Easy To Use Tools For Hard Projects

Most hard projects are won by pro teams that tested lots of tools. We did that for you and we will share it with you.

Please find below 14 easy to use tools that are used in the most difficult projects. You will find web tools and services, but also WordPress themes and other awesome things.

Any of these tools will ease your work and will help you get better results.

1. Muffingroup.com


You can’t notice the professionalism, the design element positioning and the overall look and feel of BeTheme, the greatest product from Muffin Group, that gives you a big variety of themes to use for your WordPress websites, that you can easily import within seconds at 1 click. All themes are fully customizable and the drag and drop page builder makes it all more efficient and easy. You will feel like a pro, even if you actually have no coding experience needed!

There are many features that are brought to you by BeTheme, including Custom Font Uploader (upload any font you want and use for website), 7 different Header versions (Modern, Classic, Stack: Left, Stack: Center, Stack: Right, Simple & Empty), 12 predefined skins, one page website possibility with nice scroll effect, smooth & reliable parallax effect, WooCommerce ready (create own e-commerce store) and a Mega Menu, where you can manage all these options. Plus, they have just added new things, such as the “Wraps” section or the new layout, graphics and light colors. Go check them out!

2. Shrinktheweb.com


ShrinkTheWeb.com is a service for website marketing that might help you increase your revenue if used right. It takes the awful manual screenshot taking process and turns it into an automated task made by a plugin, like Drupal, WordPress and many more, or from a single line of code in a scheduled process in PHP, Ruby on Rails or even the age-old Perl! You can try its amazing speed right on their website, just by entering your website address on the bar on their platform. Full paid features are pretty useful too: custom screenshots, full length shots (to get more than the content above-the-fold), and, more exciting, customizable signature placeholders. With all these features, what would you like to have? You should go straight to them to find more!

3. Flyzoo.co


Flyzoo is a cloud-based hosted chat which was built to ensure a fast message delivery without overloading your server. No coding skills are required. You just have to copy and paste the script into your HTML. It is built on the latest technologies to ensure a fast message delivery and it does not overload your server because all your communications are handled by your infrastructure.

Try it and you will see how useful can be!

4. Iconfinder.com


It is so hard to find a great, affordable designer from so many freelancers to create your personalized icon for your brand. But with Iconfinder, everything is a piece of cake! Your personal project manager from Iconfinder will guide and follow you through the whole process of contact between you and the icon designers. Yes, you can hire the world’s best icon designers for your next custom icon design. You will complete the design brief with your details, you will get some quotes you can pick from and the job is almost done! You can observe how thorough Iconfinder is, because they will even pay you back if the deadline is exceeded or the product quality is not acceptable.

5. Simbla.com


Using an easy-to-use interface and a fully responsive design, Simbla is the best choice for your freshly new business website. It is a fully responsive website builder that uses Bootstrap3 cutting edge technology, thus you can upgrade your website with the ability to change its appearance and layout, based on the screen size on which it is displayed. This leads to optimal viewing experience via a wide range of devices – mobile, tablets and computers. We think that’s great!

6. Themify.me


The Themify’s Builder is probably the most powerful page designer for WordPress, where you can find over 40 beautifully made templates. It has a drag and drop interface and many useful features, that can help you in achieving a high-quality website. You can style the layouts how you wish, arrange rows and columns in the desired order and use many extendable add-ons. Builder works with any post type including all custom post types by the theme and other plugins.

7. Optinmonster.com


In order to increase the number of subscribers on your website, OptinMonster found the ideal forms and features to help you with that. Used by over 276,000 websites, including Forbes, it catches the attention of your users by using exit intent technology, to detect user behavior and prompt them with a targeted campaign at the precise moment they are about to leave, popups, floating bars, scroll boxes and many others. Have a look!

8. actiTIME.com


actiTIME is an easy to use time tracking software built for teams. You will never lose a minute of your billable time. With powerful reporting you will get an instant overview of your billable and non-billable time and project progress. With accurate and hassle-free invoicing you will be able to create custom invoices for your clients and get paid faster. Start using actiTIME for free!

9. Pidoco.com


Pidoco is a browser-based prototyping tool that also offers you a mobile simulation. You can test drive your prototypes on iOS and Android devices in real-time. Since it’s web-based you can easily create and edit mockups and get working prototypes in front of the client without having to worry about any compatibility issues. It can also generate specification documents which you can hand to your development team as a blue print or to clients for sign-off or export your prototypes as PNG wireframes or vector files or as HTML when you are offline.

10. Xfive.co


A team of developers around the world characterized by an unique style and a thorough approach, Xfive can make your design turn to a living, functional website. You can have a simple task and receive a front-end design or you just can ask for your project to be built from the ground up and you will be certainly satisfied. Brands like Twitter, Microsoft and Fox have been.

11. Bowtie.io


Bowtie.io is a static site building tool that guarantees lightning fast content for your visitors, hosted on secure, scalable cloud infrastructure. Ditch your database-driven content management system and build next generation sites. BowTie gives you User Management, Admin Controls, Stripe Payments, and Zapier, with faster load times and more security than WordPress or Drupal. Clients can update content in a customizable interface.

12. H-Code Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme

H-Code Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Whether you have a business in the fashion industry or a design agency, you will find what you are looking for in the H-Code theme, a fully responsive and creative theme for making your WordPress websites look amazing. Thanks to their visual composer and the many short codes, anyone can build pages and portfolios quickly, with just a one-click installation. Go check these guys out!

13. 48hourslogo.com


48HoursLogo is simply the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to get a beautiful, custom designed logo, proved by the fact that more than 30,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs have used it for getting amazing logo design services, which made it one of the best logo contest websites on the Internet. Post your project now!

14. Thesquid.ink


If you would like to give a fresher design to your website, you can do that by simply changing the icons! Squid Ink provides you with an enormous gallery of handcrafted and pixel-perfect icons ready to use in your projects. They are vectorial, so you can resize them and, even more, change the colors or layer styles. You can choose between a free plan, where you will get 50 icons and unlimited projects or a paid one, of 45$, where you can get all 2000 awesome icons!


Why spend hours in doing something that a tool can do it for you in a couple of minutes ? Try any of the above tools and services and you will see how easy you can use them.

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