The Best Resources For Websites and Apps You’ll Find

The ingredients of creating a successful website or application are as follows: determination, ambition, passion and the best tools and resources available out there.

Now, we can’t help with the determination, ambition and passion part. But we can surely point you in the direction of some of the best tools and resources you can find anywhere.

1. BeTheme


If you’re searching for a high resolution, widget ready, cross-browser theme for your WordPress website, look no further than Muffin Group’s BeTheme. This responsive, multi-purpose theme is ready to answer your every need. With over 180 pre-made layouts, 20 different header styles and compatibility with tools like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Events Calendar and more, BeTheme is ready to answer your every need and make your website both unique and memorable. Not only will you be able to create your website easily with the help of Muffin Builder and other compatible Visual Composer builders, but the powerful admin panel provided by Muffin Group will also ensure that you will be able to administer it seamlessly. What’s more, Muffin Group also offer custom support to all its clients and a guaranteed response within 24 hours of you submitting your problem, they take any kind of contact be it on one of their forms, via tickets or private messages.

2. Jupiter business WordPress theme

Jupiter business WordPress theme

With more than 30,000 happy customers, the team behind Jupiterhas combined their experience in the field with top notch technology to createone of the best products around. Meet the new Jupiter business WordPress theme. Version 5 is sharper, faster and better looking than ever.This theme suits all types of businesses. Jupiter will provide you witha professional looking website that is intuitive for your users and it will help you achieve an efficient online presence. Some of the new features of this theme include gradient icons, ornamental titles, more Google fonts, blending effects for page section, a new contact form style and much more. Used by professionals all around the world, the theme comes highly recommended. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist or a freelancer, you can now fully rely on Jupiter for enhancing your conversion rate, boosting your sale figures and cutting back on the bounce rate. Browse through more than 50 templates and choose what best represents your brand to get your content the exposure it deserves. Choose the theme that has become the go-to solution for multiple US agencies and celebrities for your website.

3. Unsplash


A website is never complete without appropriate imagery. The appropriate visual incentive can mean the difference between a user lingering on your website for hours or browsing away in seconds. However, since we’re not all creatively inclined, Unsplash can become a true life-saver. This website provides amazing, high resolutions pictures that are completely free to use. What’s more, you can even modify them to your heart’s desire. Subscribe to Unsplash’s mailing list and you will receive notification every 10 days when 10 new photos are uploaded.

4. PowerMockup


PowerMockup is a simple and efficient add-on that inserts a library pane directly into your PowerPoint window and allows you to create mockups for your application easily. PowerMockupgives you access to hundreds of mockup shapes and wireframes. This prototyping toolkit was especially created for PowerPoint and it will help you step up your game. You will be able to create mockups and wireframes to use for mobile applications or websites. Browse through an extensive collection of more than 800 user interface icons and elements to find the exact match for what you had in mind. Created entirely from PowerPoint shapes, the elements will give you the freedom to produce prototypes for desktop applications faster than ever before. PowerMockup is incredibly easy to use. The Quick Search feature helps you get right down to business, as the filters speed up the process, helping you finish the task faster. The Drag and Drop option is easy and quick, and the Smart Shapes offer a wide range of functionality that you can put to good use.

5. Flat Icons

Flat Icons

Although they may sometimes be easily overlooked, icons are a vital part of any website or application design. Quality icons can help make your project stand out and increase your user experience at the same time. If you’re looking for premium quality and an elegant design that will work easily with the rest of your project, then you’re looking for Flat Icons. This website offers you some of the best bundles of flat icons available anywhere. They look insanely great, they are very easy to customize and resize and they come in an array of formats like: AI, ESP, SVG or PNG. Even more great news, the coupon code ‘bequick15’ will get you a 15% off of everything available on the store. Don’t waste any time as the coupon is only available for a limited time and go toFlat Icons right now.

6. SwissUpLabs


Are you ready to improve your sales figures for your Magento power shop? SwissUpLabs will help you do just that. Their new Magento extensions are the result of many years of research, experiment, trial and error. Customers can now reap the benefits of powerful modules that will increase sales and conversion rates. The modules offered by SwissUpLabs were especially designed for Magento, created to improve overall performance and they offer users an enhanced experience on your site. Produced from scratch, the modules boast an attractive and intuitive interface that will set you on your path to success. These amazing business marketing ideas were created by experts in the field and target specific objectives in order to help your business flourish. Of them, the Review Reminder extension will enable you to automatically send emails to potential customers to remind them of your site and products. Also check out the very useful product labels that are ideal for promoting a newly launched product in a professional manner.

7. actiTIME


The main objective of actiTIME is to improve your team performance. If you’ve been looking for ways to lower the costs of your projects and make your business stronger, you will definitely benefit from implementing actiTIME. Suitable both for small firms and large corporations, actiTIME can be easily adjusted to any business requirements. With this tool you will be able to control time spent on projects, compare your profit and loss, automate PTO accrual, notify your team about upcoming deadline and many more. actiTIME. If you’ve been looking for a software to enable you to fine tune your time management processes, look no further. actiTIME is very intuitive, with no learning curve.

8. actiPLANS


Managing leave time requests has never been this easy before. With actiPLANS, you can speed up the procedure of asking, rejecting or approving leave time requests. The process is fast and efficient: actiPLANS users can request time off or sick leave whether they do it from their desktop or on-the- go. Managers are instantly notified and can either approve or reject the request. Users receive an update and their leave time is instantaneously added to the shared chart. actiPLANS helps you get rid of complicated Excel files and puts an end to endless emails. Besides such great features like PTO automatic accrual, leave time report, email notifications, actiPLANS has a mobile app that allows users to inform each other when they are running late or leaving early. actiPLANS has a free version for small teams.

9. CloudCart


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If you’re looking for a fast way to create your very own online store, you need CloudCart. This eCommerce website builder makes sure that you can construct and launch your very own store in 30 seconds. All you have to do is follow these 4 steps: register an account, choose a template, add your products and start selling. With CloudCart you’ll have the chance to enjoy a service that has a team of experienced, dedicated developers backing it up. CloudCart will provide you with a user-friendly eCommerce builder that lets you build your own online store without any technical knowledge. What’s more, all you need to pay for CloudCart is a small monthly subscription and all the income from your purchases will stay with you. No hidden transaction fees. Choose CloudCart today and enjoy the wide array of features readily available and a 24/7 support system that is guaranteed to answer your every question. Start your 30 day trial right now.

10. Wufoo


Surely, forms are not the most exciting part of creating a website. However, they are very important and having a proper form for your website can save you a lot of grief from your users down the line. That being said, you can’t go wrong with a form created by Wufoo. This web-based application does all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is drag and drop the fields you need to create your form and Wufoo will take care to create the architecture and the database to support your form. What’s more, it will also provide you with analytics to help you monitor the forms result and make reports on the collected data.

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  1. Why is it you only offer things for WordPress when you talk about resources for websites? Why dont you find and offer things for real CMS platforms? Most of us that build websites for a living dont rely on a blog tool to build interactive, functional websites.

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