, props, everything of course has its own charisma, but nothing can beat a smile that comes straight from the heart and a sparkle in eye that is depicts happiness within.

It’s all a matter of time, ideas and passion. You play well and you win the race!

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing this one really well defined all peaceful info regarding photography.

  2. I really like the balloons idea! That’d be such a cool prop idea to use. I have a friend who uses smoke grenades and her shots come out so good!

  3. Creative photos are always impressive and your blogs give us creative ideas.

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