Top 14 Smartphone Apps For Designers

With the world going mobile, Apps have become a major part of our life. The entire spectrum of smartphone apps has become so huge that now it includes choicest options for all the types of users, and designers are not an exception to that.

Market is brimming with multifarious designer apps. However, only a few among them are fit for the purpose of providing an aid to the professional designers; listed below are the best 14 of them.

1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw is not the first Adobe product to end up in such compilation lists. Adobe has always been engaged in developing similar designer apps. Draw is, as considered by many, the successor of Adobe Ideas. Since the predecessor itself was so generally liked, the expectations were high with this app, and with so many leading-age advancements, the app does not seem to raise any disappointment. The app comes with five built-in vector brushes that provide exceptional aid in drawing. It also supports all the latest drawing hardware like Adobe Ink, Adonit Jot Touch, Apple Pencil, etc. Adobe has again made it possible to maintain maximum synchronization with supportive Cloud libraries. The facility of direct connection with Photoshop and Illustrator proffers an ease to make refinements on your desktop.

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2. ArtFlow


The app gives you the power to convert your smartphone into a digital sketchbook. It consists of more than seventy tools to give an exquisite digital sketching platform. The multifarious paint brushes and smudge tools provide the expertise experience to users. This app, too, supports multiple pressure sensitive drawing hardware.

The app is very user-friendly making it useful for all the age groups. The color adjustments are influencing enough to awake the artist in you. One can easily create high definition images as it supports the resolution up to 4096×4096 pixels. The app is loaded with advance features, but the most attractive one among them is the ‘Palm rejection’. So bid adieu to the frustration caused by accidental zoom-in and zoom-out. This app too provides the ease of synchronization.

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3. AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360

The name alone is enough to proclaim the advantages of the app. AutoCAD 360 is the official mobile app of AutoCAD, and just like AutoCAD offers the facility to create 2D and 3D computer-aided designs. The best advantage of the app (obviously) is that the architects and other designers do not need to carry their laptops to the sites. The AutoCAD has fitted itself into their pockets. The easy-to-use application provides almost all the features of the desktop version of the software and more. The touch gestures accommodated by CADEDIT makes it possible for the user to draw and edit the shapes efficiently. It supports other features as well, like accurate measurement, annotation, markups, etc.

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4. Behance


Behance is another product by Adobe to make it up to this list. The application is nothing but a platform where exquisite creative artworks are showcased. The app exhibits latest portfolios from the fields of advertising, architecture, fashion, fine art, industrial designs, photography, typography, etc. Everyday. The platform is eagerly accepted and now retains millions of visitors daily. The popularity of the app has converted it into a general platform for the artists around the world. The latest version of the app now even includes a section featuring job boards for all the creative areas.

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5. Camera MX

Camera MX

This is one of the only apps available in the market that provides the ease of enhancing a photograph dynamically. The ‘Live Shot’ feature of Camera MX saves last few seconds of the photo before the capture is being made. Using the app one can easily snap funny, and exciting dynamic snaps. Though this is one prominent feature of the app, it definitely is not only one; in any case, dynamic photos would not be of much use for designers, and this is the list for designer apps. So the feature that made us to add this app in the list is its image effects option.

The app demonstrates tons of effects that includes all the stereotypical casts like Lomo, flip, HDR, overlays, etc. The other features that come handy with this app are- contrast and hue adjustments, video trimming and rotation, intelligent image processing, and excellent media manager. It is evidently a revolutionary app, but if you ask me what its greatest quality is, my answer would be that it’s entirely free!

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6. Color Pop

Color Pop

We all like such color-effects where the whole background is in grayscale, and the focused object is brightly colored. Though the effect can easily be achieved through many image editors, it is Color Pop that has made the task a piece of cake. Since the app is specifically designed for the purpose, it includes multiple features that provide a cutting edge to the processed image. Exquisite zooming, saturation and hue control, color correction, etc. are the few among the many features that have made the app so well-known.

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7. Color Harmonizer

Color Harmonizer

Color Harmonizer provides an easy way to extract a chosen palette of colors from any scene. Simply select an image from your media manager or take a live snap and pick the required color, as easy as that. The app is so easy to use that even though it was originally developed for the professional purpose, many people are currently using it as a fun tool. The app is usually considered as a color extracting tool; however, this is not its only function. Color Harmonizer can also be used to manage varied palettes, and color harmonies; and the effortless export facility allows the user to share the selected patterns with their co-workers. The smartphone application also provides the tradition artistic color wheel; that makes it easily accessible to the users who are apt with the classical process. All in all, it is an excellent must-have app for all the graphic designers.

