How Do You Install and Edit a Pre-built Website if You Have No Coding Skills?

A pre-built website is just that. It just needs to be customized to fit a given client’s needs. Although there is often much work to be done, these professionally-designed, pre-built websites provide several invaluable services.

They provide layout foundations to build on. They are sources of ideas and inspiration. They serve as a conceptual designs to be shared with clients. And, they are powerful productivity tools.

Going from a pre-built website to a final product obviously takes work. To some, that means a need for a great deal of coding. It will certainly take a high level of coding expertise to do the needed editing and customizing – or will it?

The answer is a resounding “No”.

  • Working with a Be Theme pre-designed website doesn’t require any coding at all. You can focus on the design – and on your client needs.
  • Pre-built websites will benefit your clients; you can easily show them partially or nearly complete websites – as opposed to prototypes.
  • Your clients will notice how rapidly you complete projects. The time you save is in large part due to the lack of any need for coding.

Your clients benefit, and you benefit. Since using pre-built websites makes creating websites faster and easier, you’ll get more work accomplished in less time. Greater productivity can mean more job offers per unit time.

How to Install and Edit a Pre-built Website

Be Portfolio pre-built website
Image source: Be Portfolio pre-built website

It’s always a good feeling when a complex piece of electronic gear, or a software tool, is plug and play right out of the box. Be Theme is like that when it comes to activating it, installing a pre-built website, and initiating the editing and page-building process.

It’s the same for every one of Be Themes 200+ pre-built websites. Just choose one that best suits your client’s needs, whether that client’s niche is e-commerce, fashion, sports, a portfolio or blog, or whatever. Having done so, you can get right to work.

At first, you’ll rely mostly rely on Be’s Muffin Page Builder and the Muffin Options Panel. Other powerful features will come into play later.

This video outlines the steps you need to follow:

Once you start, you’ll be among the more than 34,000 web designers and professionals who have made Be Theme their WordPress theme of choice over the past 2 years, making Be a ThemeForest best seller.

The Muffin Group team that created Be continually incorporate improvements based on user feedback. In addition, Be’s A+ user support team ensures that you and your clients will benefit from your having selected Be Theme.

The Latest Pre-built Websites Launched

These newest releases are a taste of what awaits you. New Be Theme pre-designed websites are released every month; before long you will have more than 200 to select from.

Be Music

Be Music

Intensity and youthful exuberance highlight this music studio’s website.



VPN with a human touch.

Be Freelancer

Be Freelancer

Short, and to the point.

Be App2

Be App2

Stunning in its simplicity – and inviting.

Be Casino

Be Casino

This one page website features everything a visitor needs to know.



A corporate look; with a strong call to action.

Be Lifestyle

Be Lifestyle

A lifestyle magazine/blog designed to engage visitors.

Be Theme’s Main Features

As you would expect from the biggest WordPress theme ever, Be Theme is made up of a wealth of powerful core features – 40 to be exact. Once you’ve seen the video, and clicked on one or more of these pre-designed websites, you are encouraged to study these core features in greater detail.

The following 5 features are ones you will most likely find to be of significant importance when you are just getting started:

  • The Drag and Drop Muffin Builder makes page (and website) building as quick and easy as it gets.
  • The Admin Panel gives you instant access to a nearly unlimited array of design options.
  • The Layouts Configurator comes in handy when you are starting from a blank canvas. You can rapidly and easily create exactly the layout or layouts you need.
  • With the Shortcode Generator, you can add extra features, and the finest of details, while fully customizing your website without needing a single line of code.
  • Be’s Lifetime Updates insure Be Theme is always in tune with the latest trends; and always operating at peak performance.

Be Theme

You’ve seen how and why pre-built websites are used, and how their use can pay dividends to both you and your clients. The video demonstrates the installation process, along with illustrating how delightfully easy it could be for you to begin your next website-building project.

You’ve also had a chance to examine the latest pre-built website releases, and see how they can be applied to a wide variety of website types and niches. New releases appear monthly, and as Be Theme’s selections grow in number, you’ll find it easier and easier to select one that precisely meets your needs, and the needs of your clients.

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  1. wow…. amazing post.. you smart..thanks !!!

  2. Yes, you have no clue what it takes to build a website. You have no clue what CSS is for but you can take tools like this and call yourself a webmaster and sell to unsuspecting clients. The problem starts when that meta-data you needed to write but did not know what it was, where to find it or how to properly set it up is not done and the site is nothing more than a digital brick that serves no one except the ego of the idiot that is claiming a title they did not earn. It gets even more complicated when something goes wrong and the so called webmaster does not have a clue how to fix it, how to make simple modifications based on the clients needs, add additional functionality or really anything at all.

    Please stop trying to sell this crap and create more problems for those of us that are educated and know what we are doing. Just because you are to lame and cant get clients, stop catering to the problem and go get a job! It is trash like this that is destroying the web and giving the real web developers of the world a bad name that they did nothing to deserve!

    • I’m not sure why are you so upset Kevin. The post is for web designers, not for webmasters. The product does not take jobs from you, it helps you become more productive and it saves you time. It can add money into your pocket.

      Disclosure: I have used the product in my projects and what you say is not true.

      This “crap” was bought by more than 34.000 people. And it’s a top 10 ThemeForest Top Seller for more than a year now. Even if you’re lazy or drop-dead stupid, support will help you fix anything.

      See here for yourself:

      Hence, please stop throwing with mud in a good product.

  3. Nice article.

  4. good

  5. I have used BeTheme to build more than 30 websites and even thought It is a bit bloated with hundred of functions, it’s the most flexible theme I have ever used. However for web designers I heard about the Divi theme that has an excellent Front-end builder. Did you ever try it?

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