Top 20 Free Fonts to Create Projects on a Budget

When it comes to deciding on a font for your graphic design project the options are endless. From sans to serifs, scripts to bold displays, it can be hard to know what to choose from when just starting out.

The subtle differences between typefaces call for attention to detail to create the look and feel of your desired aesthetic.

This process makes for some important design decisions since font has the ability to convey a projects or brands personality. With that in mind, choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming and daunting at times, with so many varieties on the market. Plus, a limited budget can quickly be overspent when on the search for the perfect font.

Luckily, there are numerous excellent font varieties from talented designers that are completely free for personal and commercial use! With an eye for current design trends, we’ve scoured the web to compile a list of free font resources for a variety of creative designs. Whether you’re creating a bold headline, looking to display basic text, designing logos, creating beautiful invitations or developing a brand identity – we’ve gathered a comprehensive group of typefaces that deliver on design and function. To help save you loads of time, we’re sharing our list of the top 20 on trend free design resources to help you create beautiful projects on a budget.

1. Big Jim / Slim Joe

Big Jim / Slim Joe

Looking for a font option with a lot of contrast, geometric shape and modern feel? Designer Ion Lucin delivers with the Big John / Slim Joe typeface. Think of Big John as the protective brother to sister Slim Joe creating a duo perfect for bold headlines and strong visual impact.

2. Sandhya Script

Sandhya Script

Sandhya is a beautiful script by Unicode with modern calligraphy flair. The flowing lines of this feminine typeface make this great for a variety of creations. Use it for projects like invitations, greeting cards, inspiration quotes, branding and more!

3. Coves


Designer Jack Harvatt brings us Coves, a fresh font inspired by nature. The full character range creates a type great for titles and logos. Plus, the simple rounded edges create a modern look to be desired.

4. Pier


Designed with everyday text in mind, Pier is a beautiful sans serif type with a modern and structured feel. Designer Mathieu Desjardins offers four styles of this sleek typeface great for a varietyof projects – however big or small.

5. Classique Saigon Typeface

Classique Saigon Typeface

Inspired by the classic hand-drawn panels and banners of Saigon, designer Manh Nguyen has reimagined the style in digital format through Classique Saigon. This thick and geometric sans serif creates a vibrant aesthetic while paying homage to the retro hand-drawn designs of the past. Available in multiple languages, this typeface is great for a number of applications.

6. Rhubard Font

Rhubard Font

Inspired by Art Deco design, RhubarbRhubard is a typeface great for a variety of projects from designer Lukasz Kulakowski. We love the juxtaposition of bold and soft in every letter and the variety of weights provided.

7. Audrey


Inspired by the elegance and charm of Audrey Hepburn, Audrey is a stunning typeface with personality. Created by designer Cristina Panotta, Audrey combines curvy geometry and straight lines for a typeface great for paragraphs and other projects.

8. Stellar


Designer Mathieu Desjardins brings us this sans serif font packed with personality. The tall height and variety of weights in Stellar creates a look that is truly out of this world.

9. Zefani Typeface

Zefani Typeface

Elegance and luxury collide with the Zefani stencil and sans typefaces by Andrew Herndon. The Zefani family mixes bold lines and strong characters with monoline strokes to create a minimalist font masterpiece.

10. Debby


Debby is a hand-drawn brush typeface that brings an edgy, natural feel to your projects. The slight imperfections create a personal touch great for a range of projects from wedding invitations, logos, posters and more.

11. NOOA


NOOA is a pretty demi-serif font by designer AntoniePilette. With a modern editorial feel this free font would be great for a variety of projects.

12. Lombak


Modern and geometric, the unique shapes of Lombak add interest to anything you create. Ideal for posters, headlines, and logos, designer AlexandrePietra has created a typeface with a lot of personality.

13. Elixia


If you’re on the hunt for a typeface that speaks of the future, then you’ve found it with Elixia. This ultra-modern geometric font from designer Kimmy Lee was inspired by the hexagonal grid system. Medieval and modern, Elixia is great for decorative display.

14. Luna


Luna is a quirky handwritten font by designer Amanda Leeson. Add a touch of light-heartedness to your next project with this fun typeface.

15. Butler


If you’re looking for a modern take on the traditional serif typeface, Butler is a great place to start. Created by designer Fabian De Smet, this serif is inspired by DalaFloda and the Bodoni family. Great for titles, headlines and other fancy things; Butler creates a fresh look for your designs.

16. Aventura


If you’re on the hunt for a typeface with a more rugged feel, you’re in luck with Aventura by designer Jimmy Kalman. The sturdy weight of the typeface conjures images of the great outdoors and adventures to come.

17. Futuracha


Each letter is a work of art with the Futuracha typeface. Inspired by a futuristic approach to art deco, designer Holy created a beautiful font ideal for headlines and logos.

18. Ikaros


Ikaros is a clean and bold sans serif by designer Matt Ellis. With two weights available for download, interesting lines and a strong appearance, this is a typeface ideal for a variety of projects.

19. Ansley Display

Ansley Display

This slab serif typeface has a retro look while maintaining a modern feel. Ideal for headlines and large displays, Ansley Display by designer KadyJesko creates a look and feel of playing sports in the summer. Available for free personal and commercial use, the variety of weights and displays make this typeface a fun choice for your next bold project.

20. Anurati


Another take on a futuristic typeface, Anurati by designer Emmeran Richard has bold lines and unique shapes. Free for personal and commercial use, this typeface can be imagined a number of different ways depending on the needs of your creative vision. Add color or keep it simple, this font offers a lot of variety.

What free fonts do you incorporate into your projects? We love to add to our ever-growing list of budget friendly design resources! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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