Useful Tools That Will Ease Your Work

We live in the modern era of speed and technology, so using efficient and useful tools is a must for most of us and is the standard way of doing things.

After a strong search on the internet but also after talking with guys from different domains, we succeed to create this showcase of 12 useful tools for your projects.

Any of these tools will ease your work and will help you get better results.


Do you organise an event and want to take full control over your tickets and customers? Are you looking for the easiest way to do so? Tickera comes to help you with its special WordPress plugin that you can use in order to sell and send tickets. It has many amazing features, for instance the ability to create different ticket templates with its drag & drop template builder, managing events and selling tickets directly on your website or controlling the number of available check-ins per each ticket type. All of these can be easily made thanks to the great fusion between WooCommerce and Tickera called Bridge for WooCommerce.

In addition, Tickera is made to work well with almost every WordPress theme that is well-coded, but they have made a selection of some themes that are specially built for this plugin, some of them being Eventa (event WordPress theme), MyCity (geolocation directory and events guide theme) and MeetUp (conference and event theme).

Furthermore, the payment is made fast and easy thanks to the 100+ payment options and gateways, which process, verify, and accept or decline credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant. Among this hundred of gateways, we find 2checkout,, Braintree, PayGate, PayPal, Mollie, KOMOJU and many others, expanding proportional to the customers’ needs. All of these benefits makes us love Tickera and we hope we can share this passion with you, too!


Thanks to Backblaze, one of the greatest backup programmes on the internet, you can now benefit from many backing up options so that you won’t lose your files anymore! The first and most efficient one for yourself as a person is the Personal Backup, with only $5/month, which lets you automatically backup ALL your files including documents, photos, music and movies. It also takes care of your data safety and it lets you use a personal encryption key for additional security.

Another option is the Business Backup, for which you give an annual expense of $50 per computer and you are assured that every company file is safe. For both options, all data, regardless of the file size, is automatically backed up all the time. The last option is dedicated to developers and IT, called B2 Cloud Storage and it is remarkable through its extremely low cloud storage – 0.005/GB a month. All these options are very safe and easy-to-use, so go ahead and save your files from being lost!


Taking screenshots of a website can be a pain in the ass most of the times, because it’s mostly manual work, even when you’re using an online software. And you can’t just leave this marketing asset away. So here comes, an online service that works with all kinds of plugins, from WordPress to Drupal and several programming languages, like PHP, Ruby on Rails and even the old Perl. You can schedule automated website previews and, by making a pro account, you can get your hands on several great features. Some of them are full-length and custom sizes captures, for getting the most out of your website. The private label service is even more interesting, letting you add your own logo as the placeholder, turning the image into a valuable piece of marketing product. Among these you can turn URLs to PDFs for more adaptability when showing your project to potential customers. Easy to install and efficient, Shrink The Web might be just what you need.

4. is, as they describe themselves, a complete WordPress suite. It’s not only a theme or a framework, it’s much, much more. It offers premium plugins to unleash your imagination to its great potential. Using Twitter Bootstrap, it has great capabilities and it is very easy to use. Another feature that can boost your workflow is the one-click plugin update system. It provides a more common, but pretty useful drag-and-drop builder, with tons of choices that don’t limit your designs. One of their principles is “A site is worth nothing if it does not show your style!”, so they come with an interface for everyone: it is easier to use than Microsoft Word!


It might look like we are talking about a fictional character, but no. Simbla Website Builder isn’t that. Simbla Website Builder is a free website maker platform, that helps you create a website for you business. It is easy and simple to use, given the fact that you just “drag” the desired elements and “drop” them where you want and it is perfect for non-advanced users, as it provides them with 300 MB space and 300 MB bandwidth per month for free!

6. is both a website builder, with its drag-and-drop tool, and a theme showcase. You can customize anything without any CSS coding required, you can import any of their examples and you can hook your content incrementally. All their clients are pleased by the functionality and the less time wasted enhanced workflow. Haven’t we convinced you already? Than you should visit it yourself.


What other way can lead to the succes of your company than an organised database where all the information can be shared between you and your team? Using TeamDesk, you can achieve this. Get started by choosing one predefined database template or by building one from scratch. Each database’s design consists of types of tables with rows an columns, and you can completely customise it! In no time we are sure that you will see the results in your business’ development.


Hotjar is the ideal choice for web developers, product managers, analysts, digital marketers, agencies and consultants, given the fact that it boosts your site, by recording your visitors’ behaviour, through analysing their click, taps and scrolls. It makes you think like an actual visitor by understanding their mindset, thus making it possible for you to make the right changes.


Want to create your own websites, landing pages, online resumes, portfolios or promo sites that are 100% mobile-friendly and easy-to-use? Mobirise is an offline app for Windows and Mac that lets you do this, in no time and for free. Its themes are based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 and it also has a big variety of pre-made website blocks to choose from: full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, content slider and more.


Nowadays, business owners simply want to get their sites done and running with little cost and without being obliged to hire a web design agency. Luckily, we found the solution for this problem, and it is represented by uKit, a Do-It-Yourself website creation platform, with a simple Drag-n-Drop interface which allows you to personalize your site’s look the way you wish. It is one of the best on the internet, fact proven by the related ratings, such as


We have just found the fantastic development partner for you, that will solve your problems and ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to a very high level of quality! It is called Xfive and it helps you with almost everything you want for your website, such as front-end and back-end development or converting design and sketches to HTML. Now that’s a jackpot!


Looking for another super-simple website builder, that helps you create a fully-responsive and google-friendly site? With no coding needed, IM Creator is different than the other platforms, as it uses stripes & polydoms, but it is so successful that it sums-up 8,154,429 sites built. They have a white label solution that gives you UNLIMITED amount of websites for just $250. I bet you didn’t know that!

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