15 Known Tools That Win Projects

How many times have you asked yourself, what changes do I’ve make so I can close more deals, win more projects and ease my workflow? The answer is quite simple, there are known tools and services that will help you in no-time.

In this showcase, you’ll find exactly 15 tools that do the trick for every consumer: individuals, freelancers and even small and medium companies. Try them!

1. Browserling.com


Everyone knows Browserling. If you don’t, then it’s a well-known tool that your customers want to hear you mention when you talk about testing their web projects. Browserling is world’s first cross-browser testing service powered entirely by JavaScript and HTML5. You can just go to www.browserling.com and start testing your customer websites in 5 seconds. You don’t need to install anything, neither an app, nor a plugin. It just all works. Web testing has never been such an effortless process.

Before Browserling the obvious solution was to install virtual machines with the browsers or use screenshot service. Browserling solved this problem. It runs all the browsers on all the platforms in virtual machines and it streams desktops to you over a secure SSL connection. Need an IE6 on Windows XP, or IE11 on Windows 8.1? No problem! Need Chrome 45 on Windows 7? No problem! Browserling has all the browsers.

With mobile market growing, Browserling also offers Android web testing. No need to borrow friend’s phone to quickly test on older Android version or run emulators yourself. (iPhone/iPad/iOS testing coming soon!)

Browserling’s features include local testing, screenshots, bug reporting tool, live api for embedding browsers in your own application, bookmarklets for bookmarking browsers for quick access, and others.

Browserling has more than 15,000 users and the biggest customer names include NHS, UK’s National Health Service, Onswipe, Fusionbox, and Blekko/IBM.

Don’t forget to mention Browserling to your customers when they ask you what tool do you use for web testing and check it out!

2. Luckyorange.com


Ever wanted to boost the number of customers on your website? Of course you did, we all want to increase the performance of our websites! That’s why we present you Lucky Orange, the platform that will give you the right tools to transform many of your visitors in clients. Having many great features, it will help you understand your visitors’ behaviour, see where they get confused and catch up to what they are doing in real-time.

Lucky Orange gives you many options to improve your website, such as a realtime dashboard, that makes you see the number of people currently on your site and how they found you, recordings that are created of every visitor of your website, heat maps where you can see all of your visitors’ actions in one clear picture, conversion funnels, to identify who and why leaves your site and, at last but not least, a chat box to improve the dialogue between you and your clients. You can discover many more on their website, by trying their free trial for 7 days!

3. Invoicely.com


Invoicely is here to help you get your finances out of the way, by allowing you to easily create good looking, professional invoices and manage them all in one place. It is customizable and simple to use and the basic features are completely free.

Regarding the features, we can talk especially about the effortless invoicing, as you can create beautiful invoices in any language and any currency in a matter of seconds, and easily deliver them to your clients. Also, clients can pay directly on your invoice and you will be able to receive their payments using a variety of payment methods, such as credit card or bank transfer. Moreover, you can give your business much more credibility by fully customising your control panel and your invoices, making sure you transform their appearance to a branding style specific to your business. You can even set up a custom domain name and URL from the moment you signed up! Stay on track with your finances with this awesome platform, that you can check here: www.invoicely.com.

4. Invoiceocean.com


Time is money. This applies even more to people who are leading a business. There are some things that, at the first look seems insignificant but it can make the difference, like the way you pay your bills. If you don’t want to waste more time at the post office you should try InvoiceOcean offers the possibility for your clients to make payments faster by using the online payment widget. All you need to do is to copy the product’s code and…Done! Install InvoiceOcean to benefit from the best services in this area. This app works on a subscription basis, so you can stop paying anytime you want. Don’t forget that you have the possibility to create documents in different languages. Make invoicing instant and more enjoyable with this software.

5. Sketch to HTML by Xfive.co

Sketch to HTML by Xfive.co

You should know that Xfive provides perfect solutions when converting your Sketch designs to HTML/CSS/JS pages, or any of the widely-used content management systems. To make certain they give you what you want, the Sketch to HTML by Xfive.co team will review your design, and they will get back to you with any questions they have or any improvements or enhancements they might recommend. All that in order to help you achieve the results you want!

