How to Write Professional SEO Optimize Content for The Website?

Content writing is the art of winning the heart of the readers. But it is not just limited here. One of the enviable aspects of writing content is the optimization for search engines.

If you want to write an appealing content that could be easily optimized for search engines, then you have to become smarter with your content writing skills. Although it is challenging to all SEOs as Google all the time pushing new algorithm updates and bringing new principles in the Search Engine Optimization, however, no one is stronger than the audience who are the real target for the marketers.

Audiences are simply those lucky groups of people who are the center of attention while online businesses are striving to thrive through content writing. If you are in the list of these online firms that are comprehensively dependent on their content, then you must reconsider your content writing approach and go beyond ‘simple content writing’. You need to emphasize on two things while writing your content, engage end users by crafting appealing content and solve the issues to convert their engagement.

But how can you do both at a time? How do you create that kind of content that could build rankings and gain valuable web traffic? That is what SEO content writing is all about, create content that can be searched and generate traffic by engaging readers.

So, to craft content that could please your audience and search engine as well, we have compiled 17 actionable SEO content writing tips that would make you feel like you have superpowers to write SEO content.

1) Audience is your target:

Words are powerful that only meant for your target, i.e., audience. So, knowing who you are writing to should be the first and foremost work for you before writing SEO content. Your job is to keep the content at the highest rank by appealing to the particular end users. Do your homework to make it payable otherwise; all your hard work would sink.

2) Create catchy titles to optimize your content:

A high-impact and food for thought titles act as an attractive scent for the readers and makes the articles irresistible from reading and sets the tone for your content. Therefore, you should make an impressive title that could be ranked high by search engines, and your content would boom from the sea of content writing.

3) Use numbers in your headings:

Getting readers’ attention is not just enough to make it engageable to click. Many studies have already revealed that humans are satisfied with numbers which are actually suggesting how much you would get from the particular topic. So, it does not matter that whether you ranked at #4 or #1 as long as your headlines are engaging enough to keep your readers interested to click and read through the whole content.

4) Make your content more readable by subheadings:

Captivating titles reel readers in while smart subheadings keep the readers guessing and invoke them to continue reading. It backs up the titles and makes the content skimmable. So, the best approach to address what you are saying is to include subheadings in your body content to describe your article to the search engine as well.

5) Think more about search users’ intent:

Keyword research is an everlasting research game, but one of the most important aspects of the keywords is the intention of the search users who are searching any title or anything. Like, before making food for the guest you think about what they might like to eat? Similarly, before start writing your SEO optimize content you should understand what search users want to do, whether they are looking for the product to buy it or they just want information. Google also search the content according to the keywords that whether it is directing to informational keywords or commercial keywords.

6) Target keywords wisely:

Google as a search engine is the controller of your web traffic and keywords are the pioneer of the race of achieving high search engines’ ranking. So, you must be cautious while using keywords as Google search out for the keywords to gauge what the web page is about. It would be engaging and more explicit if you use your primary keyword in the title, use alternative keywords in the rest of the content and again use primary keywords in the concluding paragraph.

7) Long-tail keywords boost traffic:

It is challenging to come up every time with great content with high volume keywords. This is where you need long-tail keywords, especially if your website is new as branded companies are less interested in long tail keywords. It is just not only helpful in dominating the search engines but also in refining your keywords and increasing the conversion rate.

8) Keywords density may dense your content:

Keywords are the important factor for SEO. However, the story of stuffing keywords and rank high has dwindled few years back. Professional SEOs writing optimizing content are no longer running after keyword frequency but rather they are using ‘SEObook keyword density tool’ to use keywords appropriately to optimize the content.

9) Target plenty search queries through LSI:

Search engines manage all search result by using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). LSI job is to search all the available content by matching with the question of the person who is searching. So if you write relevant phrases, long-tail keywords and synonyms then the chances of your content ranking in the SERPs would be high, and you would also successfully make your content readable which might increase conversion rate.

