7 Best Smartphone Apps That Make You a Superman

Superman, like any other superhero, possesses the power to save humankind, to make life better for people by protecting them from all the evils and evil. As defined by one of the comic book character Lex Luthor, Superman is the ‘Living God’ on the earth.

Some of the unbeatable powers Superman has flight, super strength, x-ray vision, speed, invulnerability, heat vision, and super flare to name a few. Superman is one of the most powerful of all the fictitious characters because of the immeasurable magnitudes of feats he achieves.

With the technology almost matching the pace with Superman, is moving at a rapid speed. Moreover, one of the best way for average human beings like us to become a superman is to catch hold of this speedy technology. Looking back at the past five years, it is easy to figure out that mobile phones are one of the fastest growing technology devices and mobile applications are one of the speediest need human kinds has ever generated. Almost, everything is possible with the help of a mobile phone if it has the right mobile apps made to solve the purpose. Becoming a Superman is not an easy task, it requires courage, strength, and power. However, when few of the most amazing mobile phones blends with the best mobile applications, then it is possible for anyone to be a superman. Here is the list of 7 best iOS apps that can make you a superman.

1) Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button

Just like the Avengers when holds each other closely, everything in the world is possible to achieve. The red Panic button is one such app that can help you or others to communicate in the form of an alert in your network. It works like a signaling call amongst your network of friends and family, informing others about the emergency trouble you face at any point in time.

About the functioning of the Red Panic Button, all you have to do is to make sure your friends and family have this app installed. Later, you need to set a panic number or email address. Now when the user presses a button during the time of any emergency situation, the phone will be able to send the message with your location, integrated with their mobile map app. This is determined using the GPS or coarse GSM based coordinates. This shall enable you to inform or be informed at the time of any unforeseen consequences.

The features also make this app a great one because it integrates Facebook, Twitter, and retina display. This shall inform everyone over the social media aloud about the severity of your situation so that anyone nearby can get the alert and reach out for the help. The scenario can be anything, fire, a robbery, rape attempt, domestic violence or any damn thing. However, you need not worry if you have Red Panic Button. It is your chance to be the Superman.

Get this iOS app for yourself and your loved ones to ensure their safety.

2) Zombies, Run

Zombies, Run

Even Superman needs to train himself to be in a good shape and maintain his strengths. Zombies, Run is such an app that can make you run for your life. Imagine a scenario where you switch on this running app once you are done tying your shoelaces, putting on your headgears, and just when you are about to jog a little more, you hear zombies. You feel they are just close to you such that you could hear every guttural of their breath, every rattling off their groan – you feel that they are everywhere around you.

This is the ultimate ultra-immersing game is built to strengthen your running skills and make you run faster for your life. Remember, Superman has to be on his toes before he takes the flight of faith. The same way, this app shall keep your adrenaline on the rush with the spine-chilling audio drama to out your caliber on test at the center of the most mysterious zombie adventure story. Adding please to the already mind-blowing concept is you requiring to collect the supplies to return home safely.

Get the Zombies, Run app for iOS and Android.

3) ReliefLink


Just like Superman, mobile apps can also save human lives. ReliefLink is one of those apps which are like a boon to humankind because at the core of its idea is the purpose of saving a human life. ReliefLink app for iOS is specifically developed to prevent suicide. However, more importantly, it is built for improving the mental wellbeing of an individual which helps to bring confidence and provides supportive help at your fingertips.

With ReliefLink, a user can create his or her personalized profile integrating all the vital information like mental health professionals contact info, insurance coverage, and current medications. People are prone to mood swings, and the worst part about it is that it can go up to any extreme. However, here comes ReliefLink to use where it enables users to keep the track of their moods, a scan over their daily thoughts, allows them to create a safety plan and aids in listing out the reminders about appointments, medications, and others. Not only limiting the application to mental support, but ReliefLink also lets one check out the nonpareil coping methods which includes voice-recorded mindfulness, relaxation exercises, and even the relaxing music to soothe your mood.

The best part about the ReliefLInk app is its ability to provide vital information about the nearby hospitals and much-required treatment at that moment of time by plotting the things out on a map.

