Best Cognitive Process Of Sending Emails in WordPress with Gmail SMTP Server

There are many people who face troubles while sending emails to others using their WordPress site. This can be solved by making use of the Gmail SMTP server. You will learn here how to send the email in WordPress and that too mainly by making use of the Gmail SMTP server.

This is such a simple process and can be used for every business man or people who want to make online presence with their WordPress sites. There is no need to have technical expertise in this regard and even you can learn in detail about this without fail.

How Useful is the Gmail SMTP server for WordPress

Do you want to know when will the WordPress site will be sending the notification or emails? Yes, here you are mail are sent for the new user registration and as well for the process of resetting the lost password. There will be a lot of updates which are sent to the people in the name of updates or the notifications. All these are sent with the contact forms.

WordPress is making use of the PHP function in order to send the email notifications. But there are a lot of issues with this function and many times it fails for unknown reasons. So here to reduce the issues with the spam there are a lot of WordPress hosting companies which are reducing its usage. There are a lot of spam filters which are used to find out whether the email is sent from the authentic servers.

On the other hand, there are a lot of WordPress emails which are not checked and here they are not even sent to the spam folder. To solve this issue, we will know learn in detail about the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). This protocol is used by the whole industry and every business irrespective of their niche to send emails for their every need. When this protocol is uses, it is believed and even ensured that email deliverability is increased. We have seen that the PHP mail function is having a lot of issues and all those will no more be a matter of concern in this regard.

In these days, the Gmail SMTP is the best option which can be used to send WordPress notifications to all the users and as well to yourself. This will not be serving the purpose when you wish to send the massive emails to everyone. Here you have to make use of the MailGun etc.

Learn the Differences for Free vs Paid Gmail SMTP server for WordPress

Do you know that you can make use of the free Gmail account in order to send the WordPress emails? On the other hand when you want to ensure that the mails have to be delivered for sure, then you will be going for the option of the Google Apps for work with Gmail.

Here you will be able to get the professional email address which you can use as a brand identity for your services. it is in the settings page you have to add this email address in the MX records. Doing so, your email address will be appeared as it is coming the domain name and for sure this method is more authentic and as well the chances for getting delivered is ensured multiple times.

Most of the people are using the Google Apps for their business purpose and for sure they are claiming this to be the best.

Learn to send WordPress emails with Gmail SMTP server

Before trying to use, Google Apps all you need to do is to set your domain. You can even learn about establishing an email address for Google Apps and as well for the Gmail. All the other instructions are the same for both the paid and as well the free Gmail SMTP Servers.

Learn the two methods which are used to connect the WordPress website to the Gmail SMTP servers.

  • The first method includes the OAuth Authentication which is completely secured for sending emails with the help of the Gmail Servers.
  • The other method is to use the Gmail with the apps which are not at all secured. When you are not able to go with the above mentioned method, then you will be using this, where you have to provide the Gmail password in the WordPress site and all the other admin uses can have a look at this.

Method 1

How to Setup Gmail SMTP using OAuth Protocol:

Start this simple process by installing and activating the Gmail SMTP plugin.

  • Go to setting page and configure the Gmail SMTP plugin settings.
  • For generating API keys, you have to create web application using your Gmail account and these keeps are useful for authentication when you use the Gmail SMTP servers.

    How to Setup Gmail SMTP using OAuth Protocol

How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail:

You will be able to create an APP by clicking on the web application link in the plugin settings.

  • Make sure about the Gmail account which you need to send the WordPress emails. So that you can sign in with that in the Google Developers Console website. Here Gmail API will be enabled for the new project that gets created.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

  • It is after saving the credentials; you have to choose the browser from which you will call the API from.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

  • Then enter the URL of the website as shown in the settings page of the Gmail SMTP plugin’s. Now you have to create the client ID and then give a name to the App which is using the Gmail account.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

  • The process of creating the Gmail APU by enabling the OAuth authentication will be completed here.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

  • You can even select all the apps which you have created and are thinking to access the Gmail API from.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

  • Once you get the secret keys for all the apps which you have entered.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

  • You need to copy all of them to the Gmail SMTP plugin’s of the WordPress website.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

  • All the other plugin details have to be entered here. And then you will save this information for further use and the changes in the settings which you have made.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

  • Check in the Grant Permission button where you will be taken to the Google account. Provide the website permission and then you will be redirected to the Gmail SMTP plugin’s. You are done with the process once the SMTP Status icon is green.

    How to create an App and Setup API Keys for Gmail

Method 2

Enable Less Secured Apps and Set up Gmail SMTP:

There are very less people who prefer to use this method sending the mails when compared to the first method. More preferably this second method is used with the apps that are not secured properly.

You may not really know how long you will be able to use this method as there are issues of security, spam etc and the fact is that Google may not entertain this for a long time.

Here you will learn some simple tips to understand how to get access and work it while making use of the apps that aren’t completely secured.

  • You can know which apps aren’t secured, by going to the dash board for Google apps. Select the basic settings in the security section and you will know which apps are having less security.

    Enable Less Secured Apps and Set up Gmail SMTP

  • You need to change the settings for the less secured apps and then manage its access.

    Enable Less Secured Apps and Set up Gmail SMTP

  • After doing the above mentioned things, always remember to save the chances which you have made at the right bottom corner.
  • Later on fill the plugin settings and ensure that you will change the password for your Gmail account. Send a test mail after completing the whole process by giving some email address.

    Enable Less Secured Apps and Set up Gmail SMTP

Doing this simple process you will be able to send any number of emails without any sort of issues using the Gmail SMTP servers.

How to handle Gmail SMTP Issues When Not Working:

Are you facing any sort of issues with the Gmail SMTP when you are working on some hosting configurations that are shared generally? Then here are some tips for you to fix the Gmail SMTP issue.

  1. All you need to do is to create a similar email address which you generally use for your Google apps. You can do this by creating an account in the cPanel. Doing so, sever will be tricked and assumes that we are sending email from the server.
  2. Try to find out the link which is present at the MX which is used for Email routing in your Cpanel. Here you need to change the routing to remote from automatic mode. This you can do by using the MX Records option.
  3. Now you can send a test mail and check by logging back to your WordPress website.

It is by following all these tips; you will be able to send an email with the Gmail SMTP in WordPress.

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