10) Use Google Keyword Planner:

Search and pick up the right keywords for establishing the interest of the audience is vital as the keywords help in determining the mindset and intent of your target readers. Best keyword searching is never ending effort. So, once you finalize your idea seek out relevant keywords in that particular area. Professional SEO use Google Keyword Planner to find the most trending terms and use them to optimize their content for search engines.

11) Answer prospects’ question and get attention:

Whenever the customers or prospects have any question about the product or service, they type in Google. If you generate insightful and credible answers in your content your prospects would visit your page, show an interest of what you have written and they possibly go for your product.

12) Keep your content fresh:

Your words drive engagement whether it is about your audience or search engine robots. Web robots or search engine robots like crawlers and spiders are always busy in scouring the website. Fresh and up-to-date content are what which is Google spider is looking for and so as the prospects and readers. So keep updating your content regularly as when the search engine robots crawl your website, it will feed on your post if it is fresh and favor your post to direct your content to the top.

13) Write more content as long as you adhere to the high-quality standard:

Content writing is all about providing useful and interesting info to the readers. If you are doing so then it is fine, you are doing a job. But from the Google’s view, that page will rank high which has more than 2,000 words in the web content. Intrinsically, not only search engines show interest in long content, but you will also get more backlinks which mean that your page will soon rank with the SERPs. Furthermore, social media which are the powerful source to make any content viral also favors long, in-depth articles. Such content gets more likes and shares which are the primary purpose of your content.

14) Add images and make your content more appealing:

Sharing pictures and images are the most favorite activity in this era, and SEO content writing has also got inspiration from this exciting activity, and now writers exemplify their ideas through photos, infographics, and other images. Search engines also optimize such content as they hold weight and you can also add any key phrases in the image file so that audience can reach to you easily.

15) Page links help to achieve tremendous output:

To make your content more worthy and informative for the readers you can add relevant links having reliable and authentic content. These are one of the essential ingredients of your web content if you want to get search engines’ attention. It helps to make the search engine agree that you are sociable and useful for the audience. However, there are no restrictions at all for page linking, you just work on your target audience, produce the best interesting content for them and add links to mitigate the readers issues.

16) Keep your content fresh:

Always try to compose original and unique content is really tough to achieve but the fact is content is the key to open the gate of the engagement of the audience so you must pick and choose the best appropriate words to develop fresh content. Plagiarism never attracts readers, and the search engine may also penalize your web page. Writing fresh content is not so much difficult at all if you enlist ‘research’ on your daily to-do list and utilize the plagiarism detection software as a never forget tool.

17) Invite readers to take action:

The final puzzle piece of SEO content writing is to persuade readers to react, i.e., creates that kind of content that could drive people till they satisfy and accept your idea or your product. It is not a mighty ask from SEO content as SEOs can equip well with high-quality resources and tool to make their readers agreed upon their writing.

  • Use Bullet points: Bullet points are the essential element like keywords. Keywords are significant to make the web page, blogs or articles searchable in search engines while bullet points have substantial weight to uplift the engagement of the readers with the content and push them into action. Whatever information you want to give or any benefit you want to share with your audience, bullet points are powerful persuasion pointers to convince people.
  • Create non-ignorable and compelling headlines: Many SEO experts believe that headlines are the vital element of SEO content writing and for search engine optimization. They advise that writers should write like a flawless composer whilst think like a reader, this would help writers to write attractive and clickable headlines that could drive the readers to click on the link and dig into the content.
  • Write with clarity of your voice: If your content rank at number 1 in the search engines but the conversion rate is reducing then, it means that your content lack call to action buttons, i.e., poor clarity in your message and therefore readers are less interested and going back to the main search engine page for more suitable content. So, research rigorously and think before you write anything.

SEO content writing strategies highlighted above are valuable to attain rapid growth rate and to make your reader fall in love with your content because all the vital factors to captivate your readers and to improve your organic rankings are here. So, start writing your best piece of content by this useful guide and advance your website traffic.

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  1. All your tips are just wonderful..
    Anyone can earn huge profits by implementing these tactics in the online marketing business…
    Being new in content marketing business, I am confused between Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro?
    I would be very happy I you tell me which is better tool for acquiring long lasting benefits..

  2. What about starting with a headline that makes sense?

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