Get the ReliefLink app for iOS.

4) VoiceChanger+


One of the most powerful qualities of a Superman is his vocal abilities, and this app would never let you down. VoiceChanger+ comes loaded with more than dozens of fun voices along with a variety of sound effects which enables you to turn your view into practically anything with just a press of a button. Not restricting the utility, this app also lets you record the song which can be fun to listen once you finish the recording.

Beauty lies in simplicity, and with this app, it very much holds true because it involves just three taps to change your voice. Press the record button, record your vocals, and again press the record button to stop the recording. Now the third press shall have you select any of the sound effects from the list to apply the same over your voice.

There are more than 55 voice-effects and background sounds to choose from to change your voice instantly. There are also many effects you can apply to your voice that includes Robot, Echo, Machine, and plenty of backgrounds like Helium, Applause to name few.

Also, there are plenty of in-app purchase option allowing you to custom trim the recording, share your recordings via social media, make your recordings as a ringtone, and even the facility to email.

Get the VoiceChanger+ for iOS and VoiceChanger for Android.

5) Practo


Your job as a Superman is to keep people happy and healthy. Therefore, to make sure that civilians stay healthy this is one of the best mobile apps you can have on your phone and also let your fellow friends and family members know about the same. Because, with Practo app things like booking appointments with doctors, clinics, Gyms, Spas, and Salons becomes easy. Get the best tips from the physicians and experts around in your city with the Practo app and pass on the knowledge to others as well. The unique feature of this app is the doctors’ listing which is exhaustive of more than two lakhs of doctors.

With practo, searching and finding the right place for the right thing gets easy – practically in your palms. With the comprehensive search options, it avails the users with the opportunity to seek the doctors based on the area, proximity, availability, symptoms, and even based on the specific treatments. Database management gets comfortable with Practo as it helps you view all the appointments, prescriptions, and gives you the appointment reminders as well. It also has a feedback mechanism where users can rate and review the practitioners so as to let other users know about the quality of checkup and expertise.

Get the Practo app for iOS and Android.

6) Bayit Lighting

Bayit Lighting

In this smart era of smartphones do not you think even Superman should come with smart cutting-edge powers? If you feel you are going to be that smart Superman, then you must have this app on your iOS device. The Bayit Lighting app works wonders in controlling the in-house lightings of your dwelling place. The feature includes managing the lights to switch On or Off, choose from extensive variety of colors and tones of the supplied Bayit Lights, all within the realms of your fingertips.

Making light switches have become the thing of the past as new smart lights are bound to add the beauty of your heavenly home, offering more than 15 million colors enabling you to create light groups based on your mood, allowing you to change even the color and speed with which it changes the color.

The uniqueness of Bayit lighting lies in its ability to let you control the brightness of your iOS device. The utility is not confined only to home as it supports the controlling of more than 200 bulbs and lighting accessories allowing you to set up the app-controlled lights even in the office spaces.

Get the Bayit app for iOS and Android.

This may sound little demanding, but actually, it is a very easy 3 step DIY setup and nothing much. Once you get the lights on board and install like normal lights, then get this app, plug in the gateway to enjoying the controls of light at your comfort.

7) Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

To be like a Superman, you ought to have the superpower to see things not visible to the other people that easily. With the Hidden camera Detector App, you can possible scan the radiations around you. It is easy to detect a radiations that are typically discharged by the electronic devices which can also be the CCTV cameras. Also integrated with this app comes an inbuilt modified camera for detecting the Infra-Red Cameras. Though every camera has the IR detection capabilities which comes with the thin green transparent layer to remove the unwanted luminance.

Be a Superman, save others by sharing the location amongst your friends easily via social media and in-app sharing option. This shall alert them for the precautions to take in case of the CCTV camera installed over the same place.

Get the Hidden Camera Detector app for Android.


It is not easy to be a superman, but installing a mobile app is not a difficult task either. You need to have a right app for a wise purpose in your soul – just like a superman, and you too can do wonders with these apps. There are thousands of great mobile app companies who are churning out codes of wonders in their day to day task to let you become a smart superman. Grab this opportunity before you see someone else flying past you using these super-smart apps.

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