7 Innovative Web Designs of WordPress in 2016

The domain of web designing in the recent scenario has become much more dynamic and vibrant and as a result, the demands and expectations of people related with the field of web designing are also increasing.

When it comes to exploring the importance or significance of WordPress themes or designs in the area of web designing, WordPress can be perceived as an efficient and interactive tool that is developed on the basis of PHP. At the same time, it is also assumed as one of the most productive blogging engine and website content management system (CMS) to a large extent.

Why should people know more about WordPress?

There are many reasons that could be provided in order to answer this question in the desired manner. First of all, it is regarded as the meaningful resource by which simple blogs can be easily created. This aspect should be taken into consideration that WordPress designs are easy to learn and apply therefore all web designers are strongly encouraged to learn this amazing content management system (CMS) in order to attain multiple benefits.

Features of WordPress

As far as the features or advantages of WordPress are concerned, the most important thing which makes WordPress highly appealing is that it is community software. By the help of becoming members of this community web designers will be able to attain different kinds of solutions regarding various designs and themes from other members of the community. The other feature of WordPress is quite important to consider because web designers could develop effective detailed oriented or complete websites and mobile applications. WordPress could be used by designers for free at all as they are not required to pay any kind of charges.

There is no point of denying this attribute that it is an extendable resource as well because there are different kinds of themes and plug-ins that can be easily applied. WordPress themes or designs are easily manageable and at the same time, these are also perceived as search engine friendly. Therefore, designers should use this online for the sake of getting numerous advantages so that they can creative according to the clients’ demands and perceptions. In the last but not the least, this resource should be used because it provides complete secured and safe way through which any website could easily run.

The features of WordPress are not limited to written texts only as this mind blowing tool can also be used in order to assist or provide convenience in different aspects. These aspects could be evaluated in the form of images or pictures, videos and audios as well. In this phenomenon, this resource is also helpful at the time of managing diverse files and documents at the same time.

How could WordPress be used?

This is another interesting question that should be answered in an appropriate way because this question does have lot of importance in the domain of web designing. Considering the significance of WordPress, there are various sorts of applications by which this tool could be successfully utilized. This tool could be used in various forms and these uses or applications are mentioned as follows:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio
  • Rating Website
  • Membership Site

In the year 2016, it is also expected that the use or application of WordPress tool will be improved because the recent trend suggests that 22.5% websites on internet are already being developed by means of using WordPress. In this concern, there are 7 innovative WordPress web designs discussed that will rule the area of web designing in 2016 or in near future.

7 Innovative Web Designs of WordPress in 2016

1. X Design or Theme

X Design or Theme
Source: X Design

As far as the significance or importance of this effective design or theme is concerned, this design is quite helpful when attractive and highly creative website is desirable. At the same time X design surely helps for the sake of providing customized and individual look to the website in an appropriate way. Through the help of X designs, designers are able to take various astonishing benefits and they are also allowed to utilize amazing kinds of WordPress plug-ins.

There are certain types of features that make X theme or design quite successful as attractive and appealing kinds of backgrounds could be easily applied. In reality these backgrounds are actually consist of different colors and images and in this way designers will be able to provide the glimpse of their creativity in websites. These sorts of WordPress designs do have an amazing tool that could be considered in the form of WordPress live customer. This aspect should be taken into consideration because this tool can be easily used because designers do not need to acquire programming knowledge or concepts in this phenomenon.

This kind of theme or design can be easily used in combination as it is quite applicable with other designs to certain extent. In the meantime, all the changes can be previewed and perceived quite effectively before this design is applied at the final stages of website completion.

2. Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite
Source: Zerif Lite Theme

At times, designers are also required to develop various sorts of attractive WordPress business designs. Therefore, keeping this scenario in mind this wonderful WordPress design has been developed in order to focus on creating one page design in the desired manner. This one page design does have an amazing attribute that should be considered as simple parallax scrolling feature is also enabled in this kind of one page design. Through the help of Zerif Lite, designers are encouraged to utilize appealing icons and fonts and at the same, time attractive colors and effects can also be used to a reasonable level.