6. uKit.com


Online presence is a must for any modern business, and uKit offers the perfect solution. The platform was launched just over a year ago, and has been a success since then, receiving positive reviews from such services as mmthomasblog.com

Created with small businesses in mind, uKit stays true to its target audience, offering a wide choice of business-oriented design themes and widgets. They include contact and callback forms to stay in touch with customers, galleries and cards to present products and services, SEO and statistics tools for efficient website promotion on the Internet, etc.

7. Mobirise.com


For all those web designers aiming at creating functional and user-friendly websites, Mobirise now offers a variety of features and options. The software is a great tool for designing mobile-ready websites that are easy to browse and understand. Mobirise is an easy-to-use offline app for Mac and Windows, which enables users create small and medium business projects, landing pages, portfolios and other types of websites from scratch. The site builder is free for private and commercial use. It comes with a minimalistic interface and a rich selection of features that are indispensible when it comes to creating responsive websites.

8. Dealfuel.com


DealFuel is the home of web developers and web designers, giving you the best deals right from the creators. It has a lot of wordpress themes and website tools, online learning and tutorials, but they are also into software and focus on design resources including buttons, web fonts, icons and other goodies. On their homepage, you will receive a deal on daily basis, that will come with a lot of information about it. Go have a look!

9. Photowhoa.com


Thanks to PhotoWhoa, anyone can advance faster in the field of photography. No worries if you are a landscape photographer or a fine art photographer, an amatuer or an expert. You’ll always find something useful at PhotoWhoa. It is an amazing platform which brings you products from some of the best photographers on the planet. Products include premium video courses, e-books, actions & presets, live trainings, and much more, that will help you develop your photography skills.

10. Cyberchimps.com


You can now give your website a fresh and professional look, by choosing a CyberChimps theme, that is truly responsive and SEO-optimized. They provide you with lots of free & premium WordPress themes, which are easy to customize. Thanks to the wide range of niche themes that makes building any website as easy as point and click.

11. Logo123.com


Logo123 offers cheap, and especially fast logos for the smaller brands surfacing in the virtual environment. It works like a charm: you pay $5 for placing an offer, wait for only an hour and receive several versions, from which you can choose the one that suits you for $49 (the price for the complete design files). Just head to this website to see some of their works!

12. Logodesigncontest.us


LogoDesignContest.us is a platform where you can set a contest with rewards for the designer who will create the logo for your brand. You start a contest by paying only a $29 fee. Designers submit their logo concepts while you provide feedbacks and, at the end, you select the logo you want and pay the rest of the contest prize, anywhere above $99. Go have a look.

13. Colorlib.com


Either you are a blogger or a web developer, everyone wants the same things when they start using WordPress or any other web software which are performance, simplicity and an experience without any problems if possible. That’s exactly how we describe COLORLIB because it’s simple, efficient and its themes have the best coding standards, being reviewed by WordPress experts. Check it out!

14. MotoCMS.com


If you have made up your mind to design a business or personal website, you should not underestimate the importance of using a credible website builder. This is where MotoCMS will be of great help to you!

MotoCMS is one of those site builders that do not require any web design skills or coding knowledge. Instead, it offers a range of options and features that will make it possible for you to create a professionally looking website and manage its content with regard to your needs. This is what makes the tool quite popular nowadays.

15. Typeform.com


Typeform is an online, form-building tool that centers on providing a more human experience. The result? Target marketing and 360 degree feedback has never been easier. Forget accessibility issues and clunky-looking designs. Thanks to an incredibly fluid interface, both big brands and small business are now leveraging the power of seamless data collection. Create a free account today and enjoy a full set of comprehensive features that will change the way you look at forms.


Test these tools and share your opinions ! It’s important to let everybody know how cool are these solutions and how can premium features improve your performance and let you earn more money than now.

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