15 Less Known Factors That Could Affect Your Website UX

Various definitions of UX given by various experts however in simple language it may be defined as overall experience of a user with the company’s product or services, with the growing online industry websites are laying much stress on creating best user experience for the users.

It’s also considered as an important factors for a website ranking with the latest updates launched by Google, UX is an important factor responsible for overall website success as in other words UX may be defined as how a person feels about using a system.

With every update launched by Google more and more stress is laid on the UX weather it’s PANDA or PENGUIN as Google is trying to rank the websites with good UX and thus various websites are getting HIT with every update launched by Google as previously most of the websites have not considered UX as an important part for their business and that is the reason they are getting lost with new updates.

Two factors that needs to be checked for UX are percentage of returning visitors for the website and the bounce rate for the website as more is the bounce rate of the website more customers you are losing at the end of the day, there could be various reasons for high bounce rate for a website and thus it needs to be checked separately in detail. Couple of factors that are responsible for high bounce rate are:-

  1. A slow page can be a big reason for high bounce rate for a website and it can greatly affect the UX for any website and thus should be taken care of.
  2. Another factors that is responsible for high bounce rate is Visitors seeing something unexpected and unrelated to what they came for and thus they decide to leave the website without spending much time on it, thus the products/services should be properly displayed and we need to target the right set of audience.
  3. Another reason responsible for high bounce rate of the website is targeting wrong audience as if wrong visitors are landing on the web page then they are bound to leave in turn increasing the bounce rate for your website.
  4. Users intend to leave the webpage if the content on the website is not attractive or has terrible spelling mistakes.
  5. Most of the audiences intend to leave a webpage if the graphics or visual effects on the website are not attractive or eye catching.
  6. Most of the user leave the webpage if they are asked to fill unnecessary forms or if unwanted information is being captured from them.

Thus it’s advisable to have a simple and professional layout for your web pages to HIT the right set of audiences niche, it’s also advisable to approach an professional designer to get things done professionally handled and to get professional advise.

In online business UX is considered as an important factor for overall success and thus it should be taken care of to make sure that the website attracts more users, some points that needs to be taken care of are:-

1. Understand your customers

To create the best UX on the website we need to understand when and where will our customers be using our products or services and we should not make any assumptions on it as you cannot stop the costumers from doing what they do and we should never even try to change their habits and thus the best way is to go with the flow and get adjusted with our customers.

2. Branding an important tool for UX

Another point for creating a good UX is doing the right branding, branding is not all about the colors used on the webpage or is about logo of the website, however it’s who you are and what you do, we need to tell users about what we do and who we are as If they don’t get it in 30 seconds, they’re gone. Colors and logos are just visual effects are just physiological triggers the reminds the users about our business and are thus considered as an important part of branding however branding is something more than that.

3. Importance of customer service

Customer services is another important factors that can poison a good user experience as the customer wants the issue to get resolved at the earliest and if it’s done instantly the customer will stay with business for longer time.

4. Do not ask for much information to enhance UX

Customers hates to fill long forms before they buy a product or service and thus the whole process should be checked and taken care of so that the users can arrive to check in and check out with ease as here is where we lose fifty percent of our customers.

5. Users want things simple

If you are planning to add a new feature to your website you need to ponder wisely over it as it’s an old saying that investors love new features however users are not always very happy with the new features added to the website as they have already learned the process and thus restrain to new process.

6. Importance of ONPAGE work

Couple of onpage factors also plays a very important role in UX and redirect is one of them as no one wants to click on a link and then get redirected to somewhere else or to an empty page and thus if the redirects are being done then it should be done in right manner so that it do not effect UX.

7. Having the right kind of navigation

Navigation is another important factor for UX as better the navigation better will be UX for website.

8. Giving high Security to users on your portal

If you business deals with payments, credit card information or with any other sensitive data then proper stress should be laid on with security to get trust of your users as no one wants to share their sensitive information with anyone.

9. Well managed websites trends to have better UX

Structure and design of any website is much responsible for effecting the overall UX as rarely anyone wants to spend time on a low quality mismanaged website, thus the website needs to be professionally designed and managed.

10. Communication an important factor to win customers

Communication is another very important factor for UX of any business as proper communication with clients is responsible for overall growth of any business.

11. Social media responsible to enhance UX

Over time more and more business are using social media as a tool for interacting with the costumers and thus if the power of social media is utilized prudently it can add much towards creating an awesome UX for any business.

12. Content is key for success

Content is another factor responsible for good UX as it engages users to spend more time on the webpage and thus the content on the webpage should be innovative to engage users to spend more time on web pages.

13. Make it easy to let users find what they are looking forward for

Information architecture is another important factors for UX as Information architecture is the art and science of structuring and organizing the information in products and services, supporting usability and find ability.

14. Creating visual impact in mind of customers for brand

Visual design creates an impression in the mind of users regarding the business and products and thus a professionally designed website can work wonders for business.

15. Helping the customers to find what they are looking ahead for

Findability is the most critical success factor for information architecture. If users are not able to find required information without browsing, searching or asking, then the findability of the information architecture fails. Navigation needs to be clearly conveyed to ease finding of the contents.

The best way to enhance the UX is to keep monitoring the website performance with the help of various tools and keep taking the corrective measures as enhancing the UX is a continuous process & the process includes finding problems and rectifying them, do not ignore small problems or issues as these small issues can greatly affect the overall UX for website.

Prioritizing your customer experience on your website and digital marketing strategies will surely give you an upper hand as you’ll have less to fear from future algorithm updates at the same time positive feedback from your customers can be considered an achievement in itself.

As we need to understand that A good web design and good user experience does not just happen when a user visits your website and enjoys its aesthetics and It’s not just what happens at the front end only however it also refers to what happens at the back end of the website. It does not even start when you start putting those codes together to create a website during the development process of website. Instead, it starts with your client trusting you and how well you communicate with him. That is because when a client understands what you are doing and you clearly communicate why you’re doing it, he will trust you. Then, you can create something that you, as an expert, know will work and not just because your client tells you to do it.

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  1. Very nice useful post…Thank you.

  2. Ranking on the first page of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing isn’t a matter of luck. You need to know the key factors that significantly effect your website rankings. Otherwise, you can bet your site won’t make it to the first page any time soon!

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    Remember that this list was based on the findings of survey results and correlation data from the Moz 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors.

  3. very informative post!! thanks for sharing..

  4. Hey, Jack!
    The article is very informative. User experience is an important factor for the growth of any online business. Better the UX more the chances of conversion. Liked all of your points especially don’t to ask many questions at once while login. One of the alternate methods that I would like to suggest is implementing single sign-on, it helps users to authenticate multiple websites only by having single ID credentials.
    Thank you for the article.

  5. Great article. A responsive website with attractive design can easily rank in SERP’S. Web design is very important in prospect to SEO.

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