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I think that everyone of us has seen at least one movie of Chuck Norris. He is a great actor, but I fully agree with the common conception that he plays the roles of super men.

He is invincible, incorruptible, unbeatable, and he is always right! Consequently, there are a lot of jokes about the mighty Chuck Norris – for example when Google has a question, they “Norris” it!

I asked myself about the possibility of Chuck Norris to be a web designer. Of course, his creations will be best of the best, but how will these pass the responsiveness test? I have the solution – the devices and the operating systems will adapt to Chuck Norris websites and not vice-versa! Fortunately, Chuck Norris doesn’t have time to create websites and the average designers & developers should craft online presences that adapt to the various devices and operating systems!

Well, my intention isn’t to make jokes about Chuck Norris; I want to present in a friendly manner the idea that being a hero in the world of web design is a chimaera! Yeah, two decades ago it was possible for a web designer to stand apart from the competitors because there were only a bunch of website creators.

Today, the context is quite different! The competition amongst website crafters is harsh and the days when a designer was able to create good websites using only a text editor as Notepad are gone forever. I honestly believe that today the best tool of a designer or developer to create a website is the collaboration. Yeah, the “old” designer is replaced by a team of designers and developers that should collaborate in order to resist on the market! The members of the design community must collaborate and share ideas, techniques, scripts or auxiliary tools – being together is more and more important. Networking seems in contradiction with competition, but in fact these are more interconnected than you think! Networking and competition are the pillars of evolution! It’s common not only for designers or developers and it’s worldwide spread the misconception that a competitor is an enemy! This is false and Codester is a living example to prove that the competitive market doesn’t exclude the collaboration!


In its “About” page, Codester is defined as “an online marketplace where developers and designers can buy and sell various ready-to-use web development assets”. I think that it is the essence of profitable collaboration – someone sells web development assets and other buys them and uses in his/her projects. The skeptical ones claim that in this way the competitors are helped; the other ones consider it a good opportunity to earn some money! As always in life, the truth is somewhere in the middle!

In other words, Codester is a marketplace created for designers and developers by designers and developers! Instead of storing snippets, scripts or graphics on a hard-drive it’s way better to upload here and get money from selling them. Codester team tests all the materials uploaded for sale, therefore there is a certitude that what you buy is top-quality.

There is no pure white or black in this world, so I can’t say that it’s 100% sure a profitable affair to sell your web development assets, but definitely you should give heed to this opportunity. It’s great to get some money from items you don’t need or don’t use and Codester seems to be the perfect environment for this business. Here are some features that should entice you to register and start selling and/or buying.

1. A new platform with a huge potential

Forbes estimates that in 2020 half of working individuals will be freelancers. It’s an article published in 2014 and we are in 2016! Well, it’s true that it’s not a professional approach to cite sources from two years ago, but my purpose it’s to demonstrate you that we are in the middle of a revolution and many of us aren’t aware of. Here is an article from Forbes published last year and the main conclusion is that freelancing phenomenon is still growing. I think that there are enough evidences to sustain the idea that freelancing will gain more popularity in the next years.

Crafting websites is one of the trades that it’s the most suitable for freelancers. Consequently, the marketplaces as Codester will be more and more used by designers and developers. In order to shine in the future, you should take action in the present. It means to register to Codester or other online marketplaces and start being implied in this industry. Codester is in its infancy stage and in these circumstances it is easier to create a selling personal brand. The registration and uploading the works for sale can be done in less than a half an hour.

Wrapping up, selling your development assets is and it will be profitable. As a result, any designer or developer should focus on the marketplaces as Codester and test the waters. It’s free, simple, it doesn’t take too much time and the potential benefits are attractive.

2. Codester saves time and resources for developers

From my parents to anyone that has a Facebook account agree with the fact that coding is the future. Therefore, writing that coding is important will make me boring, so I hope that this six-minute video will be more interesting and will captivate your attention.

Anyway, the idea is that once the Internet of Things will come into houses, the coding will turn into something more common – maybe a habit similar to handwriting? Definitely, coding is more and more important!

Back in our days, the coding languages are more specific and the job of a developer is a real hell. One of the solutions to resist is to outsource the tasks that you can’t realize. Codester is a great help in this regard – instead of searching for developers able to create the code you need, why don’t you directly search for the code? Use the search form and it’s a high chance that the respective code to be available for sale! You save time and resources; beside these, you have the certitude that the scripts are bug-free because they are reviewed by Codester team.

3. A large pool of web developments assets

Large pool of web developments assets

Codester is a reliable solution for scripts, but it is also an interesting place for people searching for mobile app templates, plugins, themes or various types of graphics. Practically, everyone interested in crafting amazing online presences should constantly check Codester.

In the “Script & Code” section are showcased for sale useful PHP scripts (Smart Chat, PHP Log In Protection Script, Personal Betting PHP Script, ZEN Banner PHP, Flash Poker V2 – Multiplayer Poker PHP Script), but also JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C# or VB.Net ones.

In the “Mobile Apps” there are more than 225 templates and all of them are original and beautifully designed. The Android developers have a lot of cool scripts –from app source code for various games as Team Tomato, Strike the City, Pixel Up to source code for video downloaders, converters, calendars. Obviously, nor the iOS developers are ignored – they have many cool templates, too.

In the “Themes” section, WordPress is the leading solution, but here are many HTML, Magento or PrestaShop themes. The themes and website templates are looking great and the prices are affordable even for the small budget customers.

Codester has a section for plugins and once again the WordPress developers should be happy because they have the most options. There are modules and extensions for PrestaShop, Magento or Opencart and the same as in the case of themes, the prices are OK.

The “Graphics” section has the most numerous assets – there are tons of logos that with just a few tweaks may be used for various identity purposes.

4. Seller vs. buyer or seller & buyer

Seller vs. buyer or seller & buyer

In the introductory part of this post I highlighted the importance of collaboration. Codester is a place where the role of seller and buyer are well delimited, but these can be changed depending on the context. In other words, you may sell or buy web assets and I guess that there is no better situation to reveal how effective the collaboration between website creators is.

5. Quality support for buyers and sellers

Codester proposes three methods of helping the users. First of all is the support – there is nothing special, everyone used at least once a similar contact form. It should be used for general questions; for specific purposes you can contact the author through his/her profile.

Secondly, the forum is a great help because here are integrated replies from Codester staff and other users. I think that this information mixture is the best solution to solve a problem. Last but not least, the blog is full of interesting posts that cover areas as web development, web design, freelancing, business, and Internet marketing. Even though you aren’t a registered user, the blog fully deserves your attention.


Codester may be a solution for every designer or developer interested in getting some money from selling reusable web assets. Definitely, the marketplaces selling these kind of products will grow both in number and importance.

As I mentioned earlier, being aggregated in these marketplaces brings lots of advantages. You may join Codester or other similar communities; what really matter is to treat it very seriously! I presented Codester features because I am sure that it’s a reliable opportunity. Of course, as everything man-made, Codester is perfectible! As a personal remark, I consider that the forum should have more topics; at this moment is too small to be attractive for the users. Another drawback is the navigational menu that is too discrete, a bigger size font would make miracles. What do you think, am I right?

I am waiting for your opinions about Codester and its navigational menu! Are you interested in joining this community? The more opinions, the better for all of us so don’t be selfish and share your thoughts with us!

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