How to Analyze Dissertation Proposed for Plagiarism

Plagiarism is stealing someone else writing and thoughts and claims that it belongs to you. In some cases, only paragraphs are plagiarized or sometimes overall web page from another source.

This article will guide you what to look for when spotting plagiarism.

Method 1: What is Typical?

Analyze your author composition: once you know about your author, find what do you usually expect from this person? When the writing is looking suddenly amazing than his usual work, this is the time you should drill down more.

  • Does the author usually make punctuation mistakes but now he delivers good transliteration during the entire essay?
  • Does the writer often created incoherent ideas or assorted sentences inappropriately, now abruptly present well-structured essay?
  • Does the task have more depths and insightful investigation than your expectation with the individual?
Knowledge about your own topic:

when you know about your own topic then you can detect plagiarized elements in the dissertation. It might be possible that the essay writer does not realize that you have already go through widely on your topic and he add some of the content which is taken from other article or research reports. But your personal knowledge about the subject will assist you to find the plagiarized work when you are analyzing your paper.

Method 2: Recognize Red Flags

Look for intended variations or red flags: individuals intending plagiarism, sometimes overlook small variations in their own writing, book or essays through which content is plagiarized. This type of plagiarism makes the content evident that the essay is plagiarized. Many red flags appear in the text related with following reasons:

Check spellings:

Crimson flag appears if the spelling is inconsistent or may be transit in between the parts.

  • Incompatible spelling: If your expression is spelled in a different way throughout the paper then it is an indication that the author is using different words and craft sentences here and there. But this may take place if the author is a poor writer or editor or maybe he does not care about spellings.
  • UK English vs. US English: A reddish hole appears for English language problems. If the writer used British language rather than American English or American English rather than British language then it is included as plagiarism according to the language rules which is applied in the country. Students must analyze this problem if they are coming from a different country for studies.
  • Be alert that if students have the spell-checker, it is not necessary then a crimson flag will appear. It happens when students carefully edit their writing. It is useful to verify writing properly before submitting.
Compare typical words with high-level vocabulary in the scholar:

Using terminology could be a large good deal for students. 3rd-grade vocabulary in phrases including “penchant”, inch “beleaguer” or “abuse” should get a reddish flag.

Think about continuity and ease of reading:

As a reader point of view, does this paper look compact and easy to understand the subject? Is it looking that the writer is bouncing in some portions or you feel a sudden improvement in the essay? However, some folks find it difficult to combine two situations or give sequences to the sentences. In these cases, plagiarism may fall inside these portions. Other factors may be considered as well:

  • Fragmentation of sentences: reddish banner appears when the sentence is proceeding in one direction but quickly it splits up with many modifications.
  • Wayward, long sentences: Each writer has distinct writing skills and styles. If a writer uses snappy paragraph and employ virtually quick short and then from nowhere alteration is discovered with four collection complex-compound essay sentences, it should have a reddish colored flag.
  • Meager start and conclusion while excellent middle: It is the indicator of plagiarism if the middle part is comprehensive and persuasive while the beginning and ending are quite weak. Writers generally like to give strong arguments and best crafting facts. Therefore, if the middle part looks more insightful than start and end, it is the indication of plagiarized matter.
  • Irregular shifts of views: details are shifting awkwardly, which looks pressured or not originally created, might give plagiarism indication.
Check punctuation:

Red flag is usually with punctuation. If the student has the problems with punctuation and all of a sudden he used punctuation properly, this can give crimson hole. For example in a single paragraph or section of dissertation could have some punctuation mistakes and then out of the blue punctuations are used properly, correct uses of commas as well as semicolons.

Pronoun inconsistencies:

Writers use usually “he” or “she” for indicating a 3rd person, or sometimes “they”. This interchanging 3rd person may also give crimson hole. In spite of this, it is grammatically extremely difficult and in many cases writers gets perplexed or sick of it while trying to adhere it thus will not overplay it.

Check the tense:

In the article, if any kind of transfer within the tense looked out of place or inconsistent then the composition must be check for plagiarism. When the tense which is used does not fit with the other paragraph, it is an especial warning.

Read properly citation:

Check e-books, articles, online resources, etc, are they specified correctly or not? Or can it be evident that which resource is badly specified? It may be possible that the student might have cited single writer but write plagiarized content, expecting that the checker would not look in depth.