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8. Font Candy

Font Candy

Text arts or typography designs are the most extrusive part of the web in today’s date. Whether it is an article or blog, most of the influential written works are the ones that involve such images that are uniquely captioned. The dominion of the art has made it imperative for all the designers to have an ace of creating such images. Font Candy has made this interesting task also an easy one. The app was developed by Easy Tiger Apps with the viewpoint of assisting the learner designers, but the efficiency of the app has made it a prominent choice among the experienced designers as well. The app can also be used to create quirky memes.

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9. Fontli


This app is specifically designed as a platform for typographers. It allows the designers to expose their captured arts to a global level. Most people use it as a sharing tool for type arts; however, it would be a case of underutilization, as doing so would keep one from availing the most advantageous feature of the app, which is the large library of fonts.

The app allows it users to not only just share the type arts but also create the new ones. The huge collection of the font types makes it possible for designers to design a unique typography art every single time. The instant share option allows the user to share their prized collections with their friends and colleagues, turning the app into a choice teamwork tool. The app may come in handy for the designers creating logo, monogram, signage, and illustration designs.

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10. Fuzel Collage

Fuzel Collage

It is an award-winning product by Fuzel, that, as the name suggests, is used for creating collages. Albeit, there are several other applications, even the built-in ones, that provides a user with the facility of creating a collage, then what is so special about this app; it is the availability of hundreds of interesting themes and liberty of augmenting as many images as one may desire. The app also provides numerous photo effects, stickers, patterns, labels & frames to embellish your collage with. The developers also illustrate weekly fun activities that are not meant only for amusement, but also to develop one’s ability to create collages; what more? They even offer free credits for each achievement.

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11. Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express

The next in line app from the developers of pixlr-o-matic is a powerful photo editor applications. It offers more than two million combinations of picture effects, overlays, and designer borders. The interactive user interface allows you to work as an expert. The app provides many advanced as well as basic editing features like resizing, cropping, color enhancement, red eye removal, etc. One can easily create an art piece out of a regular image with the of 600+ effects. The biggest advantage of Pixlr Express is that its simple and intuitive interface is available on both desktop and small mobile devices.

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12. Sketchbook Express

Sketchbook Express

SketchBook Express is professional paint tablet and smartphone application developed by Autodesk Inc. It is best used on the devices that have screen sizes of 4 (or more) inches. The app is loaded with impressive sketching tools that include 15 preset brushes, and traditional yet advanced color wheel. The more advanced parts of the app like synthetic pressure sensitivity tools, fade-effect brush, smooth lined shapes, transform selection, etc. makes it an ideal choice for the designers who were looking for a device on which they can develop an artwork on the go. Other compelling features of the app are multi-touch navigation, zoom effects up to 2.5 times, transparency control, multiple draw styles and toggle-able layers. Furthermore, the app has its own community of users on deviantArt that can be accessed using the inbuilt gallery, making the app a must-have for all the art-lovers.

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13. Sketchworthy


Sketchworthy is one multipurpose app to create and manage notes, sketches, scribbles, and annotate. The instinctual interface increases the effectuality of the app exponentially. The universal app enables you to to annotate everything from maps to web pages to photos, with fluid drawing tools. It also proffers a great collection of paper types (like graphs, music sheets, blueprints, planners, etc.) that can be used alternatively in a notebook. The flexibility provides an inimitably efficient approach to organize data and information. It is undeniably one of the most advanced designer app out there that provides completely customized environment. Sharing, too, comes handy with this app. The built-in sharing option allows you to post your design, image, type art, file and, of course, sketch, instantly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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14. Infinite Design

Infinite Design

Infinite design is the latest addition to this list, and a must have too. The app consists of the most advanced features ever found in any of the designer apps. It is one of the only few apps that provides user the flexibility of creating 3D images with five different perspective views! The customizable integrated environment, unlimited undo(s), infinite color and palettes, and easy import/export facility are just a small part of the app; the bigger part includes infinite canvas, Boolean operations, unlimited layers, shape detection and incredible transform tools. The app even offers the grid facility, which hitherto has been found only in advanced designing devices. This, indeed, is the app for all the ardent designers out there.

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