As far as the significance of Zerif Lite design is concerned, this theme could be easily used for any kind of professional and creative purpose. Therefore, there is the likelihood that these theme or design will be greatly applied by the designers in different websites as mind-blowing benefits could be attained. These benefits are widgetized footer, parallax scrolling and simple yet attractive contact form as well.

3. Luisa Design or Theme

Luisa Design or Theme
Source: Luisa Theme

When it comes to developing productive portfolio website in the best possible manner, Luisa design or theme could be used for the sake of getting desired outcomes. By means of using Luisa design, designers are able to produce or market their marvelous and mind blowing projects and other creative stuff in a reasonable way. This theme in reality provides the feature of minimalist designs through which designers are able to apply desired website design that suits their own requirements or demands. This design or theme does provide another feature of enabled WordPress customer and by the help of this function designers could change fonts, colors, and page layouts to certain extent.

Luisa actually uses the notions or concepts of isotope along with the masonry grid layout so that the website could provide clear and simple appearance. Through the help of this theme the content of the website becomes quite appealing for visitors and as a result the website is able to accomplish the required deliverables in the end.

4. Roua Design or Theme

Roua Theme
Source: Roua Theme

This is another most improved and highly acknowledged WordPress theme or design by the designers as this design supports people who want to develop an attractive or appealing web page. There are different sorts of people who belong to various professions such as graphic designing, arts, illustrators and photographers could use this design to certain level so that they can develop amazing and wonderful web pages.

In the year 2016, this theme or design will be highly applied because it also supports the phenomenon of search engine optimization to a great extent. Therefore, this design will be used because this design contains its own style and preferences that make Roua different from its competitive designs or themes. The different kinds of video files can also be used in this type of WordPress design or theme as the exciting feature of full video support attracts different kinds of professionals in a great way.

5. Satellite 7

Satellite 7
Source: Satellite 7 Theme

The future scenario of web development or designing indicates that this theme or design will get much fame and acceptance among various designers. This design actually provides various attributes and features to its users because this design has been developed for the purpose of supporting the needs or requirements of creative and unique kind of people. There are different productive applications possible through the help of satellite 7 as people from different backgrounds could use this theme in order to perform various tasks. These tasks could be development of business websites, portfolios, galleries and so on.

The web designers should assume themselves fortunate because this theme or design helps in developing attractive and appealing website that could increase the population of target customers or visitors in the desired manner. Its features are also important to consider and these are easy to use admin interface, Google fonts, shortcodes, layer slider responsive and highly responsive layout that enhance the reputation of satellite 7 design in a big way.

6. Baylie

Source: Baylie Theme

This design has been created for the purpose of providing full page WordPress websites that offers the facility of full screen parallax slideshow that increases the worth of website. This WordPress Design has been developed by the theme trust in order to support the requirements of different professionals to certain extent. These activities could be perceived in the form of fashion and designing portfolios, at the same time various types of images or pictures could be promoted through the help of Baylie.

In reality, this theme or design uses the notions of theme trust as different advantages such as responsive layout, full-screen slideshows, and Google web fonts could be attained by using this theme.

7. Panoramica Professional WordPress Theme or Design

Panoramica Theme
Source: Panoramica Theme

When designers are required to develop websites that attract the focus of visitors or target customers by the help of its layout, presentations and designs then this WordPress design is used in order to attain the required deliverables. For the sake of providing comfort and peace of mind to designers, this design is certainly helpful in making their different tasks quite easy and effective. The designers are allowed to use panoramic professional WordPress so that they can develop the content of the website to a certain extent. At the same time, the images and other creative stuff could be improved through the help of this design to a considerable level.

This design actually serves the purpose of promoting amazing and wonderful creative work as the features of this design such as multiple layouts, social icons, and theme options page make the website quite appealing and outstanding. Therefore, it can be said that this year of 2016, the use of this panoramica professional WordPress theme will be enhanced because of its effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

The WordPress tool has already become a most utilized tool by the designers because of its amazing and result-oriented features. The above scenario indicates that more and more websites will be developed by the help of using this wonderful website content management in the year 2016.

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  2. Exactly wordpress themes or designs has a great impact on the designing of websites. You have shared amazing themes of wordpress. Everyone knows that wordpress is the content management system that can be used for making wonderful blogs and websites.

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