  • Check the dates of the details. If the details are coming from several previous years then it is a chance that the content might be copied from the old text. The well-written piece must have the latest as well as authentic evaluation related with relevant concerns.
  • Does your citation possibly exist? In some situation, students get information from some of the books while it doesn’t exist. Confirm those books which are found through search engines or find details of the online post from which information is extracted.
  • Where concepts, thoughts and research work are explained related with different terms, writers include a footnote or even end-note to anticipate statements – or may possesses this specific been ignored?
  • Is the idea taken from Wikipedia? You will be surprised to know that many folks imagine that it’s fine to get a quotation from Wikipedia without further concerns and definitely lacking citation.
  • Is estimation integrated and ignored quotation? Sometimes, this is related to slacked editing and it may forget the quotation, or it might be deliberately done it to pass from other writers personal work.
Consider Patterns:

One indication of plagiarized content is when you realize the similarities in essays even headings location, the pattern of writing and dissimilarity in paragraphs. It happens when more than one student writes an essay from the same paper. You would like to move quickly this one inside the marijuana by considering all the school, or by applying techniques fixed lower from your college as well as school.

Method 3: Online Checking for Plagiarism

Begin with easy search engine optimization:

If you have concerns over the content, copy and paste some of the lines on the Google search box. Check the results from the Google. If the content is exactly or closely matched with some of the text on the net, it will give you the results quickly.

Use website which checks plagiarism:

There are many websites which offer to check plagiarism in essays. Few are free websites while some charge smaller fee. Find the best website and upload full composition and site will check the whole composition with other sources.

  • Your institution or classes may have a program to check plagiarism in compositions, or have other sources or in combination with the internet.
  • Turnitin® is the verified system for plagiarism detection.

Method 4: Telling Your Students that What You Expect

Tell your students about your anticipation: it is adequate to bounce around when plagiarism is detected however plagiarism needs to be handled carefully. You may tell your pupils that you are aware of plagiarism and you use software for detecting plagiarism in the essays.

  • Tell the learners by showing them that how to avoid plagiarism in the dissertation. Discourage the process which may lead to defiance. Instruct students that how they can create superior writing.
  • Hold new course related with plagiarism starting in your class. Specify them that what a great dissertation website looks like and also the right way to order a dissertation within the twinkle of an eye coming from this kind of website (for more details, go to Checkmyessay).


  • If someone gets the opportunity, do a course on time management. It helps them to discover ways that how to save last minutes and complete composition without hurry. Expertise in these approaches will help students for their lifetime including perfectionism and management.
  • In some cases, sophisticated phrases come into vogue. A student should not use unnecessary words which can cause plagiarism.
  • Poor writing skills can be enhanced upon. When the composition which you believe to have copied material (irrelevant citation or information and so on), consequently does something constructive about it. Start any course that point out improvement on the aspects proposed for documents. Test all the students to analyze that they have understood all the important principles.
  • Plagiarism gives the indication that the writer is implementing his depths or not. This is the time to educate the student about using his own phrases and words. The less seasoned or immature writer is more likely to miss comprehensive part of the subject and a heal will locate a solution to improve this particular writer’s skills specifically what plagiarism can be and how to find his own way to write his words which can avoid plagiarism.
  • Students should write the text in their own wordings if they are studying someone else’s work and trying to write according to it. Plagiarism cannot be justified even if you are using other words and replacing words with synonyms. It is strictly not allowed by the supervisors or professors. Students can paraphrase the text that will look far more alike than the original content.
  • For writing good content by examining other content, it will be good to understand the topic first by analyzing and searching different information related to the subject. Search from the internet or either from books.
  • For good writing try to understand the meaning of the content and express it according to own understanding. Don’t try to read different books or article as it may distract you instead of helping you to clear your ideas.
  • Citations are important in essay writing. Every quote which have included must be cited to show that you are not plagiarizing but making strong arguments by using those quotes.
  • There are many ways to avoid plagiarism especially when you are in doubt that it could be a copied text. First one is mentioning the source inside the text which you have paraphrased and the second one is put quotation mark in the content which appears as unique.
  • In the academic writing, some of the work doesn’t need citations, like:
    • Folk tales (urban legends), historical events and common sense
    • Observations, your own creation, experiences, and thoughts
    • Your own videos, presentations and music.
  • Immediately cite the sources which you have used otherwise you may forget the sources and it can count as plagiarism element in your essay.

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  2. Thank you. The article is useful to both students and teachers.
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