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  1. Good trends and the logo designs is really fantastic. I’m glad here. Thanks

  2. How can one follow a logo design trend? Logo designs are customized and made to fit the business they represent so following a logo design trend makes no sense.

  3. Following design trends is all very well but having a unique and original logo is just as good as a trendy one.

  4. For starters, most of the design examples presented here are years old & therefore have little to no relevance to the forthcoming design climate.

    Secondly, these are all ‘standard’ stylised pathways the are abundant in any good year.

    As Sean alluded to earlier, following a design brief properly, will lead you into a certain stylisation/artistic direction which has nothing to do with what’s ‘trendy’ – unless of course you’re designing for your folio first & your client second, which is irresponsible.

    You’ll find that ‘design trends’ come out of the woodwork when ‘designers’ are making large quantities of conceptual works & calling them logos.

    • I absolutely agree.

      I was a little shocked when I saw “gradient logos” and “3d”, I actually scrolled back up to make sure check I was still in the same “2016 trends” article.

  5. Good work,
    Above mentioned logo trends should be followed by by designers in order to create a relevant logo. The flat design trend is best in order to design a simple and attractive logo.

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