How to Improve In-Demand Job Skills That Employers Are Looking For In 2016

The skills required to do a particular job efficiently is known as “skill in demand.” To increase the chances of being hired in your field, you must have certain skills. Apart from a distinct skill set, there are also other common skills that employers are looking.

Good news is that most of the job-seekers possess an average amount of those skills which is likely to get them into an entry level job. Either way, average or below-average; you needn’t beat yourself up; there is always to improve your social media buzz by getting help from experts.

Apart from the particular skill required for a job, these are some of the overall skills that companies are looking for in fresh and experienced candidates.

1. Communication skills

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro when it comes to formulating an effective marketing plan. But if you’re not able to pitch it to the team, then it’s of no use. Without communication, you cannot carry on the day-to-day activities at your place of work. Improving communication skills is good for your career as well as other aspects of life like social gatherings.

How to improve?

  • Avoid using fillers (Um, Ah, and, like)
  • Practice storytelling to your loved ones
  • Listen carefully
  • Make eye contact while speaking
2. Persuading and negotiation

Persuading means convincing people to do something and negotiating means the ability to reach an agreement that satisfies parties that are involved which is required to seal the deal in any project. These are some of the most critical skills needed for marketing, sales, advertising, manager, and team leader. To gain these skills, you need to understand people irrespective of the circumstance to gain an upper hand in any situation.

How to improve?

  • Remember the names of the persons involved.
  • Argument must have an active tone.
  • Be confident and believe in yourself.
  • Practice.
3. Time management

Time management is critical

Working hours of any company is between 8-9 hours. As an employee, you must complete the task assigned to you within that period. It is also one of the easiest ways to make an impression at your workplace. But, ensure that the quality of the work is not affected. Time management will make you more productive at work, and you’ll also end up having more personal time.

How to improve?

  • Start early
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Avoid distractions
  • Take small breaks in-between to avoid stress
4. Problem solving

Irrespective of your position in a workplace there will be problems. Problem-solving skills include the ability to analyze the issue, identify the source of the problem, know the severity, and to come up with alternate solutions. Being a problem solver is all about your mindset, and it will give you a chance to bring the best in yourself. While solving a problem, you must know how to approach it effectively. Also, find a permanent solution, so that the problem doesn’t keep recurring.

How to improve?

  • Keep an open mind
  • Come up with options and evaluate them
  • Develop your knowledge in that area
  • Have a brainstorming session
5. Multitasking

A woman multitasking

Mostly every company wants to maximize their productions with the available resources. So they are looking for candidates that can take up more responsibilities. Multitasking has become an important quality that employers are looking for so that they can minimize the hiring activity as it is a tedious task. Moreover, employees with the ability of multitasking have a better rate of survival in an organization. You can know something about each work carried on in an organization which will also improve your knowledge.

How to improve?

  • Complete tasks that are similar
  • Avoid delegation
  • Learn to increase your concentration power
  • Keep a handwritten list of things that you must complete
6. Team player

People who work in teams achieve more and produce amazing results. When employees work together and take up assignments to complete a project, it is highly beneficial to the company. For example, take sports, players working together have a better chance of winning a cup than the ones who play alone. Also being in teams may even open new or better career opportunities. You will have the opportunity to show your strengths, and develop your knowledge in that area.

How to improve?

  • Share your opinions
  • Adapt quickly
  • Support and encourage others
  • Understand the goal of the project
7. Adaptability

It is a quality where employees can adapt to the changing conditions in a workplace. You cannot go to a class or a seminar to find out how flexibility works; you can know about it only through learning. For instance, you’re an engineer in a company where the products keep on rotating. So as an engineer, you must be able to adapt to the change in technology. Adapting can cause a lot of stress during the initial stages, so you must learn to manage it so that it doesn’t reflect on your work.

How to improve?

  • Be calm and confident
  • Believe in yourself
  • Have a positive mindset to changing workloads
  • Learn to communicate properly to employees, coworkers, and customers.

Other General Tips

Keep these tips in mind when developing skills in demand.

  • Even though a particular skill is in demand; you will not get the job immediately. You will require a certain level of specialization in it
  • If you have trained yourself to develop a particular skill, after you complete the training vacancies may not be as expected.
  • Just because a skill is in demand, you needn’t automatically train yourself in it. If you’re interested, you can proceed. If not search for a job that interests you.
In-demand jobs of 2016
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Human resources
  • Insurance
  • Accountants
  • Software developers
  • Customer Service
  • Nursing
  • Computer programmer

Closing up

The job market in this period is subject to constant change. Going to work and being good at what you do will not suffice as employees who lack in skills are easily replaceable these days. So you must concentrate on developing other skills to survive because there may be candidates who are better than you.

Even if you have a job or currently on the lookout, developing competencies in the area of your interest is essential. Before you decide to specialize on skill, know how to develop it and know whether it will be beneficial.

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  1. Absolutely! Even the willingness to learn can be a very valuable attribute i the office.

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