A Design Collaboration and Feedback Tool That Gets You from First Draft to Finished Design, in No Time!

When you’re working on a web or graphic design project, revisions from your team and clients can pile up quickly over email and chat programs.

If you’re still using Skype or email to type your revisions to designers, there’s a much better way.

Get through design revisions faster than ever before

CuePin makes giving design feedback unbelievably easy. This strikingly simple platform lets you upload an unlimited number of images, mockups and web designs, and give revisions on them by placing a pin anywhere on the design. That’s all there is to it.

Get through design revisions faster than ever before

Built for freelancers, designers, marketing agencies and project managers, CuePin keeps your team on the same page, whether you work in the same office or all over the world. You’re free to invite as many collaborators as you want – and it’s so intuitive that anyone can start using it instantly, with no learning curve.

As easy as dropping a pin

Although CuePin will speed up your workflow, it’s not a project management program – it’s a design collaboration and feedback tool. It replaces lengthy revisions in email and chat programs with a single streamlined interface, created to make your life easier.

Just log in, create a new project, invite colleagues, and click “Create” – and your new project is all set up and ready to go.

As easy as dropping a pin

You can add files – images (JPG, PNG, GIF) and documents (DOC, PDF) by dragging and dropping, or by browsing your computer. You’re free to upload as many files as you want, and invite as many people as you’d like to comment on them.

When you click a file inside your project, you’ll be able to attach notes to it, just as you’d tag a piece of paper with sticky notes or cue cards. You can edit or delete your notes as you go.

Anyone you’ve invited will be able to comment on your designs – or view the full comment history in the chat window. But don’t worry about sending updates, because CuePin will automatically notify your team members when you upload a file or make a comment.

To move between files, just click the left and right arrows on your keyboard. That makes it easy to jump back and forth between versions – or any related files – and examine the designs as you compare users’ feedback on each of them. And with the maximized zoom-in feature, you can even see your designs in full screen view.

The features you need – without the clutter

Your time is too valuable to waste on a bunch of clunky features that may or may not simplify your feedback process. CuePin will get you from first draft to finished designs faster – without the time-consuming rounds of email and chat revisions.

And for a limited time, CuePin is offering a FREE 30 day trial – no credit card or billing info needed. Just choose an email and password, and you’re ready to go!

The features you need – without the clutter

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