A Brand New Graphic Design Concept Creating a Massive Demand for Fonts

A relatively new graphic design website FontBundles.net has been breaking the mould recently with their innovative font bundles saving customers ridiculous amounts of cash and giving them a place to go to grab some beautiful font packages.

Whilst the concept of bundling fonts together and selling them at reduced prices is not exactly new, they have been approaching the aesthetic part of this very nicely, creating bundles which customers absolutely love and who just keep coming back for more.

Just as recently as yesterday they released a brand new concept in the graphic design world – an Auction Font Bundle! The concept is unique in the way it allows customers to purchase a font bundle at a price set by demand. Starting at $1 the price increases in increments as the next bundle is purchased, and it updates in real time. Once you reach the checkout you are guaranteed the price you are shown, but if you were to leave and come back later, you may pay an extra premium for the privilege. What may be an absolute bargain bundle of 25 fonts today priced at $1.60 for example, tomorrow may cost you $15. They do have a maximum price the bundle can reach which is $50. As soon as the bundle reaches this price, the hammer draws down and the auction is over. This means only a certain amount of copies of this bundle will be sold in this way.

Auction Font Bundle

Speaking with Font Bundles they said: “We wanted to bring a fresh approach to the way people buy their fonts. Of course we will continue to provide great value with our traditional font bundles, but we also wanted to give people a chance to get an absolute steal of a price set by demand. We believe this will create a new way of shopping for graphic design resources online, making it both fun and cost effective to check back on us regularly.”

When asked if there was one thing they would like to say to their customers: “Bookmark our website and keep checking back, we have some fantastic ideas in the pipeline to make buying graphic design resources even more fun and more cost effective for our customers.”

FontBundles.net are continually releasing new bundles with massive savings. You can see some of their latest ones here:

Typography Fonts Bundle

Typography Fonts Bundle

Logo Fonts Bundle

Logo Fonts Bundle

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